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Nice portfolio theme!

thanks ;)

thank you ;)

For some reason my contact froms “message” does not come through. I did a few test e-mails and it sends and e-mail to myself with the name of the sender and their e-mail address and then the message part is blank. any idea what could cause this?


Hi, Open the file in Notepad contact.html: locate the line: <textarea placeholder=”Message” id=”message”></textarea>

and replace with: <textarea placeholder=”Message” name=”message” id=”message”></textarea>

it still doesn’t work. the e-mail i receive does not have the message inside of it.

This should work, send the mail access to your site, I’ll see.

Hi there,

I’ve a question. The overlay from the images is blue i want to change this. But i cannot find where.

Can you help me?

Thank already :)

Hi, you need to open style.css
to find the class: .project a span
and change the color ( background: #01aeff; )

Thank you.

I’ve been looking at this layout for a week now and I have to say I love it! is there anyway to make the images show up horizontal rather than scrolling vertically? :) :)

and also hide the details?’s server DNS address could not be found.