Discussion on SuperNews - Ultimate HTML5 Magazine Template

Discussion on SuperNews - Ultimate HTML5 Magazine Template

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Why the sidebar is disappear when using mobile?

Hi There — We’re happy to help out on our support forum. Just head to https://www.theme-junkie.com/forum/ and we’ll help you get set up with access!

Can you help me, i cannot find the zip file to install this theme that i have just purchased


You purchased the HTML templates, not WordPress theme. The WordPress theme is here: http://www.theme-junkie.com/themes/supernews/


When I was integrating your theme with my website I got this error(see screenshot in this link). http://imgur.com/lf8KJjH

I think css class “current_item” does not working properly. Please tell me the best way to fix that.

Do you plan on Adding Login/Register and Account pages to this theme?

I am super inclined to buy this as it aligns with what I am looking for, but I don’t have the skills to create a nice design for the user pages (Register/Login and Account) so I am just holding back and searching. That is certainly a turning point.

How come I cannot join the support forum? I cannot register a new account on your support site. Please help.

Hi, what’s your email? Please contact us: support@theme-junkie.com I will create an account for you.

I have sent you an email. Thank you!

Hi, is the theme SEO ready?

Hi, yes, this theme is built with best SEO practice in mind. Many customer sites got higher ranking in Google and other search engines after using the SuperNews theme.

Hi, I’ve just purchased the theme, looking at the files, I don’t see the 3 column layout as shown on the multiple homepage/listing layouts as shown on the template features… and all the layouts seems to be the same apart from one with the column to the left. Am I missing something? Thanks !

Hi there – we purchased Supernews a couple of months ago. We just noticed that when you change the background colour or background image in the “Customize” section, it only displays when the browser window is shrunk so only two columns appear. When you maximize the browser for 3 columns, the background is simply white again. I can’t find the “layout-3c” in any of the site files, and over-riding it with custom CSS doesn’t work. How can we properly change the background colour for the 3 column layout?

P.S. I’m not seeing how to sign up as an official purchaser so I can login on your actual site to the support forum.

Hi again – for anyone else who is running into the same problem, I had to add the following to the custom CSS to get the background graphic or colour to show up on the 3 column layout. The responsiveness still acts just fine.

page {

background: #fff; margin: 0 auto; min-width: 1350px; }

This template looks really great and I think it has massive potential.

Personally I think you have nailed many elements, including enough advert slots. Initial comments would be some more elements, sticky menu, permanent search box solutions, different colour on outer frame (or inner columns) to give contrast, consider sites these days supports site takeovers (advert backgrounds) and how that could be optimized, and finally a colour variation where headlines etc. has bit more contract, it can feel a bit too white now (nothing nobody cant code themselves clearly).

Fairly sure I’ll be buying this one in the near future. Keep up the good work.


nice theme. One bug i found is that, when the content is too long, the footer glitches a little. Please test. Any quick solution to this?

Thanks, Dominik



The issue might similar to this one. Please edit /supernews/js/jquery.custom.js, replace the following code:

$('.content-block-1 li').matchHeight(); $('.content-block-3 .block').matchHeight(); $('.content-block-4 .block').matchHeight(); $('.carousel-loop li').matchHeight(); $('.grid .hentry').matchHeight(); $('.column').matchHeight(); with: $('img').load(function() { $('.content-block-1 li').matchHeight(); $('.content-block-3 .block').matchHeight(); $('.content-block-4 .block').matchHeight(); $('.carousel-loop li').matchHeight(); $('.grid .hentry').matchHeight(); $('.column').matchHeight(); });

Let me know if it helps.

It seems to be fine now. Thanks a lot :)

This however disables the search form roll down :( Any suggestions?

Hi! This theme is your’s official version for Wordpress? http://themeforest.net/item/supernews-ultimate-wordpress-magazine-theme/9961580

Great theme! Tks!

Hi, Yes, I work with FreshThemes to make the WordPress version.

In IE the content on http://dev.theme-junkie.com/html/supernews/index2.html does also not look right. Between the columns there is lots of white space.

sorry, but the body stil is not in line with the header.

Hi there, nice theme! I just noticed that with IE the content doesn’t look right…it seems the content isn’t using the margin-left right as it’s as far left as it can go. (using IE 11) I guess I could say that the left content is too far from the right sidebar divider. It looks great in Chrome and FF though….

Just fixed the IE issue, please check.

Cool. Could you please send me the fix? I’ll msg you on your profile page. Thanks!

Nevermind….I just realized I have to buy it first…LOL!! Thanks, now I can use it :)

I am so happy to get this HTML Files and it is enough for me to edit ,,, My question: When it will be release Wordpress Theme?

Our developer is hard working on the SuperNews WordPress theme, will release it very soon.

Hi! Really nice and clean layout – eager to buy! Some future plans for the html version with sticky menu and working contact form that makes the site more complete? You give a clue to the need by choosing to place the “contact link” in the footer menu.

Regards and good luck with sales Micke

Yes, we will add that :-)

Great theme, I’m using it on an ExpressionEngine project rather than Wordpress nice to see themes like this in HTML. Perfect for the job :)

Glad you like our work. Thanks for purchasing! :-)

I just purchase this and didn’t realize it not ready for wordpress.. did i just screw up the purchase for nothing? or it still good until it come out with wordpress?


Unfortunately, this is the HTML template version only.

i realize that,.. oh well enjoy the money i just spend on it.. i am not sure what i am going do with this.. ha

Heh… please let us know that the else we can help :-)

What about ads in mobile device with this new theme? I have the simple theme Newswire (wordpress) and the problem is for the ads on mobile device. Ads doesn’t show


Ads in the header and content area are automatically resized in different devices/screens. You may check the responsive effects here: http://www.theme-junkie.com/responsive/?http://dev.theme-junkie.com/html/supernews/

Suggestion: - Video gallery page 3/4 columns - Picture gallery page 3/4 columns - User registration page - Login box

OK. Feel free to let us know what the else we need to improved.

have new suggestion :) – forum/discussion board

We will consider that for the WordPress version! :-)

Hey, exactly what I am looking for :grin: just one question: is it possible to make the search field visible for whole time? It should be a very important part of the website (searching for products, full text etc.) and our visitors should find it fast and without clicking on it. I hope you know what I mean :grin: Thanks in advance


It’s possible.

1) Delete the search/close icons in HTML files: <i class="fa fa-search" /> <i class="fa fa-times" />

2) In style.css, delete CSS class ”.search-form”.

3) In style.css, find ”.header-search”, and change “margin-top” value to “7px”.

Unfortunately, we do not provide further customization service for our HTML templates, you might need to learn some HTML/CSS techniques to make changes.


Thanks for your help :) I asked this before I bought your work and couldn´t see the whole source code before. And I need to say: 5 Stars from here! Clean and well sorted code – and also – very good support. Great work. :)

Thanks for rating! :-)


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