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I have an alert reported by my anti virus (AVG) when viewing this template

Hi HerveThouzard,
That’s false alert because there is some javascript security code in the template.


Could you tell me if the template is compatible and working in Mail Chimp please?


Hi pbul2004,
Yes it’s compatible with Mailchimp, the documentation covers in step by step how to make it editable and upload it to Mailchimp.

i Am looking to purchase. First time ever using a newsletter template. How would I email it?

Hi edotthekid,
You can use this template in any email program supports HTML importing, for example Mozilla Thunderbird, or you can use it in professional newsletter managing services like Mailchimp.
Let me know if you have any other questions. would like to offer anyone using this template one month of free hosting. You can take advantage of this deal here:


Is it possible to change the text and the image in the header? Text: “You’ve got NEWSLETTER ” Image: “Envelope”.

I’d like to have there our company logo.

Thanks for your feedback.


Yes sure, the header is included in the elements Photoshop files, you can easily edit it’s text and image.

Hi Gifky

I’ve downloaded the template files but I have only 1 PSD file for the colour scheme I’ve chosen. This PSD file does not contain the layers for the full width paragraphs of text such as are displayed on the ThemeForest website eg the paragraph starting “Welcome to Superstar Newsletter” with the blue mailbox picture on the left. Am I missing some files?

Hi markxkr,
Thanks for purchasing Superstar Newsletter, You are not missing any files, the included Photoshop files are for layout’s graphic elements only not the text content, to edit the text you need to do that directly in the HTML files, you can check the “Help” folder for detailed documentation on editing and sending the newsletter.

Oh I see, right, thank you. Is it possible to change the colour of the small button images, eg homeIcon.gif etc? I can’t edit them in Photoshop as it says they are vector files.

Hi markxkr,
Home & phone icons are vector smart objects (for easy resize when needed) you can double click then edit them in any vector software (like Illustrator), if you don’t use any , just email me via the contact form in my profile and will send them layered for editing in Photoshop.

Hi Gifky, we do have Illustrator, but the icons are just gif bitmap files so aren’t editable in Illustrator….. I will email you via the contact form anyway as maybe it would be easier for you to send me the layered Photoshop files to save me asking you loads more questions!

Thanks very much for all your patience and help.


Just answered your email :)

Hi, I am interested in purchasing this design for my newsletter. I only have Gimp and want to make changes to the design. Once the changes are done, I will need the html code to insert into my e-mail sending software.

Please could you let me know if I will be able to make the changes to the files in Gimp and also if I will be able to save them as html code.


Hi plusmarketing,

The psd elements files can be edited in Gimp, but i don’t think that the text fields will be editable in Gimp so if you want to edit some text layer like “read more” you will have to create new text layer with the text you want, also all 810 newsletters are HTML pages, so you will be able to insert the HTML code into the email marketing software you are using.


Hi, have uploaded this to use with swiftpage but the text within each box is alighning below the icons and not wrapped around. Ive also noticed that the source code has css at the top of the page, does this not get stripped out by google?

please advise and many thanks


Hi Aliwheel,

Thanks for purchasing Superstar Newsletter, the top css block is additional and won’t have any effect once stripped in Gmail (don’t worry Superstar Newsletter has maximum compatibility with all major email clients)

As for the text which aligned under icons try to send yourself a copy to make sure if this happens only in swiftpage editor or it changes the code. (feel free to send me copy of the newsletter from swiftpage to gifkynet {@}


Hi Gifky,

Have sent myself an email (through gmail) and it arrives perfectly. Therefore something must be being stripped out at swiftpage (horrible template design backend). Have also sent you a newsletter – would love to know if you can see what the problem is.

To anyone else reading this, the problem lies with swiftpage and not the email template.

Thanks again Gifky


Hi Aliwheel,

swiftpage stripped out all “align” attributes, that’s very unprofessional for email marketing provider. Will send you different code to test it.


Hi Gifky,

The code you have sent works a treat – fantastic :)

many thanks again for the time you’ve taken to resolve this

great service


Fantastic newsletter!

I had a few problems with Outlook Web Access, and Gifky provided amazing support!

5 stars!!

Hi Matt, Thanks for your feedback :)


Thinking of purchasing – does it work with mail chimp or constant contact?


Hi Brazuka,

Thanks for your interest in Superstar Newsletter, yes it does work with both of them :)

Can you build me a version of Layout 1 with a 450px content and 200px wide sidebar? I’m happy to pay extra :)

Hi danalmasy,

Sure I can customize the template for your needs. For that please contact me via my profile contact form.


Any advice on how to use the templates in Gmail or Outlook?

Hi samphai,

Just answered your email.


Hi Honn,

Thanks for your interest in Superstar Newsletter, yes this template is compatible with Newsletter Mailer, you will need to follow the steps explained in “Newsletter Mailer” documentation under : “Create a Template > Enter SMARTY code”.


Is there any success with using Microsoft Mail Live? first time I would try using a template and have absolutely no clue about it. Is it easy or hard on a 1-10 scale 1 being easy 10 being hardest.

Hi Mark44,

Thanks for your interest in Superstar Newsletter. It’s not recommended to use Windows Live Mail to send this template, I would recommend to use Fresh Newsletter template for Windows Live Mail, because this program adds additional code to the mail which could break the layout in some email clients.

In general it’s easy to use Windows Live Mail maybe on the scale it’s 1 or 2 from 10, but It’s preferred to use some email campaigns service such as Mailchimp, which is easy to use, won’t break the layout and it has a free plan.


Thank you Gifky, I will have my client look into this as an option. All the templates of yours are great.