Superwise - Modern Education and Google Classroom Theme

Superwise - Modern Education and Google Classroom Theme

Creating school templates for just under a decade

We have been creating school templates for just under a decade and are one of the most renowned companies in our field. We have conducted in-depth research into the functionalities that a modern educational website needs to have and then our talented designer crafted Superwise to esthetic perfection. Our developers have worked their magic too, and so this website comes with free installation, instructions, easy administration and six months support free of charge. With Superwise you will transform your online presence and help your prospective students make the right choice.



What better way to show you are up-to-date with the latest advancements than by having a stunning and contemporary website?

Superwise theme comes with

  • Google classroom integration
  • iCal – Google calendar
  • 4 premium plug-ins
  • 24 School Niche Pages
  • 20+ Aislin Custom Widgets
  • Unlimited colors and collection of Google Fonts
  • Ability to add profiles for your Teaching staff and tutors, with description, Photo, Contact details
  • Ability to schedule and manage your school events
  • and so much more.







/* 2019-02-20 v2.0.0 */
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.7
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution
- UPDATE: Code update in accordance with new Envato guidelines

/* 2019-01-22 v1.2.8 */
- FIX: Supewise plugin load correct translation file

/* 2018-12-13 v1.2.6 */
- FIX: Content Box addon extra closing tag

/* 2018-12-10 v1.2.5 */
- FIX: Preloader JavaScript error

/* 2018-12-05 v1.2.3 */
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.6

/* 2018-06-13 v1.2.2 */
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution
- UPDATE: Demo gmaps switched to embed

/* 2018-04-30 v1.2.1 */
- FIX: Instagram addon

/* 2018-04-27 v1.2.0 */
- NEW: University demo
- NEW: High School demo
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution

/* 2018-04-17 v1.1.0 */
- NEW: School demo
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution

/* 2018-03-13 v1.0.1 */
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.7
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution

/* 2018-02-16 v1.0.0 */
- Initial release