Discussion on Supple - A Portfolio Theme for Tumblr

Discussion on Supple - A Portfolio Theme for Tumblr

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Obsydian Purchased

Thumbnails won’t show up at all on the theme. I hope this is an easy fix, or I’d like to request a refund. https://lunacrystalllc.tumblr.com/ is the site for reference! I really wanted to use this theme.

Hi there,

It looks to me you have populated your blog with posts of the “text” type. This theme works best with photo (single or gallery), audio, and video posts. There are tricks that allow you to display a thumbnail in the grid for other types of posts, such as “text”, and are covered on the docs, which are available online and on the package you downloaded.


I suggest you recreate your text posts using photo posts instead; the thumbnails should display just fine.


how can i uplord this theme on wordpress?

Hey there,

So im using a custom URl with tumblr. guido-ekker.com. And the coockie bar wont disappear after accepting it.. Is this something you can fix in the theme? or should I be in touch with tumblr?

Hi there,

Are you referring to the prompt to accept cookie policies that appear on most sites? It must be territory-related because I’m based in South America and I do not see a cookie bar on any theme.

In any case, it’s not something inserted, styled, or controlled by the theme itself so you should get in touch with Tumblr.

Feel free to post a link to a screengrab of it as I’m curious to know what it looks like.

I am not good at English, now I provide a visa account to get a refund?

As I explained via email, please refer to the following page to request a refund https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

Sorry I don’t know that, I don’t speak English well, I want a refund, please consider it for me. :(

Hi there, I replied to the email you sent me, outlining the steps to request a refund. Please let’s continue this conversation by email. Cheers.

The product I bought cannot be used, I cannot install on wordpress

Hi there. You’re getting this error because the item you purchased is not a WordPress theme; it’s a theme for Tumblr, a blogging platform.


can you add adesnse ads formats ability on the theme in order to allow me to monetize my account with tumblr ?

No, there are no options to directly insert Ad Sense ads code into the layout. You will need to edit the theme markup and manually insert the code where you want it to appear, for example, the page footer. Keep in mind that the same ad code will be run on all pages—the homepage and all the post pages.

I have 2 more questions.

1st one. There is a small grey line on the footer above footer copyright whcih i can found from where to disable it?

2nd Newer post Or Older Post. Under it i see as well gradiant under the letters ? Is there any option this to not be visible? greetings stoyan

Hey there,

To remove the border above the footer copyright notice and the gradient from the pagination buttons, you can add the following to your Custom CSS:

#footer_bottom .inner {
    Box-shadow: none !important;

.permalink_pagination--mobile a {
    background-image: none !important;

Please keep in mind that your item support has expired and customizations are not really covered by support.

hi, is there any way to disable the footer? I just want to have only my All rights reserved credit or just everything disavble ?

Easiest way would be to hide it with some Custom CSS:

#site_footer {
    display: none !important;


#site_footer > div:not(#footer_bottom) {
    display: none !important;

So far the theme is working great and I love how it looks! I had a question about Google Analytics support, though. I input my Google Analytics ID in the appropriate field on the modify screen and saved, but I don’t appear to be getting any usage stats on my Analytics page. Is there anything I need to modify in the .html to enable this feature?


Hi there,

Thanks for your purchase!

The analytics code seems to be set up correctly on ramshornstudios.com, the script is present before the closing </body> tag. If you did enter the “Google Analytics ID” recently, it may take a while for the data to show up on the analytics dashboard.

You could try going to ‘reports > real-time > overview’ while having your site open in another tab and seeing if your location pops-up there. Make sure you entered the right property ID.

If you need more help, please send me a message using the form on my profile page.


Hello! I’ve had this theme for years and still love it! I’m having an issue with the newest update and can’t seem to figure it out. When I pasted in the new HTML my navigation immediately switched to align to the top of the page, above my logo. The search bar also is not aligned with the navigation. I’d like to have it align to the bottom but when changing the “Navigation Vertical Align” options it will not budge. Changing the Sprites also does not help. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much!

Hi there,

The issue must be that you have too many items on the navigation menu, and it doesn’t fit alongside the logo. I’m not sure why it goes up when it should wrap below the logo. Please shoot me an email using the form on the item support page, and include a link to your site so I can take a look.


The Periscope seems to be a hit, might add an icon for that.

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

Please apply the v1.6.2 update, which solves a JavaScript conflict introduced a few days ago.

I’m subscribed to new version notifications, so I got the v1.6.2 immediately.

Hi there, love the theme, I’ve run into a problem however, I copy and paste the HTML into my Tumblr, but the edit page is blank, I have all the options on the side to change stuff, but the preview is just completely blank on the side so i’ve no idea what i’m changing. Thanks!

Hi phadeds,

Thanks for your purchase!

The customizer can be finicky sometimes, but a completely blank preview is really odd.

I just tested installing the latest version of the theme on a brand new blog. All worked as expected in Chrome and the preview looked just fine.

Then I tried the same on Firefox, copied and pasted the theme HTML markup into “Edit HTML” on a brand new blog. After pressing “Update preview” I got stuck with a white screen —which is actually the spinner overlay— and the rotating spinner, similar to what you had.

It seems the event that fires once the Google fonts are loaded isn’t being fired for some reason, although there are no JavaScript errors on the console, which is odd.

After pressing “Update preview” a second time the preview reloads and all looks fine. Saving and reloading the page seems to work too. So, if you’re on Firefox, try pressing “Update preview” a couple of times after pasting the code, or saving the changes before using the customizer. Or try switching to chrome is you still have no luck.

Also, be aware of a recent bug on the customizer: After installing a new theme, some toggles appear to be off when the setting is actually enabled by default. So, even if the toggles are greyed out, some options may be active. At least it’s been like that on my end for a few months now.

If you’re still having issues, you can email me using the form on my profile page, and if you include access to your Tumblr with a temporary password, I can take a look at the backend.

Hope that helps!

Hey Pixel, thank you for quick response :), fortunately it decided to work after a little messing around! Loving the theme so thank you for making it available. Have a good day :)

No problem! I’m glad you’re enjoying the theme :)

There is not a color, and only the contribution of the audio system is unified with a color of the back. Can I change it by any setting?

Hi there,

I replied to your email. Let me know if it helps :)


First let me say, nice theme.

Two questions; Is there a Vine icon to link to our vine? Is there an easy way to integrate AdSense in the theme? Thank you in advance.

Thanks for the kind words :)

1) No Vine social icon, although it could be added to the next update, which should be available this week.

2) The theme doesn’t have options to integrate AdSense or any other kind of ads easily, since it’s not really its purpose. You’ll need to get your hands dirty and edit the HTML markup to insert the ads where needed. Customization jobs are outside the scope of theme support, but we can help with that for a reasonable fee. Please use the form in our profile page to inquire about rates.


hi! is there a way i can make the header background and post header background have opacity? thank you!

i love supple theme will be forever using it <3

Hi there,

If you mean having a semi-transparent header, it’s possible with some Custom CSS, but the code will depend on the header background color. Please send me a message using the form on my profile page, and include a link to your site.


e-mail sent! looking forward to your reply _

E-mail sent! :)

Hi. I ve got two questions.

1. Is there any way to disable loading spinner from my site?

2. How can I fix this -> http://pics.tinypic.pl/i/00730/76jyk1fdz1xo_t.jpg ?

To hide the spinner, go to “Advanced Options > Add Custom CSS”, and paste the following:

#spinner-underlay {
    display: none !important;

The issue with the menu must be additional CSS rules that are messing with the dropdown. Please send me a link to your site using the form on my profile page and I’ll take a look.


Hi, I like your themes and I got another one from you, Bloq. Regarding to Supple, is there a way to take a look at a print or something to see how it looks when one enable the option for “fullwidth portfolio grid”? Thanks.

Hey there!

Take a look at this site using Supple, as it currently has that setting turned on: http://pauldolgov.com

Hope that helps!

Oh, that’s great! Loved it. Thank you so much!

No problem! Check also http://mikemccarthy.eu/

Hello, I made a million customization to v1.2, does updating to v1.5 require to redo all custom changes?

Hey there,

If your changes go beyond the options on the customizer or Custom CSS (if you altered the theme code itself), then yes, it’ll be necessary to re-apply them, so make a backup copy of your customized theme before you update.


Thanks, the update went successfully (I did not alter the HTML code originally).

You’re welcome, glad I could help :)


The trouble I’m having with this theme is that the MENU doesn’t load sometimes and it’s very important that it is always visible…

The only way to fix is is reloading the web again and that is not very convenient.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you1

Hi there,

Please send me a message using the contact form on my profile page, and include a link to your site so I can troubleshoot the issue.



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