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Great work! Very nice template. :)

Thanks buddy!

I really appreciate it.

I dig your theme a lot as well ;)

Diggin’ this one! Nice scalable type, looks great! GLWS!

Thanks a lot, Mike!

No problem. Would you mind sending me a message via my profile page? I have a few questions to ask in private.

Many Thanks


Sure, I just messaged you. Loving the new avatar! It’s Awesome.



Thank you Coralix! :bigsmile:

The Best Tumblr evolutive template I’ve ever seen so far!
Best documentation : really comprhensive!
Impressive, intuitive and stylish.

Wow, thanks man!

A M A Z I N G! Documentation slays :) Keep up the great work!

Thanks buddy! I appreciate it! :)

Yeah I had a look at Tumblr theme a while ago and thought they looked Okish but now they have come on so much, this from looking through the theme really stands out as one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’m starting a new Wordpress site blog and think Tumblr site would be good to run alongside my site as my target market will be people who are intrested in Tumblr. Saved this one.

Thanks for the kind words, elephant2009. Thinking of doing a WP version or something along the lines, but no time-frame yet for that one.


Quick question.

Does the cool background with the pigs and clowns at the top of the demo1 come with the theme or is it just for showing the theme off.


Unfortunately, the theme doesn’t include any images for the slider or portfolio grid. That pattern is branded with the name of the theme, so I don’t know if it would make much sense to use it anyway… :)

okay so I have 0 complaints about the theme thus far, it’s great i was wondering if there is any possible way to make it easier to like or reblog pictures without clicking the + sign?

Hi superv1llain,

I’m happy you’re enjoying the theme! If you mean to be able to click a ‘like’ or ‘reblog’ button on the index page, when you hover over the thumbnails (without having to navigate to the post details) it’s not possible at the moment.

However, I think it would be a useful feature and could be added on a future update.


Hi pixel moxie

i only have 10 out of 14 portfolio items showing up.. i want it to be 12 si it completes the rectangle shape ! and i really love the theme !


Hi Matthieu,

On the customization sidebar, go to ‘Advanced’ at the very bottom, and select how many ‘post per page’ you want to display.



thanks ! works perfectly

You’re welcome! :)


Love the template! I wonder if it’s possible to remove the searchbox (top right) from the header? Thank you for the information! :)

Hi there,

Tumblr uses the “Text” post type layout to render static pages and, as far as I know, there are no “hooks” we could use to display the slider on pages only, without affecting normal text posts.

So, sadly, I don’t think there’s a way, unless you don’t mind regular text posts having the slider as well.

Regards :)

That’s ok with me to have the slider on the pages and on the “text” post type. Did I need to add something in the ‘Add custom CSS’ box ? Thank you for the quick reply!! :)

Some changes need to be done to the HTML. Shoot me an email through my profile page. :)

Love Love LOVE this theme! Its exactly what I have been looking for! I just have a few questions before I go ahead with the purchase. I know you said that we can define the aspect ratio of our thumbnails. I was wondering if that would work for mine. My website is PositiveLifeTips.com and I want to make sure that the full image will show if I use this theme like it currently does on my website.

Secondly I saw it mentioned up there at the top but I would love it if there was a way to easily share the picture without having to click on it :)

Lastly when I do click an image and it brings it up on its own page the image is WAY to large. Is there a way to make it so the image is not so big?

Thank you so much!

You’re welcome!

If all your images are square, no portion of the image will be cut off :)

250×250 may be a little too small to display on the permalink page though.

Not everyone who purchases the theme shares with me what they do with it, but I know of these two: http://goo.gl/Fn5VC and http://goo.gl/szny6


Thank you again for the quick reply. I use Instagram to apply a filter on my images so whatever size that is thats how my pictures will be.

Thank you for those 2 themes! I am definitely sold and will be purchasing it soon :) Just have some other details I need to figure out.

No problem! :)

Any opportunities for a social sharing option on posts?


when you go to each post permalink, there’s a link that displays the ‘Share this’ popup menu with all their services, if you enable it.

What else did you have in mind?


So What if I wanted two columns, with larger thumbnails? Also in the header, how can I add pages without them adding into a single dropdown menu? Like a main navigation menu.

Don’t worry :)

Where would those links point? When you create a page, you can make it redirect to an external website or resource.

If the option “Enable Pages Dropdown” isn’t checked, links to your pages (can be external links) will show up side by side, like on the top of this site.

Awe thank you. You’re awesome.

You’re welcome! Thanks :)

I’m having trouble copying from the pixelmoxie it will only open with google chrome HTML and when i copy it and put it in my layout in tumblr nothing shows up when I update preview, save then visit the site…

When you right click on the ‘pixelmoxie-supple-1.0.1.html’ file, you should have an ‘Open with’ menu item, from which you should be able to choose Notepad.

If you don’t have that option, try changing the file extension to ‘txt’, and when you double click on the file, it should open with Notepad by default.

Let me know if that works :)

Hi, no it did not. However it did work on another computer. I have a question about the slider at the top, when I put my photo in , in the preview it almost doesn’t cut any of it off at the bottom but on the actual web site it appears a lot closer and cuts off my image. I resized it and it looks the same. How can I get my full image to appear in the slider?

Hi there,

Send me a message through my profile page with a link to your site so I can take a look,



Quick question

At the bottom of the portfolio there is a button ‘next page’ which takes you to /page/2

I want a ‘load more posts’ button, how do i change this ? ( more items on the same page, not going to another page )


Hi Matthieu,

There’s an option, “Enable Ajax Post Loading”—it should be enabled by default—that does what you want. Make sure that is checked.


Hey, nice theme!

I noticed that when we enable “fixed position header” option, it’s only active when the width of the template is larger than 1200px. Is there a way to keep it fixed under this value?


Hi billa,

Some mobile devices don’t play well with “position: fixed”, that’s why. If you want to “force” the header to be fixed at smaller resolutions, paste the following snippet on the “Add custom CSS” box:

@media screen and (max-width: 75.625em) {
    body { padding-top: 72px; }
    #site_header {
        position: fixed;
        top: 0;


I’m not talking about mobile devices, but desktop browsers like chrome or firefox. You can try to resize the window’s width of your template here http://pixelmoxie-supple.tumblr.com/ Under 1200px width, the fixed top bar “jumps” to “not fixed”. With your snippet addition, it seams to work well, thanks and keep up the good work!

Hi again, I love the theme very much. I have two questions. The first one has to do with the social links, I have it enabled and the links are inserted but nothing is coming up.

The second question has to do with the photo posts. When you click on a photo post and the picture is not a high quality picture it’s blurry. Is there a way to have those images post to their original size and not blow out to high quality resolution?

The social icons are there—the problem is that it seems you removed the icon sprites on the customization panel, so the icons are not showing, same as the arrows and most others UI graphic assets, they’re gone. I’ll email you the sprites so you can upload them without having to export them from Photoshop.

The problem with Twitter is that you’re using a “query” to filter your posts, only one tweet matches your query, so you have just one tweet showing up, and they don’t cycle. Please remove the URL you entered into the “Twitter Query” option, I don’t think you need that.

I dig the customization you have going on there :)

Fantastic, you are awesome. And thank you, I am glad you dig it. You have an theme, it probably wouldn’t have gotten that way without your help.

I was also wondering what a sprite was. Thank you for clarifying.

You’re welcome :) I realize now that people should not have to know what an icon sprite is, I’ll clarify that on the docs on the next update.



i have problem installing the theme..When i pasted the contents of .html, it won’t install. It said updating. I waited for so long to be updated but still updating until now. I restarted and resetting safari but it’s no avail.


The following snippet will prevent your images from stretching beyond their natural width, and it’ll keep them centered on the page. Paste in on the “Add custom CSS” box in the customization sidebar, under the “Advanced” section:

.portfolio_single.is_photo .post_media img {
    display: block;
    max-width: 100%;
    width: auto;
    height: auto;
    margin: 0 auto;

I hope this helps! :)

Hi, Thanks it works but it will only display for quite short time then it goes back to a large size image again. sorry for bothering you again. here’s my site; www.jayrcornelio.com

I see, I thought you had only small images, 500px wide or below.

Try changing width: auto; to width: 600px;, or any other pixel dimension you want.

That should do the trick.

i’m enable to upload the theme…



is still and always upadating, i don’t get it..


Hi Denis,

Sometimes I get that too, Tumblr gets hung up while updating the preview. Just click “Save” and refresh your browser window, everything should be fine :)


Hi there. Can’t use menu on mobile devises, somehow slide mouse-over covers the menu.

Not sure what you mean. Which device? On phones, the menu isn’t a dropdown so I shouldn’t be covered by the slider no matter what. Please send me a message through my profile page with more details, and from the account you used to purchase the item.