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Hi, can I make a lightbox of every single photo in this theme?

Hi ionetworld,

If you mean opening the image on a lightbox when you click a thumbnail on the homepage, that’s not possible at the moment. Every thumbnail takes you to the post details page.

The theme could be customized to work like that, but you’ll need to make those changes yourself, with some knowledge of CSS and jQuery, or enlist the help of a developer.

Thanks! One more thing, this could be applied also for videos or other types of posts right?

You would need to use a lightbox plugin that supports images and video, but please remember that this functionality isn’t offered with this theme, not right out of the box.

The theme would need to be heavily modified in order to to that, and customization isn’t something that’s offered free of charge when you purchase an item.

Just wanted to be clear on that regard so you don’t have any regrets later on :)


hi there, i wanted to ask if it is possible to remove the gradient at the top and at the bottom below the social links. i also wanted to ask how the html posts in created pages can be centred, text, video or images? sorry for my ignorance i am not good at coding. i really love your theme by the way, thank your for making it so customisable. any advise on the above would be a great help.

many thanks.

Hi there,

Thanks for the kind words :)

To remove all gradients from the header and footer, paste the following code snippet into the “Add custom CSS” box, under the “Advanced” section on the customization sidebar:

#logo_link:before {
    display: none;

#social, #social .inner {
    background-image: none;

#content_info .inner:after {
    display: none;

#site_footer .widget_twitter .tweet_control_nav .next_tweet {
    background-image: none;

Centering all the content on your pages won’t look too good, I’m afraid. Certain elements will definitely look bad centered. Tumblr uses the same layout for pages as it does for text posts, so if you center the content on your pages, that will affect your text posts as well.

You can try pasting the following code snippet after the first one:

.is_permalink_page .is_text .post_content {
    text-align: center;

Hope that helps,


Hey pixelmoxie! I love the layout, it fit my needs perfectly. I was wondering though, is there any way to make the top nav bar transparent?

Hi eyestaygold,

I’m glad to know you find Supple useful :)

What you want is doable, how good it will look will depend on your slider images and the color you set for the navigation bar and your logo.

Copy the code from the following snippet and paste it on the “Add custom CSS” box in the customization sidebar.


This code will work on larger screens only, because on tablets and phones the top bar doesn’t overlap the image slider, and making it transparent won’t look good.

Let me know if this is useful or if you need any more help.



just downloaded your theme and i’ve got a couple of problems i cant seem to find out.

1. I can’t change the “fake” title to something else. i’ve tried using your way of doing it with changing it to bold and the html way as well but it still has what i put on it before.

2. I’m trying to have my pages link on the main bar. If that cant be changed. can i change the name from ‘pages’ to something like navigation?

3. on the ‘love for life page’ on your demo site. it has a bird in one image and another on the right of it with the close ups. i know i have to make the close up my self but i can’t find out how to get it to be on the right hand side.

also, is there any way of changing the size of the images on the full image page. i don’t like how big mine have gotten.

4. can i habve the search menu on the right removed. not a biggie but i thought i mite as well ask.

I’m sure i need to say a couple of other thing but ill reply with more question later.

Hi there,

Thanks for your purchase!

1) Sometimes Tumblr takes some time until changes made to posts are reflected on the front end. Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page, several times. If you can see the changes on the dashboard, you’ll see them on the site, eventually.

2) If you don’t want the pages on a dropdown, uncheck the option “Enable Pages Dropdown”. You can also change the label, look for “Navigation Pages Dropdown Label”.

3) When you create or edit a photoset on Tumblr dashboard, you can drag the images you uploaded to arrange them. If you have two images, you can move the second one to place them side by side.

If you send me a message through my profile page I can send you some custom CSS you can use to constrain the width of images on permalink pages.

4) To hide the search box, paste the following snippet on the “Add custom CSS” box in the customization sidebar:

#searchbox { display: none; }

Let me know if that helps!

Please reply to this message when you post, so we can keep all answers organized on the same thread. Thanks!

and heres what ive done to your theme so far. its no were near complete. hense, asking you these questions



I am loving the demo sites that you’ve put up and I must say it’s pretty awesome. Just a quick question before I do buy it (It might be silly) but, the drop down menus that you have in the demo, is the feature available in the purchased theme as well and if so, what’s the extent of the customization to the drop down menus? Will I be able to make more that 2 drop down menus (since there are only 2 on your demo site) and will I be able to add as many links under these drop downs?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

+ Jude

Hi Jude,

I’m happy to hear you like the theme and demos :)

One dropdown is for the custom tags that you define (to filter your posts) and the other is optional and you can use it to group the links to the pages you create on the customization sidebar. If you do not use the dropdown, pages display as regular menu items, side by side.

There’s not a lot more you can do regarding customization, as Tumblr doesn’t have a system to define custom menus, like WordPress does, for example. Of course, if you have some HTML knowledge, you can edit the theme source and add more dropdowns containing any links you want.

I hope this answers your questions,



Love this theme…purchased! had a question.. I see there was an update done on the 19th of March, if I would like to have the most recent version, would I just re-download from theme forest to get the most updated version or is there an update button from tumblr I’m not quite seeing..? Thanks! :D

Hi there,

You need to re-download the files from ThemeForest and install the new file content. If you made any changes to the theme source, make sure to keep a log of those somewhere or they will be lost! Changes you made on the customization sidebar should be preserved though.


I’m obsessed with this theme!

Is there anyway to make it so that my description doesn’t show up in the webpage title?



Obsession is almost never a good thing! :D

I replied to your email already, but others might find this answer helpful as well…

To avoid the long descriptions on the webpage title, for both the index page and permalink pages, go to line 10 of the theme file and edit the tittle tag so it looks like this:




I wonder if is possible in a future update to have the Social icon of Society6 ? Or is there a way to create it and add it in the script? Thank you again!!


I will take note to include the Society6 icon and option on the next theme update :)

Adding it yourself may be a bit tricky, as you would need to edit the icons sprite, and then include the relevant CSS rules and theme options.

Thank you!! So much appreciated!

Hey there! This is a great layout which I’m really excited about it! However, I think I might have messed up the code because the social links are not longer displaying (even though they are there and are clickable). Have you heard of this issue before? Also, is it possible to add margins or padding around the square blocks? The images are too close to each other and I wanted to add a bit of space in between them. Thanks!

Hi There!

You may have accidentally “cleared” the fields for “Sprite” and “Sprite Hires”, and the images may not longer be available. Try re-uploading them: the files are on the “psd” folder (sprite.png, sprite@2x.png). Please let me know if this fixes the issue.

Right now it’s not possible to increase the gutter on the grid in the homepage, but I’ll try to include that option on a future update :)


Yup! You were right! I did clear those out… Thank you for the help!


Just purchased your awesome theme and I’m working around the customization at the moment. :) A quick question- what are the dimensions of the images that you have used on your slider in the demo version of your theme?

Thank You,

+ Jude

Hi Jude,

Thanks for your purchase :)

The slider images are 1600×400 pixels. Additionally, I used the “Slider Maximum Height” option to limit the slider height to 300px, so it doesn’t get too tall on large screens.




I had to write again since I found something rather odd when I made photo or audio posts within this theme on tumblr. Say I’ve added in a photo post through the tumblr dashboard, upon going to the blog itself, an authentication window pops up asking me to input mentioned credentials. This window pops up every time I try to visit the site and only pops up when there are photoposts or audio posts. When I deleted the audio and photoposts, the authentication window does not pop up. This made me realize that the problem was connected to the theme and not with tumblr so I’d appreciate some help on this as it would annoying if that pop up were to come every time. You can check out a screenshot of what I mean via this link – http://i49.tinypic.com/nytwuq.jpg

Thank You,

+ Jude


If you’re password protecting your site, that authentication requests pops up because the theme uses the API to retrieve some details for the posts about to show, for certain post types.

It shouldn’t appear anymore once you remove your password. Let me know if that’s the case.



Hey, I can’t get my instagram feed to load. I’ve done everything possible, I have entered my Instagram access token, entered my instagram user ID. Etc. chosen a header name, and have a count of 6.

Any help?

Hi there! Is the option “Enable Footer Instagram Widget” checked? Send me a link to your site, using the form on my profile page, so I can take a look :)


My theme is great but I have ran into a few problems I cant figure out. The left & right arrows in the arrow boxes for the slider do not show only the box. I cant figure out the “about me” part of the theme how do I update this. The twitter feed does not show, I enabled it in my settings as instructed. Also when an image is clicked how can I change the size so it is not so large. Lastly the icons that appear when you hover over a post no longer appear like the video,photo etc. icons. Any insight into these issues would be awesome. Thanks


I have checked some things out and it seems there is no file where it says Sprite..Upload. also the post icon type and slider arrow images are gone. Is this why? How can I fix this, and still no twitter feed appearing after going over all the steps again. I set it up in preferences, even set the twitter count to 14.

Hi madlabsmedia,

Thanks for your purchase!

There’s a “clear” button next to Sprite and Sprite Hires. You may have accidentally cleared those. I will introduce a fallback for this on the next update because a few people had trouble with this already :)

You need to re-upload the images, they are on the “psd” folder with your download (“sprite.png” and “sprite@2x.png”). Sorry if this is confusing!

The “About me” section grabs the text from the “Description” field, at the top of the customization dashboard.

Regarding Twitter: are you effectively logged in into Twitter? Send me a link to your site through my profile page so I can take a look.

You can limit the width of your images with some custom CSS. Send me a message so I can give you a couple of code snippets.

Finally, try to reply to the same thread to keep the comments tidy!


Loving this theme :) So I am trying to add instagram feed to my theme however when I go to use the app you suggested it doesnt work. I log in and grant access to it and it says that my ID and token will be displayed after I grant it access. Well nothing shows up! Iv even gone into my instagram account and checked to make sure it was granted access. Please let me know how I can fix this!

Thank you!

Hi there!

Thanks for your purchase :)

Which browser are you using? I can retrieve my details with no problems using Chrome. Others have reported issues with other browsers. Try visiting the URL again and give it another try:



This theme is beautiful. Two problems though:

1) Twitter feed isn’t appearing. Followed the steps and everything but no tweets. 2) When you click on the thumbnails, the individual page for each picture blows them up immensely. They all seem to be displaying at this massive size which is causing pixellation. I even checked the actual image proportions and they aren’t actually that large. How can I stop this from happening?

Hi samishah,

Thank you for the kind words :)

1. Send me a link to your site through my profile page so I can see what’s going on with Twitter. Make sure you have checked Enable Twitter Widget and that you’re effectively logged in on the Settings page.

2. The docs are missing a few things. I just submitted an update that should be available shortly. You can tag your posts left-media and right-media to align images to the sides so they aren’t too big. You could additionally check Limit Site Width To 1280px to make your site narrower. Let me know if that helps!



I’m sorry, I thought you bought BLOQ. Disregard all of the above, I’ll answer you by email! :O

Hello, I love this theme, but I have some question. Can I put the Like and Reblog button together with the date information in every post?

Can I leave the background of the top transparent and the image of my logo bigger?

Thanks for you attention! :bigsmile: Ricardo.

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your interest!

I plan to update the theme to include like and reblog buttons for each thumbnail on the grid. I could include them next to the date on the projects permalinks as well. I haven’t had the time to do that yet but I hope to get to it in the next couple of weeks.

The logo image can be wider, but needs to be 72px tall. If you must have a taller image, it could be accommodated, but CSS changes would need to be done to a few elements on the header.



Hey there, I just bought the theme, cause it looked ( and is ) awesome. :D

I only have one question: how can I remove the upscaling when I make a single photo post ?

Thanks a lot ! :)

Disregard that. I see you’ve already answered how to remove upscaling when making a single photo post. But how do I remove upscaling when doing a photoset ? Like so:


Thanks ! :D

Hey, I don’t think you tagged your post with the narrow keyword. Double check that, as it should work. Of course you can change the “600px” value to something else :)

I did tag it with narrow. Oh well. It’s alright though. I managed to fix it by slightly editing your single image code. No more upscaling hooray !

.portfolio_single.is_photoset .post_media img {
    display: block;
    max-width: 100%;
    width: auto;
    height: auto;
    margin: 0 auto;


That seems to work too :)

Sorry, I’m a dummy. Just tagging the post wouldn’t work with this theme. Send me a message through my profile page if you want a slightly modified version to get the other code snippet to work.