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And another question: where do I have to look to remove the link borders and disable the link backgrounds ( both when hovering and not hovering ). I figured that I could make the background the same color as the body, but I’m thinking that that would use up resources ? :\

That’s good to know! You’re welcome :)

Yo. Any way I can remove the “Follow on tumblr” button appearing on the top right when someone’s not logged onto tumblr ? :)

I think you need to uncheck “Promote Tumblr!” on the customization sidebar. :)

Hello, wonderful theme! It’s one of the best out there. Thanks :)

Thank you very much! Your words are greatly appreciated :)

hi :) There is the option to add my widget, such as “the weather”, “rss”, “videos” in widget area?

Hi there! I’m not sure what these widgets are, but if you have some embed code for them, you could try enabling one of the Text Widgets and pasting that code into the Widgets Content variable :)

I like to work with you :)

Hi, i need some help in the endless scrolling, i want to block the tumblr on the footer, tks!

GREAT! tks a lot! cheers!

My friend, i have one more question, can the tumbler randomize my posts? tks

Hi mate,

Tumblr will shown your post in chronological order only. However, you can add a “Random” button on the main navigation that will display a randomly chosen post when clicked.

I’m unaware of any way to have your posts displayed on a random fashion on the homepage.


Hi! I’m just loving this theme! one question: is there any way to make the background top bar be full width? not just 960px…

Hi there!

Thanks! I think disabling the option Enable Header Slider Overlap will accomplish what you want.



Thank you so much! There are so many great options, we just get lost, in a good way! =)

No problem! Just let me know if you need help with anything else :)

Hi, is there a way to skip the permalink page or to show the real size of the pic? My pic is too large and very very very blurred. thx!

problem above fixed!

your code works perfectly, my image is with real size now! is there a way to put it on center? it’s totally on the left. thx again!

Hi nathsuell,

Please message me using the form on my profile page, including a link to your site so I can take a look, and don’t forget to tell where do you want the extra margin/padding.


message sent! thank you

Hi PixelMoxie, here I have a question. I need to show Home page without Portofolio Grid and show it only when I use tagged menu… Is possible to do it?

Thanks in advance,

Hi there,

I’m afraid that’s not possible since tumblr doesn’t let you use a static page as the homepage. What are you planning to show on the homepage?



Thanks for reply. I want to show an image only or nothing on the hompage.

Hi there,

After giving it some thought, I think it could be possible, although it would be a little bit of a hack.

I could do this theme customization for a reasonable fee. If you’re interested, contact me using the form on my profile page.


Hey PixelMoxie, first of all thanks for this cool theme ! It’s pretty easy to use even though i’m really bad at coding.

I have 2 questions (maybe more later) :

1) Is it possible to put the social networks in the header next to the search widget ? I think it would fit better for me there.

2) I looked through the comment and I didn’t see anything about this : You answered a question asking if it was possible to put the header in full width and you said yes. I want to put the footer on full width, like the header, is it possible and how ?

Thanks for you answer, greetings from France :D

Hi there,

Thanks for the kind words!

1) No easy way to put the social icons on the header, the theme would need to be customized quite a bit, it’s not a simple change.

2) You can “fake” a fullwidth footer using some custom CSS. Paste the following code into the “Add custom CSS” box in the customization dashboard:

#social {
    background-color: #4b4f53;
    border-top: 4px solid #00c0f5;

#social .inner {
    border-top: none;

#content_info {
    background-color: #4b4f53;

#footer_bottom {
    background-color: #373b3e;
    box-shadow: inset 0 1px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);

#footer_bottom .inner {
    box-shadow: none;

Of course, those colors are the defaults, if you have change then on the customization sidebar you will need to match them.



Hi PixelMoxie, I just bought your theme yesterday and still in the midst of tweaking all the features available. I have so much fun customizing your theme!!! it seems so easy so far even for me, a coding-noob! thank you for the wonderful theme and the best documentation guide ever! :grin:

ps: as mentioned earlier.. this coding-noob might have one or two questions coming up later :chuckle:

Oops I meant, my thumbnail title..

OHHH!!! I finally got it right! Somehow I did (: thanks anyway!

Sometimes changes you make take a little while to show up, so make sure to refresh your browser a few times or empty the cache :)

I used this theme for a photography blog, is there any way the thumbnails can not cut of the sides of my pictures? You can not see the full picture in the thumbnail. Thanks!

Hello there,

Well, images need to fill the entire thumbnail area so, images taller than the thumb will be cropped at the top and bottom ends, while images that are wider will be cropped at the sides.

You can change the “Thumbnail Height Percentage” option to affect the thumbnails aspect ratio so they adapt better to your images. Default value is 75, try something like 56 to make them wider.

I hope this helps,


hey ty for you work ! nice theme

how can i change /overide,

tweeter icon ? ty for your support

I’m afraid you can’t, it’s a limit imposed by tumblr.

TY for your support, have a good day !

You’re welcome, have a great weekend :)

Hi Sergio, Iv had this theme for quite some time and I have gotten MANY MANY compliments on it! So THANK YOU!

I am wanting to add some advertisement to the footer of my site. Positivelifetips.com and was wondering if you could help me with that.

I am thinking of doing 1 of 2 things.

1- Just add regular Google Adsense code to the footer 2- Somehow be able to add a customer image to the footer with clients advertisement. Im thinking on the right side of the footer where you can have instagram feed I could have an image there.

How can I go about getting this done?

Thank you SO MUCH!


Hi Jhon,

I’m happy to hear the theme has been useful to you :)

I see you’re using the text widget to display your contact information. You could try pasting your Google Adsense code after your email address to see how it fits in that space.

Displaying banner images might be more difficult,a s the theme doesn’t have any designated ad areas, and the blocks on the footer are responsive and will resize at different resolutions. How to proceed would really depend on the dimensions of your banner images, but you will need to alter the HTML source one way or another.

If you need help with that, you can contact me from my profile page to discuss rates and availability.

Best regards,


Good morning Sergio,

I contacted you through your profile page and have not gotten a response. Just double checking that you got my message!

Again LOVE the theme!

Thank you, Jhon

Morning Jhon,

I just replied to your email.

Cheers :)

Hi PixelMoxie, I bought your theme and try to customize. but i lost my navigation bar….(i labeled custom tag 1-10..) i can’t find where is it and how to set back menu..?? it didn’t show up ??? sorry for my english skill. I hope you can understand my word. About my english :)

Hi JHzzz,

You may have unchecked the option “Enable Tags Dropdown”. If that isn’t the case, message me through my profile page and please include a link to your site.



I just purchased the Supple tumblr theme, and so far I love it. I’m super excited to mess around with it.

I pretty much know nothing when it comes to coding however, and I was wondering if you could tell me how to change the color(s) of the search bar. I can’t seem to locate this option in the appearance panel, and I wouldn’t know were to find and alter it if it is a coding issue.

Thanks for any help you can provide, and for making such a great portfolio theme.


Hi Travis,

Thanks for your purchase!

The appearance of the search box can be changed with some custom CSS code. Please send me a message through the form on my profile page, including a link to your site and describing the changes you want to make.

Kind regards,


Ok, will do. I’m still familiarizing myself with it, and will message you when I am ready to dig deeper.

Thanks for being so helpful.

You’re welcome!

Cheers :)

First time i’m buying a theme and it’s hard as hell figuring out what the dimensions are for the slider’s images.

Hi there,

Thanks for your purchase.

The demo uses images that are 1600×400px, but I didn’t want the slider to be too tall. Your images may be taller — just make sure they are all the same size. I believe 1600px is a good compromise between quality and speed, but you can use larger images if you want to preserve more detail on large screens.

If you have any trouble, send me an email using the form on my profile, including a link to your site and describing the issue in detail.



I really,REALLY like this theme and I want to purchase it. However, is there a way I can change the way it displays the grid images in the home page ie make them larger? Thank you

You can change the images aspect ratio, so they could be square or portrait, for example. There are no options for it on the customization panel, but with the addition of a few lines of custom CSS code, you can achieve two or three-column layouts as well.


Supple Theme http://mikemccarthydigital.tumblr.com

Hi there, (OK, just testing this out at the moment so excuse me if it looks a bit sparse)

My question is;

What is the best way to arrange your pics in your post – do they just go in in some default fashion or can you actually have control over their positioning. For instance I might want one of them very big and have 2 smaller excerpt ones, but the big one can become the excerpt which I dont want. Do they go in clockwise or what?

I want to have a very visual poppy site, and Supple is perfect for it, but woiuld be great to know where things go.

thanks Mike

Yeah, thanks for that – I figured after sending in the question that it was probably a bit of trial and error at the posting stage to get it right. After a few refreshes – bingo!

Might have a few more questions for you, but it seems that the customization is fairly straight forward.

Cheers Mike

Sure, don’t hesitate to ask away :)


Thanks a mill. Mike

Hello the theme is awesome.

I wanna make the top header smaller, i tried to code for my self but, i get this result, http://theblackshark.tumblr.com/ can you help me out?

Thanks for the kind words :)

I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish, your site looks fine to me. Please get in touch using the form on our profile page.


hello, when i try to put js for infnite scroll

my css bug

do you know what ?

Supple doesn’t have an option for infinite scroll. You could try adapting the script from Paul Irish to fit the theme, but you will need to change quite a few things: https://github.com/paulirish/infinite-scroll

I can’t really say what’s going on without looking at your site. Get in touch using the form in our profile page.


Hi I just purchased your theme and it’s really awesome! I’m having a hard time with tumblr though..

1. Tumblr photosets are limited to 10 images only so I used “Text” for posting photographs that are hosted from another website. How do I post photos beside each other esp for portrait-oriented ones? It automatically goes below. I have already tried editing the html but it won’t accept the code.

Please help me, Thanks a lot.


Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your purchase :)

I will not be possible to make images inserted on a “text” post look the same as a photoset. With some custom CSS their width can be controlled and they can be floated to the left, but it will look better if all have the same size.

Please get in touch using the form in our profile page and include a link to your site and to the particular post.