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Love this theme! I was wondering if it were possible to have the clickable images on the main page open in a lightbox “preview” instead of having to open a whole post. Being a portfolio, most people just want to get a larger view of the thumbnails without having to be directed to another page.


Thanks for your interest!

Not possible at the moment, but it makes for a good feature request for a future update :)


Hello, So far I love this theme, best $20 ‘ve spent in awhile!

I’ve been messing around with the code a bit to try to remove the 1px padding around the thumbnail images. So far I have removed the ones to the right and left, but there is still the line between the rows. I did this by making the values for the margins all 0, as seen below:

#portfolio_index .portfolio_item { display: block; margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;

If you know the step I’m missing please let me know :)

Hello there,

Thanks for the purchase and the very kind words!

I suggest you leave the original theme code alone and make your CSS customizations using the “Add custom CSS” box on the customization sidebar. That way you won’t lose your changes when you update the theme.

Please paste the following snippet into that box. If you changed the value of “Thumbnail Height Percentage” to other than “75”, edit the value of `padding-top` to match:

#portfolio_index .portfolio_item {
    margin: 0 !important;
    padding-top: 75% !important;


Hi lovely theme, I want to now is there a way i can have the instagram widget on the second column and the images show one by one in some sort of thumbnail slider.

Second I have managed to make the footer full width but is there a way to make the header fullwidthe and still keep the slider. Thank you

Thank you for the help, however I had was wondering if there was an option to make the home page portfolio grid full width :/. Thank you again

Sorry, that can’t be done. Not without some serious HTML/CSS/JavaScript customization. Regards.

ok thanks though. cheers

I’m not having any luck in faking the Titles for Photoset. I’ve tried

my lovely title

but it’s not working. I’ve also checked the Enable Inset Thumbnail Titles but still no luck. Any ideas?

Hello there,

Making the first paragraph bold should work. If in doubt, enter HTML mode on the editor and make sure the first paragraph on your post caption has the following format:

<p><strong>Post Title</strong></p>
Hi! I’m from Russia Thank you for Supple!!! Never met the theme better! Very beautiful and flexible theme, suitable for photographers and artists. But it is not without problems … The fact that working with fonts subject support only letters. Cyrillic fonts are not supported at all. (there is a replacement for the standard font) In the menu at the top managed to include the Cyrillic alphabet by adding <head> – script from google (sometimes not working), but the text in the Slider, and titles Footer it or does not affect. http://kushnarenko.tumblr.com/ I’m not good at programming. Please help solve the problem.

Hi there!

Thanks for the kind words :)

Please check your email. The attached file should add support for the Cyrillic subset for Google web-fonts.

Let me know how that works!

Can not believe my eyes!! Everything works! fonts are displayed correctly in all browsers!! Big, big thanks for your help!! ))))))))))))))))))) I hope these changes will be included in the next update?

I’m glad it worked :)

Sure, I’ll include an option to subset web fonts on the next update, but it’s also fundamental to pick a font that includes the subset’s characters to start with.


I just purchased this theme and I really like it. After installing it I found out it uses a blue color style instead of the turquoise one in the demo, which I really like and want to use.

I don’t want to tweak all colors manually, so I’m wondering if I can copy this somewhere from?

Mmmm… maybe if both themes use the same option name for the header background color, the color would persist. All the original swatches are here anyway, on the docs: http://bit.ly/15N0AWQ

Is that the only color you need to change?

Thx for pointing out the colors in the doc, I will just go through all the settings to see if they match or not. Thanks again.

You’re welcome. Let me know if you need help with anything else.

Just bought this theme yesterday, and I love it. I pretty much have everything the way I want it, except for the Ask widget in the footer. For some reason, the blue Ask button isn’t showing, so users are able to type in the text box but don’t have any way of submitting. I do have Ask enabled in my dashboard settings, and going to the Ask page manually by going to /ask works just fine. Am I missing something?

Hi bobbyhsu,

Please provide a link to your site (or contact me using the form on my profile page) so I can take a look.


Thanks for the fast response! I ended up figuring it out. I went to my /ask page, copied the code from there, and replaced the original code. Now the blue Ask button is showing in the widget.

You’re welcome! I’d still like to know what was causing the issue, in case someone else runs into it :)


First of all – LOVE your design ;)

I’ve never used Tumblr before… Can you tell me if it’s possible to add an email opt-in form in a fixed place on this theme? (maybe in the sidebar at the top or in a fixed “sticky” post that stays at the top of the page?)

Also, can we use Adsense ads on your theme?


Hi Johnny,

Thanks for the kind words!

Both of your requests — the email opt-in and the adsense block — would be better placed on one of the footer columns at the bottom. For the opt-in form, you would need to use a service such as MailChimp or similar to generate the form code. I honestly haven’t tested Adsense, but text based ads should adapt to one of the footer widgets without much trouble.

As customizations services don’t come included with the theme, you would need to make these changes directly into the theme HTML source if you’re proficient with HTML/CSS, or hire someone to make these changes for you.


Hi PixelMoxie, Great theme! I’m working on the customization right now. Just one problem.. I have created a ‘page’ so that I could write my bio and all, but everything I write seems to be tilted to the left. I centered all the elements, but the center base itself seems to be tilted to the left. Any help? Thank you!

Yeah, that’s intentional. It was a design decision to have different left and right margins. Try pasting the following snippet into the “Add custom CSS” box on the customization sidebar and let me know if that helps:

.portfolio_single .post_details,
.portfolio_single .post_content,
.portfolio_single .post_meta,
.portfolio_single .post_notes,
.portfolio_single .post_comments {
    margin-left: auto !important;
    margin-right: auto !important;

.portfolio_single .post_details {
    max-width: 49em;


Hi PixelMoxie,

1. The Footer Ask Widget seems to me having trouble finding the image for the ask form. It shows up fine in the customization preview, but I’m getting a Not Found error on the actual page.

2. On the Permalink pages, I’d really like to have all of the text information (ie., caption, titles, tags, etc.) appear in a column to the right of the images, as opposed to being below them. The way the page is laid out in Bloq is perfect, BTW. Is there some CSS that can do that?


Hi Carrie,

1. Not sure what you mean. Care to share a link to your site so I can take a look?

2. I’m afraid not. The ability to do that would require a rewrite of the code for permalink pages. I’m available for small customization jobs when time allows, so send me a message through my profile page if you’re interested.


Hello! Love your theme! :)

Now 3 questions: 1. How can I add a border to the thumbnails?

2. How can I add a pattern to the body background instead of having a solid colour?
3. And last, how can I make the footer full width like the header?

JUst one more question: when you click on the thumbnail, it takes you to the single post, but on a different page. And if you click the post’s image it will take you to a lightbox thingy. Is there a way to go straight to the lightbox and skip the previous stage?

I don’t know if I’m being clear…. if I’m not, just go and click on a thumbnail and then click the image after the single post loaded and you’ll see what I’m talking about. :)

I got it, you want to open the image in a light-box when clicking on a portfolio thumbnail. At the moment that’s not possible, because posts may have different kinds of media (video, audio, multiple images), so clicking on a thumb will take you to the permalink page (post details).

What you’re describing may be added on a future update, but I can’t say when right now.


Hi Sergio,

The titles from my permalinks are not showing up when I hover on the thumbnails. I followed your instructions for faking the titles from your Documentation page. I also tagged each photo with #photo and #photoset. Am I missing something?

Thanks, Carrie

Hi Carrie,

Please share a link to your website (or send me an email) so I can take a look.

Thanks :)

Maybe it is written somewhere (I did read the documentation) or already answered, but I was wondering what is the optimal size at which to upload photos?

When I click to the permalink, I found my landscapes are showing up really well, but my portraits look awful because they are being shown at full width which results in them being GIANT. Any tips to get portraits to show up properly (once clicked on). Thanks!

Have you tried arranging the set so landscape images are fullwidth and portrait ones are side by side (and thus narrow) as in the following post?


I had hoped to use the slider effectively, but this seems like an okay solution for now, thank you. One more thing, I can’t seem to get the custom tags to work. I set the names of the custom tags in the settings, and then I tagged my photoset with that tag. Do I need to do something else? Thank you!

Well, for the slider to work well, all images should be the same size anyway. Tags should work. Make sure you enter them on the customization sidebar just as you type them on the posts (spaces, dashes, etc). Send me a link to a tagged page so I can take a look. Cheers!

What would be the best way to disable the slider on the search results and ‘tagged’ pages? I’m trying to only show the slider on the actual homepage.

Around line 1493 on the theme file, before the closing </style> tag, paste the following:

{block:TagPage}#slider { display: none; } #top_banner { margin-bottom: 108px; }{/block:TagPage}
{block:SearchPage}#slider { display: none; } #top_banner { margin-bottom: 108px; }{/block:SearchPage}

That should hide the slider on “tagged” and “search” pages. Let me know if that works for you!

Yes, worked like a charm! Thanks again. /M

You’re welcome :)

I noticed on Tumblr (custom) pages the {URLEncodedPermalink} is empty despite the fact that is a {block:PermalinkPage}. Because of this the share link on these pages does not work as url for widget is empty.

This has probably nothing to do with this template, but just wondering if somebody knows wht the {URLEncodedPermalink} is empty for (custom) pages.

Yeah, Tumblr lays out user created pages as they were text posts, but it seems as they aren’t chronological (they don’t have a date) the permalink URL doesn’t get rendered. That’s why I removed the sharing buttons from the last version of Bloq (on user created pages). The “AddThis” widget used in Supple seems to work though.

No worries. I also disabled the share link. On the supple demo about page (http://pixelmoxie-supple.tumblr.com/about) you can see that the “AddThis” widget also is not working like expected. As the permalink url is empty the widget is not giving back the number of shares.

Good call. Both {Permalink} and {URLEncodedPermalink} are unavailable on user created pages, that’s why the share count isn’t showing. But sharing seems to work well, AddThis just grabs the URL of the page, so I think taking the sharing link away would be removing functionality unnecessarily, in this case.

I wanted to search something on my site and it was actually my first time using the search feature. When typing “selfless” nothing came up but in fact I have a post that contains the words “Selfless” in it (http://845a.com/post/41317312137/startup-weekend-despite-the-long-hours)

Any thoughts on making the search bar work?

That’s a limitation of Tumblr search function. It doesn’t perform a general keyword search, it only searches tags assigned to posts.

Sadly I don’t think there’s much we can do about that!

aw boo. Thanks though for the clarification!

Hello, just one more question!

The website is all setup and ready to launch, but I would like it to look the same on both mobile and pc screens. Currently the site looks more squashed and zoomed in on mobile (both android and ios), but I just wish the site would look like the ‘pc version’ on the mobile devices (both android and ios).

Is there any way I can do this? Thank you!!

The theme design is responsive, meaning that it ‘responds’ to the screen size of the device by resizing and rearranging its building blocks. Most designs do this nowadays, on phones, the content is stacked up on a single column. If the website would look as the desktop version on a phone, it would be huge for its screen, meaning that you would need to zoom in and out and pan around constantly. So, in a few words, they can’t look the same. Sorry!

Hi there! Maybe i am too stupid but i have a reaaally Big Problem creating thumbnails. How can i do this? I don’t See any Option to Upload a picture as a thumbnails :((( please help…

The thumbnail for a photo post is just the image, or the first image, in case of photosets. For audio and video posts you have to insert the image after the ‘fake’ title, but the image need to be already on the web.

Look for “Audio and Video Poster Images” on the docs: http://bit.ly/1aAAjuE

If you want to host your image using Tumblr you can create an image post and set it to private, then grab the image URL from that post (right-click on the image and copy the URL), or you can upload it here, and then grab the URL from that page:


Let me know if that helped!


Love this theme! I do have a question though… is there a way to change any of the titles (besides “browse” and “pages”) of the top navigation? I figured out how to have those nav buttons link to an outside source but can’t figure out how to change their heading. Basically I would like to change either “RSS” or (preferably) “Home” to say “Blog”. Is this possible?

Thanks! Seth

Make sure to replace the whole ‘{lang:home}’ string, not just the word ‘home’. Maybe the anchor tags aren’t properly closed and the HTML is malformed. Send me a link to your site so I can take a look.

I went through and replaced the whole string but no link text displays, just a link in the space where the text should be. here is my url: http://sethpillers.com/ thanks for all the help!

Hi Seth,

There’s no text inside the link elements, so there must be a typo or a small error on the code. Please message me using the form on my profile page so I can give you further instructions.


I’ve come across another question here… So I just got everything set up, changed the sprites and pointed my URL to tumblr. I went back to look at the site on my iphone 5 and noticed that the mobile version had defaulted to some tumblr default and is not displaying supple. The desktop version looks great however. Is that because I just pointed my URL, or did I mess something up in the code? Was the sprite that I uploaded wrong (although I did use the included pdf, and only changed colors)? Thanks again!

whoops, figured this one out! Thanks anyway

I’m glad you figured it out!

Just in case anyone else runs into this, you must have had “Use optimized mobile layout” checked, thus you were seeing Tumblr generic mobile layout on phones. Deselecting that option should display Supple on mobile.

Cheers :)