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Soooo when people ask me questions and i answer and publish them the block where it should be gets dragged down and makes the bottom of the post area crowded and nasty.

I posted a picture above. I haven’t messed with any of the coding.

Also changing that made all the post go away.

You ‘Answer’ posts display fine on your site now, at least on my end.

Changing ‘Answer’ to ‘PlaintextAnswer’ should not break the theme. Email me using the form on my profile page so I can send you an updated copy with the fix. Thanks!

Hello again,

I can’t seem to get the mobile social background gradient to go away, even with the radio button turned off in tumblr’s preferences section. It is turned off once I re-size a browser window and the layout is pushed into mobile mode, but on a phone the gradient is still there. Any work arounds? My url is sethpillers.com

Whoops! Looks like the graphic for “retina” screens is still showing up. I’ll send you a fixed file by email. Thanks for the heads-up!

One more!

I have changed the size of the text in the thumbnail headings in tumblr’s preferences to multiple smaller sizes but it doesn’t ever change in the final layout. Any Ideas?

Thanks Sergio! Seth

Do you mean “Thumbnail Title Font Size”? It’s working fine on my end. It’s supposed to control the font size of the title the shows on rollover. Make sure you’re just entering a number, with no unwanted spaces before or after it. Cheers!

Ah, I was into Thumbnail Font Size, thanks!

You’re welcome buddy!

Hello. love the theme. I uploaded an image for a slider to test how it works. Now that I want to replace it with another image, I clear the current image and upload a new image. However, the original image is displayed while viewing on my computer browser while the correct image is shown when browsing on my iphone5 and ipad. my url is chiefportfoliotest.tumblr.com. any ideas? any help will be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

I’m glad you’re liking the theme :)

Looks like you uploaded an image into the wrong field(s). Please clear the fields “Pattern Overlay” and “Pattern Overlay Hires.” You should only use those if you want a semi-transparent pattern overlaid on top of your slider images, e.g., a dotted pattern.



You’re welcome :)


is there any way to add add a style to the menu item I am currently on?

Example: http://leommaia.tumblr.com/tagged/portrait In this page, I would like to apply a different style to the PORTRAITS item on the menu.

If each page generated an arbitrary class, it could be applied to the body tag and I could match them with respective nav items classes to create css declarations to accomplish this.

Thanks a lot.

It worked awesomefuuly great. http://leommaia.tumblr.com/tagged/portrait

I used attribute a selector. .tagged_sketch a[href=”/tagged/sketch”] { color: #584575 !important; }

Thanks a lot for the support.

Loved the theme. Still working on it.

You’re welcome! Site’s looking good. Awesome illustrations :)

Thanks once again. I really appreciate it.

Hello, I read all the comments and I may have skipped over it. How do I remove the upscaling of a photo. Most of my uploads are rather small and it makes them look crazy pixelated. I would perfer it to stay at its original size when clicking onto the permalink.

Nevermind. I just noticed the prevent upscaling thing :p

How do i insert the HTML for my Logo into the HTML that was given to me?

NVM. Im an idiot. I was looking to do it manually through the HTML. Sorry.

No worries :)

Let me know if you need help with anything else!

This looks great! Will definitely keep this in mind as I am starting to rebrand my online identity :D Thanks and looking forward to using this for my new portfolio soon!

Hey jcroxas!

Thanks for the very kind words! Lovely avatar :)

You can always check the docs if you want to know how the theme works first:



Thanks for the link man! But just a quick question. Purchasing this theme gives us access to both the 2 versions, right?

And thank youuuu. My avatar is from here: http://graphicriver.net/item/jcs-avatar-pack/5167184?WT.ac=portfolio&WT.seg_1=portfolio&WT.z_author=jcroxas :D

There’s just one theme, actually. The theme looks more or less like the first demo right after installation. The second demo is the same theme with different colors and other options enabled on Tumblr’s customization sidebar,


Dear PixelMovie,

wondering what is the optimal size for a slider image? So that it will show up nicely in almost all browsers and computers?

Thank you!!

Hey there!

The slider images on the demo are 1600×400 pixels, but we didn’t want the slider to take much vertical space. You can make the images taller if you need, depending on the images. If your slider gets too tall, you can limit the height (“Slider Maximum Height”), but of course the images will be cropped at the bottom. On the demo, the slider height is limited to 400px.

I think that size is a good compromise between image quality and weight. Larger images will probably look better on huge screens, but will take more time to load. If you’re worried about page load times, you can make your slides smaller while keeping the same ratio (e.g.: 1200×300), but they will look blurrier on large screens.

Always optimize your images before uploading to make sure they are as slim as possible (http://compresspng.com and http://compressjpg.com).

I hope that helps!

Hi! I just update the theme today, and I don’t know why but I can’t see the social link sprite of Society6 in the bottom of my page. (LinkedIN and Vimeo are visible) Here is my website: http://elianepregent.com

Thank you for your help, and thanks for the update! :) Éliane

Hi Éliane!

For some reason the old image sprite must be showing still, instead of the new one that includes the Society6 icon.

On your download you should have a “psd” folder, locate the images “sprite.png” and “sprite@2x.png” and upload them on the customization sidebar, using the fields “Sprite” and “Sprite Hires”. The icon should then be visible.

Please let me know if that helps!



Thanks so much! This solved the problem! :)

You’re welcome :)

Hi there, i like your theme a lot! It’s beautiful. I am doing up a portfolio site for a class project and i just need to know if it is possible to make a single column grid thumbnail page for my portfolio. Hope you are able to help me! Thanks, xoxo.

Hey there!

Thanks for the kind words!

It can be done with some custom CSS. Paste the following rules into the “Add custom CSS” box, in the “Advanced section”

/* Single column */
@media screen and (min-width: 30em) {
    #portfolio_index .grid_block { width: 100%; }

@media screen and (min-width: 48em) {
    #portfolio_index .grid_block { width: 100%; }

@media screen and (min-width: 58.75em) { 
    #portfolio_index .grid_block { width: 100%; }

@media screen and (min-width: 75.625em) { 
    #portfolio_index .grid_block { width: 100%; }

You should set the “Thumbnail Height Percentage” to something relatively small, like 50, or the thumbnails will be really tall.

Hope that helps!

Hi! I love the theme, you guys help me look good :P

I was just tinkering around with the settings and I somehow lost my navigation arrows when you click on a photo post.

I was also wondering if it was possible to have the photos pop up in a new window instead of loading a new page and then having to go back, reload and scroll through the home page.

My website is: http://plasticcanon.com

Thanks again!

Hey there!

I think you lost the arrows since you switched to a narrow layout —disabling the media queries— that is intended for tablets and mobile. To get the arrows back, paste the following code into the “Add custom CSS” box, on the “Advanced” section of the customization sidebar:

.permalink_pagination.desktop { display: block }
.permalink_pagination.desktop a { width: 64px; height: 85px; margin-top: -42px; }
.permalink_pagination.desktop a:after { width: 24px; height: 45px; }
.permalink_pagination.desktop .next_post:after { background-position: -400px 0; margin: 20px 23px 20px 17px; }
.permalink_pagination.desktop .previous_post:after { background-position: -500px 0; margin: 20px 17px 20px 23px; }

To open permalink pages on a new tab, you will need to edit the theme code. On the customization sidebar, go into “Edit HTML” and make the editor wider so you can see the code comfortably. You need to start editing around line 1784, inside the “IndexPage” loop. Basically, you need to add the attribute target="_blank" to the <a> elements inside the blocks “Photo”, “Photoset”, “Audio”, “Video”, etc. This is what it looks like; the added code is being highlighted:


Let me know if you need further help.


Amazing! Thank you so much!

One more thing! I’ve been having trouble uploading a picture for the “About Me” page. The only way it seems to show up is when I set the page to be a Custom layout, but I’m not confident enough in HTML to pull that off. Any ideas?


No need to switch to a custom layout. Using the standard layout, if you click the camera icon, you should be able to upload an image, but tumblr will limit its width 500px I think.

You can also use the static file uploader and grab the resulting image URL from there:


Then, when you edit the page, switch to html mode, and paste the following code where you want the image to appear, replacing the URL of the “src” attribute with your own:

<p><img src="path/to/my/image" alt=""></p>

Let me know if that helps!

Hi! I love the theme, but I have a question.

When I set up my blog using your theme, it was version 1.1 … is there any way for me to update to 1.2 without losing all of my customization options? It looks to me like pasting in the code for the new version might do that.

Any advice would appreciated :) Thanks in advance!

Hey there,

Pasting the new code over the old one should not reset the options you set on the customization sidebar. If you made some changes to the theme source you will lose those, though.


Awesome, thank you! As far as I remember, I only made changes in the customization sidebar, so it sounds like I should be fine. Thanks again!

You’re welcome :)

Hey there, i’ve tried the code you have provided me and it works! However, is it not possible to have solely a page that can display a single column grid and for the subsequent pages displayed in the original thumbnails template?

Hope you can help!

Hi there,

I’m glad the code worked!

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to do what you request as all pages use the same layout.


Hi, your theme is really awesome, I only have a little bit of a problem with some of my photoset-permalink sites. If I post two pictures with one above the other, mostly the first picture is getting cut off at the bottom. If I reload the page everything works fine, but it’d be weird if every visitor had to load each page twice, to see the pictures properly. So I’d be glad for any kind of advice. The following link is one of the pages that doesn’t load the way it should. http://christiankotz.tumblr.com/post/67249918485/j


Hey there!

1. Sadly, no. tumblr only lets you display up to fifteen posts per page.

2. The thumbnails are supposed to resize a little bit, depending on your viewport size. So when you resize your browser, they will get bigger or smaller, but the aspect ratio, the proportions, should stay the same, and the thumbnail image should not look distorted. If they look weird at some screen resolution for you, try to send me an screenshot.

3. If I get this right, you want to display the icon for audio on thumbnails that aren’t necessarily audio posts, but have some specific tag.

This is possible, but first you need to make some edits to the theme. Let’s say you want to do this with Photo and Photoset posts. If you look at the following image, you can see how I added {TagsAsClasses} after is_photo and is_photoset, on lines 1787 and 1794. You need to add that for each post type and save your changes.


Then add the following into the “Add custom CSS” box, in the “Advanced options” section, replacing my_custom_tag with the tag you want to target :

#portfolio_index .my_custom_tag .overlay .icon.plus {
    background-position: -200px -200px;

Let me know if that helps!

Thank you so much for your help. It works perfectly fine! Exactly the solution I was looking for. Oh and if the distorted thumbnails show up again, I’ll send you a screenshot.

Thanks again

You’re welcome! I’m glad I could be of help :)

The theme is amazing. Just wondering if it’s possible to add facebook plugin to allow user comments on posts?

Hey there!

1. Facebook comments are not an option, but there are some tutorials on the net that explain how to do that, such as http://goo.gl/1VG2Kf — you will need to alter the theme file yourself though.

2. Moving the social icons to the header can be tricky; depending on the screen size and number of icons, there may not be room for them at all. I would recommend against it, but if you must have them there, you will need to duplicate the code that deals with the icons and place it inside the header, and add quite a bit of Custom CSS to deal with positioning them correctly on different viewport sizes. I would help you with this, for a reasonable fee, but sadly I don’t have any free time ATM.

I’m glad the theme is working well for you though :)


Thanks for the quick reply man. Really appreciate it.

One last thing if you get the chance – is it possible to make the tumbnail headers stay and remove the hover images?

You’re welcome!

If you want to hide the overlay icons, paste the following CSS rule into the “Add custom CSS” on the “Advanced options” section of the customization sidebar:

#portfolio_index .icon.plus {
    display: none !important;

Let me know if that helps!

Hey Love this theme. But I have 2 questions: 1. Does this theme support infinite scroll, if not how do i increase the number of post shown on the home page. 2. I am using IFTTT (If this Then That. http://ifttt.com) to create audio posts from my soundcloud cloud account. The problem I am having is that the audio posts don’t have thumbs. Even when i try to create a manual post, the option to add an image is missing?

Hello there!

Supple doesn’t include an option for infinite scrolling, but I know of other user that has implemented the following solution. This basically triggers the “Load more posts” button when you reach the end of the page. Paste the following towards the end of the HTML code, before the closing </body> tag, maybe it’ll work for your purposes:

    var lastScrollTop = 0;

    $( window ).scroll( function() {
        var scrollTop = $( this ).scrollTop();
        if ( scrollTop > lastScrollTop ) {
            if( $(this).height() + scrollTop > $(document).height() - 10 ) {
                $("#pagination .tumble_trigger").click();
        lastScrollTop = scrollTop;
    } );

To set the posts per page, go into the “Advanced options” section of the customization sidebar, but you can’t show more than fifteen.

For audio and video posts, you need to insert the thumbnail image manually, as outlined on the “Audio and Video Posts Poster Images” section of the docs. http://goo.gl/3i28Xf

Let me know if that helps,


thanks for the quick reply. i pasted the code you gave, above the tag and it doesn’t seem to work. Any other suggestions? As for the number of posts, Thanks :) I totally missed that one.

Lastly to your knowledge can I embed the post image using IFTTT?

You’re welcome, please share a link to your site so I can take a look at that script.

Regarding the thumbnails, I’m not really familiar with www.ifttt.com, but I doubt you can automate something like that, because Tumblr doesn’t have a native way of assigning an image for audio posts, so what we do is a workaround. Most likely, you will have to edit each audio post and manually insert the image after the title.

How do you use www.ifttt.com for your purposes?

Hi PixelMoxie

I’ve just bought your Supple theme. It looks fantastic so far. I just have a few issues I couldn’t manage to solve myself:

1- Is there a way to hide the Comments Count and Post Share function and also the Disqus Comments from the Submit page or any other static page? There is no point on allowing people to add comments on a static Submit page.

2- Although I’ve properly changed the sprite provided (both std and @2x versions) the site won’t show the updated sprite even when it’s been replaced on the Theme Assets menu. This has been checked in a few different computers after and before emptying cache and all that…

Thanks :)

Exactly ;)

Hires = Hi Res… Such a dumbass I am :( Thanks for your help!

No problem!

I plan to use this theme for my online store, and need to know how well paypal buttons work when added to a post; also, whether or not a static, View Cart button can be posted to the description or header.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Assuming the paypal button is just an image wrapped on some HTML code and all it does is direct you to another page, you should have no problem adding them to posts or pages. After creating the button (unencrypted), you simply copy and paste the button code into a post description or caption.

The description on the site footer takes HTML tags as well, so adding a static button there should be no problem. I can help you out with these tasks if you need to, but it should be fairly simple.