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Hi There,

We might be having a thick moment…but the documentation doesn’t actually detail how to post a knowledge base article etc?



Hey there,

Apologies, you’re right. In the Admin Panel, simple click “Knowledge Base > Add New”. Assign articles categories and you’re knowledge base section should be ready to go. Simple add /knowledgebase/ to the root URL of your site to view it.

I’m working on an extended documentation file as well as a few other goodies for the next version.

Feel free to email me if you still have issues and I’ll help you out.



Could you provide me with a dump of you website database so I can set up directly my theme like yours ? Thanks in advance

Hey there,

Email me via my profile and I’ll send you the demo XML back for you.


Sorry, but your support forum is not working…

My home page is not working. I add text, blocks, sidebar… and nothing is displayed.

Hey there,

Sorry you’re having trouble. Could you email me via my profile: http://themeforest.net/user/ChrisMooney with your WordPress admin details and I’ll take a look fro you.


Yes, of course. U have an email now :)

A clean, elegant and easy theme.

5 stars for u.


Thank you, I appreciate the great rating :)

Sorry, I forget rated it. I have just rate with your 5 stars.

Hello Chris,

Nice theme.

How does users register to participate in the forum?


Thanks for you response. Any time-frame on future updates?

Most likely within the next week or so.


Best to keep an eye on my twitter @swishthemes for news of updates. Thanks

Sorry, but I really fail to find “Knowledge Base > Add New” at the Admin panel. There are only Homepage blocks and FAQs on it(

Hello, I have live search on homepage, but it doesn’t lookup in posts, or pages.. It display only ‘Sorry, no posts were found.’ But when I type something in live search on somesite.com/knowledge-base/ it works. Any idea how fix it?

Hey there,

Could you email me via my profile with a link to your site and admin details so I can take a look into this?


Knowledge Base is ok in 1.0.1 version Thank you!


Glad you found the update. Let me know if you run into any issues.


How can I migrate my post to knowbase (not manually)?


It worked. Thanks u very much :)

Great, glad that worked for you :)

The demo has something broken. Main menu appears vertically above header Look at this screenshot: http://s20.postimg.org/cy2ftcjm5/home.png

Hey there,

Do a hard refresh, I recently updated the demo site.


Demo works fine now ;-)

Could you provide a “Theme Options” screenshot?


Sure thing, email me via my profile and I’ll send them to you. Thanks

Is it just me or do you have to use the exact same slug as you use for the category name in the knowledge base custom post type in order for the articles to actually appear under the parent? For instance, if I name a category “Adding a Test Student”, the slug would have to be “adding-a-test-student” in order for the articles to appear under the parent.

The theme looks great, BTW. Thanks!

Hey there,

Apologies for this issue, I’ve just been debugging this with another customer. A fix is on it’s way. It should be out with 24 hours, thanks :)

No worries. I got it working without much of a problem. If I were using this for a client it would be a problem though as they get confused easily. The custom post types are nice. Good going.

Hey there,

The theme update has been approved so you can re-download to get the new version. :)


What to do with the child theme?? When installed as a normal theme, i get errors.

Hey there,

The child theme is used in combination with the parent theme. Checkout the Codex on child theming for more information: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

Let me know if you have any issues.


Great theme Chris

In Knowledge Base, is there a way to have Yoast or equivalent SEO plugin integrated into each new article. Can’t see the option there, only in posts. Want to take full advantage of this content.

Cheers Dan

Hey Dan,

I’ve justed tested Yoast SEO with the theme and it works fine with me. A possible issue may be that you need to have the box checked in “screen options” when editing articles?


Hey Chris,

Nice work. Two quick pre-purchase questions

1. Can the forum option be removed/disabled (don’t need it) without a bunch of hacks?

2. Is there any provision (now/planned) for any sort of support ticket type functionality?



Hey Scott,

1. Yes, the forum is powered by BBPress, so if you don’t activate the plugin, the theme doesn’t load any of the forum assets.

2. There’s no planned support ticket functionality as the theme focuses on community support. You may be interested in a few plugins that can help you get more out of BBPress and be more suitable alternative to support tickets, there’s a great write up here: http://wp.tutsplus.com/tutorials/plugins/using-bbpress-as-a-support-forum/

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Maybe I am missing or not understanding something. I am about to buy this theme and noticed something strange with the permalinks / post types (knowledge and news)

KNOWLEDGEBASE : /knowledgebase/

KNOWLEDGEBASE Categories : /news/section/account/ <—news?

KNOWLEDGEBASE Post : /knowledgebase/how-do-i-cancel/

NEWS : /news/

NEWS Categories : /news/category/how-to/

NEWS Post : /news/installing-wordpress/

1. Why does knowledgebase have NEWS slug?

2. Would I be able to remove the SECTION slug from KnowledgeBase?

3. Would I be able to remove the CATEGORY slug from news?

Why does wordpress use the SECTION and CATEGORY since there is nothing in them?

I love the theme. Just want to make sure it works well before I buy it :)


Hey there,

1. Thanks for pointing the odd permalinks. I’ve fixed this on the demo site, and I’ll make sure that these are fixed in the theme.

2. Unfortunately due to the limitations of WordPress you can’t not have a unique slug for custom taxonomies. You could modify section to something else, but you need something.

3. You can remove the category base for WordPress posts using this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-no-category-base/


ok Great! Adding more money to my account as we speak to buy it.

I dont think im seeing the fix on the demo yet.

Breadcrumbs : /Knowledge Base/Account/Billing/

URL : /news/section/account/billing/

Should it be /knowledgebase/section/account/billing/

Thanks! Sorry to be a pain.

Hey there,

Try refreshing the demo as I can’t see the issue with the URLs anymore. If it’s still occurring perhaps send me a screenshot so I can take a look.


I’d like to use this as a sales support knowledge base system with proprietary content. Is there a way to implement global password protection for the site that also registers people into the forums with the same login info?

Hey there,

You’d need to look at using a plugin for this. There should be one on wordpress.org that could help you.


I like the layout of the “HomePage” however, how can I add shortcodes to the page layout or even images? I would like to add a custom login for clients under the search bar, but I tried to add the shortcode for (2) columns, and it does not show up.

Hey there,

When you say you tried shortcodes on the homepage, do you mean in the page content or in the widgets that are displayed on the homepage?


profile contact sent with info

I bought the theme. Super nice!

1. How do I put the icons next to the posts?

2. Just curious, does the knowledge search box pull data from the title AND content? or just title?

Thanks Chris. Great theme. 5 Star

EDIT: I fixed the error. Now the breadcrumbs still show KNOWLEDGE not organizing tips. How could i fix this?

Hey there,

Can you show me a link so I can take a look?


Overall, this theme is working great for me. However, I can’t get the shortcodes to work for me from the rich text editor. When I select something and hit submit, nothing happens. I’ve deactivated all plugins and still can’t get these to work.


Thanks, NG

Hey there,

Thanks for letting me know about this, I’ve got a fix prepared and it’ll be included in the update which should be available in the next 24/48 hours.