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Is there a way to link the homepage blocks to the areas (e.g., knowledge base)? When I go to homepage blocks I have the option to add an icon, main text, and subtext. It would be great if there were a link field here.

I looked in front-page-template and options.php. Where would I add this into the options framework?

Thanks, NG

I found it – hpblock-meta.php. I was able to add this array, which open up the url field in the homepage block options but I need a little help making this work. Where do I add “hpblock_url” to link “hpblock_icon”?

'id'          => 'hpblock_url',
'label'       => 'Homepage block link',
'desc'        => 'If you\'ve uploaded an icon, you can also enter a destination URL here for where you\'d like the image to link to. i.e., http://innovate.uh.edu/yourwebsite',
'std'         => '',
'type'        => 'text',

Hey there,

If you add another array like this:

array( 'name' => 'Block Link', 'desc' => 'Add your block link (optional)', 'id' => $prefix . 'hpblock_link', 'type' => 'text', ),

You’ll create a new field for you to input the link. Then in template-front-page.php you can use:

echo get_post_meta( $post->ID, '_st_hpblock_link', true );

To echo it in to the template.


Hi Chris,

This looks great. I already use Knowhow, but this fits better with another project I am working on. I’ve read Pippins article on using BBPress as a ticketing platform, so I plan to give that a go.

The only thing that’s holding me back at the moment is the lack of video support. I see you plan to introduce this, any ideas when?

Thanks, Jim

Hey Jim,

This is strange, have you setup your root forums “Essentials” and “Club Support” as categories?

For the news widget you need to use the Custom widget that’s included. The default WP recent posts widget doesn’t include thumbs.


Both sorted Chris, both me! Thanks for your help.


That’s great Jim, thanks for updating me. Have a great weekend :)

Absolutely Amazing theme! Thank You!

I tryed to import Demo xml and i got error: Failed to import “New Update To Framework”: Invalid post type topic Failed to import “Support Disruptions”: Invalid post type topic Failed to import “Quick Update”: Invalid post type topic Failed to import “New Theme Coming Soon...”: Invalid post type topic

and theme look much more different that your demo theme!

Maybe you can help me?


Hey there,

Sounds like you don’t have BBPress installed yet so the demo forum posts won’t be imported.

Make sure you’ve gone through the documentation installation steps to setup the theme. Let me know if you run into any issues.



i had a problem posting on your support forum, keeps telling me that the code has been used!!

anyway, how can i get a full width page, just one page that i dont need the side bars

thank you

Hey there,

When editing a page below the editor is a box where you can modify the sidebar position, left, right and off.


very sorry for the stupid question, for some reason i never noticed it

thank you very much

No worries, these things happen :)

Why can’t I browse to this URL http://mydomain.com/faq

But I can browse to http://mydomain.com/knowledgebase

Ok, thanks

It has been a year, has it been added to the theme? Can I list all the FAQs on one page?

Hi there,

This suggestion hasn’t been added as unfortunately it wasn’t a popular request.



Have you built the live search engine or what live search engine is the theme using?


Hey there,

The theme uses WordPress’ default search engine, but uses some JS & template magic to generate the live search.



Really Nice theme. Glad to purchase!

Glad you like it, please consider rating :)

Would it be much work to get the search engine to show e.g. Event Manager (WP-plugin) results?

I’m interested in buying the theme for the search engine but I want to make sure it will work with my settings.


Hey there,

You will need to modify the theme functions & templates and have a good understanding of WordPress code to modify the search for different post types.


Hello Chris,

I have got little problem can you please fix this issue. I got screen recording my problem. http://www.screenr.com/wXw7

Thanks i will be waiting for your fix.

Hey there,

Thanks for letting me know about this, will get it fixed and an update out ASAP.


The live preview seems to be down :(

It’s back up now, sorry about that. Let me know if you have any questions about the theme.


How do you update the theme in WordPress? I just downloaded latest version but knowing nowhere to update the theme

Hey there,

- First backup the current theme folder in /themes/ and make a database backup.

- Remove old theme folder

- Upload new theme folder

Let me know if you run into any issues.


PreSales Question> -

Is the home page made from widgetized areas that can be changed out or must this be customized through the .php template in the included child theme? For example not including “Search the Knowledge base” on the home page, and using different text and images in the knowledge base, community forum, and contact us sections. Are these easily changeable so that “community forum” can become “members forum”?


Hey there,

The homepage is made up of 2 widget areas below the 3 column blocks. The main area (where the “Popular Articles” and “Recent Forum Activity” widgets are) and the sidebar (where the homepage sidebar is positioned). The sidebar can be position left/right and off.

The 3 column feature blocks are setup with a custom post type and you can modify the content within them as well as change the number of columns (2,3 or 4).

The homepage search can be turned on/off in the theme options.

The is also the widget area in the footer which can be modified.

The forum title “community forum” can be modified in the theme options.

That should cover it, let me know if you have any other questions :)


Thanks Chris, That’s a pretty thorough answer – wondering if I would be able to put other content in the home page top area which is now search – for example other HTML or shortcodes instead like I did on – http://www.qpractice.com/

Seeking to combine my members support and forums into the same site and not have to set up a separate one, as their membership content and access is on this one. Haven’t tried adding BBpress to mine yet, and have a separate knowledgebase through Uservoice, so though something like this would be a lot easier:)

Hey there,

If you want to modify the top area of the homepage you’d need to edit the template (with the included child theme of course) and add in your own content.


Hey. Love the theme, but why not valid code…?

Hey there,

Which code doesn’t validate? I just checked and there’s a single error which I’ll fix now, but it’s very minor.


Hi ChrisMooney :)

Great job!

Have you think to develop tags inside knowledge base?

I think is a good idea to search the articles and it can be used by the technical staff to look for another functional concepts.

Thanks a lot!

It might be something I’d look into in the future yes :)

Hey Folks,

All support requests should be made via our site Hero Themes. We can help you much faster this way and get any issues resolved for you.



I am sorry if this has already been answered. Does this theme only work with bbpress integrated. Or is that only for the forum functionality?

I am very familiar with wordpress however i have never used bbpress.


Hey there,

The BBPress functionality is completely optional, the theme will only load it’s forum code/functionality if the BBPress plugin is active.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hello, I have bought your theme but its almost imposible to find a way to publish that block on the homepage with text : http://awesomescreenshot.com/03b19dwt1a

Can you please give me a small step by step guide of how can i add it ?


Thanks, worked great ! One more thing, how we can change this text from homepage : http://awesomescreenshot.com/08e19gr638 ?

And how can we change the Knowledge Base text from each page. http://awesomescreenshot.com/08919hmn41 . Thanks

Hey there,

1) You can edit this in the template-front-page.php template or using the po/mo files.

2) Best way would be to edit the po/mo files, that text is set in the post type setup in /framework/post-types.php.


Can anyone tell me where I should go to ask some questions? I am really confuse about the documentation which I would say it is far from complete.

I can’t setup my forum completely I can’t get my knowledge base page done.

Not mentioned in the documentation. I went to Hero Support, register with my purchase / license code and login. It keeps saying “Your need to be Logged In to submit a support request.” Sent email from contact us page and haven’t got reply. Im going to ask for money back guarantee very soon.

Hey there,

I’ve not received any emails from you. Try to submit your support request again please: http://herothemes.com/support/

If that fails please email me from the form in my profile: http://themeforest.net/user/ChrisMooney