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Thanks for coming back in time. Everything is getting better now. Please update your documentation so it will be more user friendly.


How do you set up the Contact us page (with the 3 fields and customized email address)?

We would find it very useful to have tags as part of the KB, We use categories for the type of technology but plan to use tags to associate certain articles with specific clients. Can you assist in helping me add tags to the KB?

Thank you, great theme.

Hey there,

I don’t provide any customization services but companies like WerkPress & Tweaky can help you.


When no results are for News posts, I receive a bad spelling information: We apologize for any inconvenience, pleasereturn to the home page or use the search form below.

How should I repair it?

Hey there,

Thanks for letting know, to fix you can edit the content-none.php template. I’ve updated it in mine ready for the next update.


Hi Guys,

I just purchased the theme and great so far. I have purchased ALOT from envato and seem to get around most things very easily. However with this theme there is no option for me to change the default colours and link properties. Also changing or adding the logo?

And it is not discussed in the documentation which seems very lacking.

I apologize in advance for the noobness to my post, however as i have said i have purchased HUNDREDS of wp themes on here and much work the same. I do not want to edit the css unless i have too.


I found it. The sneaking ‘customize’ link that gives different options then the standard wordpress customize link. lols

Hey there,

Glad you found the option :)

The customize settings have been expanded in WP core in the last major version and it’s something theme developers are starting to utilize for style options as I hope you agree, it’s quite awesome :)

I’ve made a note to expand the documentation so no one else misses this section.


I’ve tried contacting you through your support channel however I am repeatedly being told I have to be logged in (I am logged in.)

Simple question really. What is going to be the easiest way with your theme to posts full width. I’ dont want the sidebar.

Thank you.

Hey there,

I’m really sorry you’re having trouble with the support page, I’ll look into it to and make sure it’s sorted.

You can modify the sidebar position of pages via the box and option below the editor. So for the posts page you would modify the root posts page sidebar option that you assigned in WP Admin > Settings > Reading > Posts page.

Hope that makes sense, let me know if you get stuck or have issues.


1) hi-M.ChrisMooney I want to help create my support for my website and would like to create a personal theme that contains a medium like this methodehttp :/ / herothemes.com / support / to connect only to the user who bought my theme.

2) give me an information-how to manage the purchase code like the http://i.imgur.com/1y7hu.png

3) it gives all these theme http://themeforest.net/item/support-desk-a-responsive-helpdesk-theme/full_screen_preview/4321280 solution as yes or http://i.imgur.com/1y7hu.png not.

Thank you in advance.

Hey there,

I’ll reply to your email.


How do you update the theme when old version has already been installed on WordPress?

Hey there,

Make a backup of your current theme version, then remove the folder from the wp-content/themes directory and upload the new one.


is that your handle this option http://i.imgur.com/1y7hu.png

I emailed you back. Please keep to one communication method. Thanks

does the theme have purchased verification code

No, Support Desk doesn’t include a way to verify Envato purchases you’ll need to use a plugin for it. There are a few such as AuthorHQ & Aqua Verifier.


Hi there,

why is there a

tag 2 times on this side – Site-heading and Article-heading? As I understand SEO the h1 have to be only once and it have to be individual on every site.

So inside a blogpost e.g. ‘news’ it will be ok when the post-title is inside the green top area instead of “News – The latest news from the Support Desk team” <- a suggestion for further ups and people which cant script this by their self inside a child theme.

Another question is – can I build another landing index page and those entrys like them on the demo switched to menu “knowledgebase”?


Hey Dennis,

Thanks for clarifying. The use one h1 tag per page rule isn’t correct anymore especially with HTML5 documents. Here’s a good explanation here: http://html5doctor.com/your-questions-answered-6/, but I do see your point in the single post pages. I’ll read up more to see the best way to handle this.


Hi Chris

thx for the link. Sorry my english isn’t the best : )

I phoned with a friend today and he’s SEOptimicer and he sayed he don’t know about the section rules with html5 but its the same as in html4 that to many head tags on one page are a good solution. He gave a example of this:
“When I clean up systems like joomla or wordpress my first things I do are clean up the head tags like: module/widget headlines, comment headline and every static headline which is there too – the reason ‘they are all static and have nothing to do with headlines which only have to be inside a text’ – by cleanup I mean, I give them a simple class tag and thats all, so searchengines can cool down and get the relevant information fast and positive”

Sorry, I think this answer is better to be placed at the forum (link you posted) and a global html5 discussion, but maybe also a good addition for this conversation.

“but I do see your point in the single post pages. I’ll read up more to see the best way to handle this.” – thx and I’ll look forward on updates in the comming weeks.

I’m thinking about a system change from joomla to wordpress, but at this moment it’s not clear if I get my hostingshopsystem and everything else to work inside wordpress. So I look forward on your product, the main elements are present – knowledgebase and forum.

Cheers and thx for your fast replys,

Thanks for the feedback Dennis, certainly a few things to think about. :)

Quick question…

Will there be an update at some point that includes a support ticket system? Or… Will it be integrated with an existing plugin (like wpsc Support Tickets or even a third party like Zendesk, for example)?

Thank you :)

Hey there,

There’s no plans to add a support ticket system to this theme as it’s more focused on community forum support.



Nice theme. I have a few questons before purchase. Sorry its so long and apologies if they are overly simplistic or questions that you have answered before

1) Front Page – can the colour of the background at the top of the page be changed – where the logo and top navigation are?

2) Front Page – can the colour of the green bar be changed?

3) Front Page – can the search bar be removed to look like the green bar/contents used on the News pages?

4) Front Page – the three text blocks under the green bar titled – Knowledge Base, Community Forum, Contact Us – can they be replaced by images with clickable links?

5) Front Page – Popular Articles and Recent Forum Activity – can this be changed so that only one heading appears i.e. Popular Articles and not Recent forum activity?

6) Front Page – How do you specifiy the images beside the links in Popular Articles on the front page? Can they be changed? Can they be deleted or removed from automatically appearing?

7) Knowledge Base – Articles under the knowledge base have a menu on the right with a grey background, can this background be a) removed, b) colour changed and c) can a simple black lined border be put around the grey background

8) Pages and Posts (all)- can the search bar be removed to look like the green bar/contents used on the News pages?

9) Pages and Posts (all)- is it possible to introduce a verticle line between the body text and the right hand bar – as you have on the pages of your other theme – http://demo.herothemes.com/knowhow/how-secure-is-my-password/?

10) Pages (all) – is it possible to have the right hand bar appear on pages i.e. Shortcodes page does not have right hand bar, Knowledge Base and News pages do have right hand bar?

Again, sorry the list is so long… but thats all I really need to know about before purchase. Your answers will be really appreciated.



Hi Chris,

Again thanks for the reply.

Having read some of the comments about the ‘set-up’ documentation supplied with the theme I can see some minor issues with the instructions. This is particularly so for people with very little WP experience….. however, there is a very easy way to beat the learning curve…. simply install the Demo XML file that comes with the theme.

After 2 failed attempts to install/set up according to the instructions – coupled with my own lack of experience and some time constraints, my third attempt (using the Demo XML file) was completely successful and only took 10-15 minutes.

Perhaps you should stress in the instructions that newbies or those inexperienced with WP use the Demo XML file to set up and work with and tweak/test the theme…. its much easier to learn that way.

Only one other queston for you…. what typeface/font have you used for the logo “supportdesk”. I really like it and would like to use the same in my logo.

Well done on a really clean, simple and easy to use theme.

Hi Chris (again),

In response to my question – 6) Front Page – How do you specifiy the images beside the links in Popular Articles on the front page? Can they be changed? Can they be deleted or removed from automatically appearing?

You suggested that this could be done in the CSS – can you advise which .php file the change needs to be made?

Hey Robert,

Thanks for sharing you experiences. If you could let me know which area in particular you had trouble with on the setup it would be very useful for me.

The typeface for the logo is Open Sans. It can be found on Google Fonts to download.

As for the frontpage widget styles, the CSS you’re looking for is in style.css and you’re looking for the selectors:

#homepage-widgets .st_kb_articles_widget li {} #homepage-widgets .widget_display_forums li, #homepage-widgets .widget_display_topics li, #homepage-widgets .widget_display_replies li {}

If you could please submit any further support requests to http://herothemes.com/support/ it would be appreciated as I can help you quicker there.


Chris, I understand most of your FAQ info however you stop short of telling us how to actually hook up the navigation or menus to the FAQs. Can you please complete or finish that part of your documentation? I must agree with a few of the people on here that the doc is very sparse. Would appreciate a thorough answer please – how to hook up the navigation button at the top to the actual FAQ page. Thanks!

Chris, I have also read the threads here and you never give a straight or clear answer regarding the FAQs and how they work. Why? Here is your answer to Evantall (wher you say “FAQs ‘could’ be shown… why did not you not tell him how, only that they could be shown?): Hey there,

FAQs don’t have categories, but a page listing all available FAQs could be shown. I haven’t had anyone suggest this before, but I’ll add it on to my list to look at for a future update.

At any rate, I must agree with him, the answer did not help anyone and we are still trying to find out how to get the FAQs to show up!

Not trying to be negative, but nothing is more frustrating than having to ask the question again and again and not getting a simple, clear answer (the doc you created certainly does not do that). PLEASE take the question seriously and answer clearly. Thank you so much.

Hey there,

I’m not ducking any questions, I’m more than happy to answer and assist with any problems with my themes.

To add FAQs to the navigation menu, you need to first click “screen options” on the WP-Admin > Appearance > Menus page. The click the checkbox for FAQs. This will add a new box on the left hand side where you can link to the FAQ pages.

I’m actively working on improving the documentation and topics like this help me address the areas where people need help :)


Hi Chris,

Seems there is an issue with the search? The live search results only show “Topics” and the search results show all topics?

Happens on the demo as well.

- Ed

Hey Ed,

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll take a look to see what’s going on and get a fix out.


Hey Ed,

Just to follow up on this for you, the issue is with the latest BBPress update (2.3) where the search has been updated. I’m working on an update now that will fix this and get everything working again.


Is there any link/relation between the forum and a buddypress forum? Is there any other buddypress support?

Hey there,

This theme doesn’t support BuddyPress styling, only BBPress.

You can use BuddyPress but it won’t be specifically styled for this theme.

p.s. BuddyPress is no longer supporting it’s own forum system and it is now a legacy component.



Online Demo Images are missing on your site and our site too :(

Hey there,

I’ve fixed the demo. If you need support please go here: http://herothemes.com/support/

Thanks for letting me know :)

This is a really nice theme. One of the better ones I’ve purchased. Thanks. :-)

Great, glad you like it :)