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plugins.js contains an eval statement (line 144) that does not appear to be part of the Quicksand 1.2.2 package. It is part of the ThumbScroll plugin but I’m not sure which one you’ve included as part of this theme. Can you please advise where you found this plugin?

Friend I have tried to customize the home page without success, any changes that do not appear, you know what I need to do?


This Template is uniqe! perfect! Excuse me, I have a question of you All images used in this template is free?

No, images are not free, they are from Photodune

So you bought the photo’s!!! ok! tnx! ;)

I have a question regarding the logo size. The stock logo size on this is 233×60. My logo is 233×129. When I put my logo in there, its gets cut off. It is possible to edit allowable logo size? I can’t resize my logo to 233×60 because it gets too skewed and looks bad. Please let me know. Thanks.



on my last post, I figured it out.  Thanks.

Where can I get the Theme selector displayed on themeforest with your theme ? I can’t find it in my downloaded theme…

Thanks for your info

As many themes on Themeforest this is just for demo and is not a part of design. I can’t send it to you because it was adapted for demo and it’s not compatible with original files.

ok thanks. One more thing. On the carousel, the text you have on the demo is centered because there is a lot of it. My text is small and so it aligns to the right. Here are my questions :

Is it possible to make the popup text on the carousel (slider) align to the left ? Is it possible to write in italics ? Is it possible to justify text ?

I’m a newbie, sorry for the problems

Please use Firbug or Google Developer Tools(F12) to make live changes, and after this copy the code in ../css/config.css

Also, is it possible to make the carousel switch images quicker ?

Edit ../js/scripts.js there are all settings.

I am really sorry, but these tools you describe only highlight the section of the website but don’t provide the code change.

Also, about the text popup in the slider, these tools don’t help me there. Any short answers for my questions would be greatly appreciated.