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Hi Friend great job, i will buy. If posible a search form in the header?

With some minor customizations, it’s possible. You just can copy the code from sidebar and place it in another new DIV above menu from header.

Hi Smartik,

I really like your template and think to use it for my company’s website. There is one thing I don’t understand in the demo. Why do 6 numbers + PREV + NEXT appear under the portfolio pages while there is only 1 page available ? Is it possible to add 2 small lines on the right side and above the menu with phone and email of my company (with a small icon before for example) ? I prefer above than in the bottom. Last question, is it possible to have in the bottom, a newsletter subscribtion for visitors interested in our products ?

Thank you for your attention and answer.



Hi. I think you understand, this is a HTML template. So with minimal HTML /CSS skills you can do anything.

1. ”...Why do 6 numbers + PREV + NEXT …” – This an example how page navigator can look.

2. ”... Is it possible to add 2 small lines on the right side…” – Yes you can can duplicate the code of a widget and include anything you want. You need minimal HTML skills to do this.

3. ” have in the bottom, a newsletter subscribtion…” – You can make the form very easy, but will need a php file to process the subscription. Can search for a similar script on Codecanyon

When I put any HTML page in some folder (e.g., jQuery stops working. Even I changed reference path to all jQueries like ”../js/jquery.js” instead of “js/jquery.js” in that html page, its not working.

In the same manner if I change path of CSS files then they work perfectly. Please advice me for this.


1. Check if the path is indicated correctly. Open the Firebug Console in Firefox (or press F12 in Chrome) and see if you have any errors.
2. Maybe you call JQuery 2 times.

What is the easiest way to change the fonts. I don’t really understand how the cufon is implemented in this case. I’ve only encountered this when i call the font from the header. Please advise. I’d like to change the header and body fonts. Great theme.

1. Generate a new javascript file on
2. Now save generated files in js folder. (cufon-yui.js is not required, because it is included in plugins.js file) You need to add only the js file with the name on this new font.
3. Change this line – add path to this new generated js font file.
<script src="js/share.cufonfonts.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

4. Open scripts_call_head.js and edit this line
Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6', { fontFamily: 'Share-Regular', hover: true }); 

Change Share-Regular with the name of this new font added. Correct name you will find on Cufon download page (below).

Hello is wordpress version available ? i really need it for a project could you tell me when it will be available ?? week or 2 or ?? because it will cost me alot of $$$$$ to buy it in html and code it in wordpress by a css designer thankss

Wordpress version is under development. It will be uploaded later on TF.

What is the bPSD_ai_elements folder for?

Photoshop, Adobe illustrator files. You can use these files (open in Photoshop for ex.) and edit the elements color, patern, logo etc.

I purchased this template a few days ago and am very impressed. It’s the first template I’ve ever used, so forgive me if this question is from a newbie.

I’m using blog2-v2.html. Where it shows “Comments 30”, there is backend program to hold the comments that I can find. How do I install the comments portion of that blog? Thanks.

I think you want to have functional blog. But, all these are only examples of the elements, if the template is converted to be compatible with a CMS . So, the blog, forms, etc. is “plain html”.



hi, how can i set google map with my address? thank you

I made a small video. Here is:

it’s perfect…

thank you

when the wp version? thank you…

I’d like to know when the WP version comes out also. Thanks!

It will be, but not too soon.

I would really like the PSD for the main template (not just the logo and menus). I need to make some modifications. Is that possible?

Why you need the PSD ? This theme is based on 80% CSS3 and 20% are background images(logo, menu) and icons.

If you want to modify something, check css folder. ;)

Sorry but entire PSD in not available.

P.S. I prefer to use CSS3 instead of image sprites because that make the theme load fast.

Hi. Color and style switcher not provided in template. How can I get them?

Hi. Thank you for purchase. Unfortunately the style switcher is not a part of template. So, it is for demo only to show the flexibity of this template.


MVH Purchased

Hi Smartik,

I have some questions for you please:

1) I’m busy to enlarge the template to 1200 pixel because on wide screen (I have one 19” and one 21”) it is really necessary. I followed your instructions posted a few posts before and I think everything I made is ok but I have a problem for the background of the menu bar that don’t reach the right side of the template. Can you help me to fix this please ? (note that I made all my personnalization in “config.css” file as you recommand it)

2) In “style.css” file, we have 2x this: header.main_header .top {

—> on line 72 with height —> on line 79 without height

Is it necessary to have both descriptions ?

3) Is it possible to use images in the menu ? This because I need to make a multilanguage website and want to use flags better than EN FR NL to link to the different languages. If yes, how to ?

4) I also found a small mistake on line 137 (horizontal menu): menu.jpg should be menu.png

TY for your help. Best regards


I can’t explain everything here without seen the changes you’ve made. Please send me your modified files on emailt ( smartik89 [at] gmail [dot] com ) and I will help you to get the look that you want.

Waiting for your email message.

Best regards, Smartik.

@Smartik – I have attempted to implement your template on my sample site and it seems like it is working well. However, the cufon system is really slow. I have a couple second lag time on the header conversion to the cufon style. Any ideas why? I’m stumped. Seems like all my JS are lagging but I can’t figure out why.


Try to minimize the JS files, this may help. Also here are and other reasons like server speed, your connection speed etc. So, the best thing is to optimize JS files. Here is a good online tool:


MVH Purchased

Hi Smartik,

Thank you for your reply. I sent you two mails yesterday. I hope to hear from you asap. Cheers.


I haven’t seen your email in my inbox. Ok, I will check today, maybe I was careless.


MVH Purchased

You have to look your gmail box. If you haven’t got anything let me know I will re-send.

I found it, and I will try to do the changes. But is hard to change anything. This require changes not only in config.css. I must edit the *.html files and to add some new css classes.

One question: If I do the grid you can make next changes like image width, portfolio item width etc.?

I ask you that, because this is additional work, not technical template support.

Hi, how to use twitter options. i wanted my tweets to be listed in the pages i want. thanks.

Twitter block is just for demonstrative purpose. You can install any script which read latest twetts and change default styles with these from template.


MVH Purchased

Hi Smartik,

I have a problem with one font used in the template and that doesn’t allow special characters like “é, è, à”.

It is the font used in these class: div class=”pf_inner” which is the image title in portfolios.

Everywhere else, those characters seem to work correctly

Can you help me to fix that please ?



If you did some changes for Cufon in scripts_call_head.js , You must edit it also in scripts.js to make it work in portfolio. Open this file and on approx. line 189 edit this line:
Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6', { fontFamily: 'Share-Regular', hover: true })

MVH Purchased

Hi Smartik,

Sorry but you don’t answer my question. I didn’t change anything in JS files.

Hello Smartik – Quick question: First; thank you for such a great template addition. One of the things I most anxious to use is the form (forms.html) with the upload feature and the multiple select options. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to include that in the contact(s) forms and those seem to be the ones with working .php files? Any insight would be very much appreciated! Thank you – Kate

Contact form 1 use this file “contact.php”. Contact form 2 use files from this folder “contact2”.

So, to make upload form working for these contact form you need php skills, else you can’t change it.

You can hire someone to do this for you. I’m not available.

Regards, Andrei.