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For gallery browsing it’s realing annoying to have to click on each image, I am trying to apply another plugin to make it work, but it uses UL tags; unlike your DIVs. Or did I missed the part which let’s your go though all images at once?

Please, help me with this. I need it to be able to browse with prev, next buttons.


Did you read lightbox documentation?

This is a very easy task. Just add a rel tag with identic text to every link you want to include.

For example, this is one item from gallery with class=”lightbox”

<a href="images/assets/500x400.png" class="lightbox" title="Zoom">
    <img src="images/assets/5.png" alt="" />
    <span class="img_pf_icon zoom_in" />
Now you must include in this line the rel tag:
<a href="images/assets/500x400.png" class="lightbox" rel="gallery" title="Zoom">
    <img src="images/assets/5.png" alt="" />
    <span class="img_pf_icon zoom_in" />

As you can see I’ve added rel=”gallery” after class tag.

Do this for every item.

Just looked the documentation. It’s really cool. Btw, I am enjoying your template very much: it’s easy to use and since the gallery isn’t an issue any more it was a perfect choice to go!

Thank you so much!

Great design but i have a noob.
There is a ‘blog page’ and do we need to edit for each blog since its not a CMS ?
How can we manage the blog?
Thanks for your advice.

To make the blog working, you must convert it to be compatible with a CMS (ex: Wordpress, Joomla etc.)

I finally bought this great template. I found that there is LOGIN REGISTER BLOCK on the style.css. Could you provide a login example on how to use the css? thanks.

Yes, I tried to implement a login form, but I’ve deleted it, because was not looking so good. What’s about styles, I forget to delete. So, the login form is not predefined.

for menu it’s possible to delete the subtitles <em>title</em>, and remove center vertically once the menu title

<li><a href="#">Title</a></li>

Yes, is posible, but require some customization. You must play a bit with padding and margin for ul, li elements.


MVH Purchased

Hi Smartik,

I have to re-post my question as your answer is not the solution. I didn’t change anything in JS files. I only changed some CSS classes regarding the 1200 px display we talked before, but nothing changed according fonts.

div class=”pf_inner” doens’t allow special characters like “é” or “è” and others.

Can you help me to fix that please ? Thank you very much.


This problem persists in title or paragraph text? And, show me a screeshoot or a demo link. So, I can help you. Use e-mail please. :)

hi smartik i see an error in the menu panel when i use the ie7. will you fix this. pls see the pic.

I forget to include css files for IE 7 -8 in live demo. Now it must work fine. Check the demo again.

Here is an screenshot from IE7 :

Thanks for reporting this mistake.

ok smartik. you are great.

any news about wp version ??

It is under development. Now I work to shortcodes and widgets. I want to make it flexible, and give the ability for customers to change/edit/modify everything quick and easy.

Regards, Andrei.

Hi, Would I have any issue if I wanted to use the datepicker from jquery? Would this affect something? I don’t know which version of jquery this template is using and therefore don’t know which one to download from jquery’s website.

Look forward to hearing back from you, Nico

No problem you can use the datepicker. This template use jQuery v1.6.4, but you can very easy to download latest version (if you want, but is not required).

I think you mean JQueryUI Datepicker, if so, you need to download this plugin and include js/css files in template header.

Hi, i’m interested to buy this one, but it seems there is a small bug with the special characters, and that is really a problem for me, because in my language there a lot of them! Did you already fix it?

Hi, I’m really interested to buy this one. But i have one concern about the special characters. Did you already fix it? In my country we use them a lot. Thanks

If you will use non-english characters, you must change the cufon (a js file for headings text). Curently, it supports only english characters for titles, and any character type for content(p, div’s…).


Hey Smartik,

Great template! Just a couple quick questions. The style switcher isn’t working for me fully in IE8 , but I know thats probly just an issue with the preview nad not with the template; I’m assuming I just need to swap out some CSS or images to change the menu color to another preset (looking for pink)?

Also; I noticed on the forms.html page of the preview that a file upload button is included (and seems to work) – I was able to ‘browse’ and attach a random Word doc. from my desktop into the page. What I am wondering is, if I use the form mailer scripts included with the template; is the file upload button fully-working, or just kind of setup for looks if I want to do the additional programming (kind of like search bars are on HTML templates)?

I am wondering because typically I buy Themeforest templates but then I use the mailer scripts provided by my webhost, usually dont use the ones included with templates, BUT , I def. will if the file upload thing is all ready to go, because my client wants to allow job applicants to attach a resume via the form. Please let me know, thank you! :-)

Hi, RubyLu.

- Style switcher is only a demonstration of how you can change the look of this template. It is not included in template from download package. And come without warranties, that will work in all browsers.

- Forms are like a bonus, so, if somebody who buy and wants develop this theme, and will have (for example) a front-end submition, have the opportunity to use ready made html forms.

- Mailing form included doesn’t support file upload, but if you can, or you know somebody who can code in php, you can add this functionality and include styled input without problems, like this:

<input type="file" name="file" class="i-format" /> 

Regards. :)

Ok this helps, thank you. I know HTML /CSS, jQuery etc. and how to build web forms, I just wasn’t sure if your processing script in the template included the PHP to make the file upload or not. :-) Also yes the style switcher isn’t working 100% for me in IE8 (I realize that it isn’t included in the template) just meant that I wasn’t able to preview the live demo using the color I want to use with it.

One other question; if I was to use a color other than one of the presets you have; for example, if I want to make the menu hot pink, rather than tomato, blue, green, etc. – does this involve changing a PSD or changing a CSS file? (Obviously CSS is alot easier, but either way is ok.) :-) Also, if this means I need to change the PSD , is it already sliced so that all I have to do is change the colors and re-save the slice?


Smartik, I looked the template over a little more and then decided to buy it. Unfortunately, the download from Themeforest is not working; I keep trying to download; and after a few minutes I get an error message that says the download has timed out. The first try I got all the way to 94% downloaded, then the second and third tries, it timed out almost right away.

Please contact the Themeforest Staff to get some help with this or let me know what I can do to get the template downloaded, I’m working on a project and I need to start using the template right away! I’ve bought about 5 or 10 different html templates from Themeforest and haven’t ever had an issue downloading before….not sure what is causing this problem. I’m going to go try it in another browser now, please help! THANKS ! :)

Got a similar error message when trying to download in the latest version of Firefox: C:\Users\RubyWebDesign\Desktop\Customer Websites\ could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

Try again later, or contact the server administrator.

It says the total Zipped file for the template is over 43 MB, is this correct? That is HUGE , do you think that has something to do with it?

I tried downloading it a few hours later and it worked fine, must just have been some kind of a weird Themeforest glitch. :-)

I tried to download the file, and I’ve downloaded it without problems.

Maybe a problem with your network.

Anyway, I’m glad to see that you downloaded the file. :)

And, yes, as you can see now, the file has 43MB.

Regards, Andrei.

I really like all your templates, but love specially this one. Thank you so much for this beautiful work!

Great theme! It was a hard choice between this and Megabox. Great job!

I am having an issue with the large video home page when embedding a YouTube video. The YouTube video covers the navigation menu.

I work now to WP problem, and right now I have the same problem with youtube video on portfolio items and home video.

You can try a search on Google, for a solution.


I found a solution. Within the embed code, if you are using the new embed method, you must add this querystring to the URL : wmode=transparent

Here is my example: <iframe width="932" height="392" src="" class="large_video" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Tested, works fine. ;)

Hi, I’m having problems with characters like “é” or “è” and others. My web is in French, Can you tell me how to fix it? Thanks

Have you downloaded latest package? I have updated it a few days ago. Also, I’ve added instructions to update from v1.2.1 to x1.3