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Hello! I buy Admin Templates why didn’t list on the left menu?

What you mean with no list ?

Hi Sugge, I can not find in documentation How to upgrade from older versions (e.g. 1.2 to 4.0) :)

From this older version you need to start over, because html markup is changed and so many things will be easiest to implement your stystem again.


please give me at least some guidelines, how to upgrade your theme… it is a lot of work to “implement my system again” ;)

Is not possible to only upgrade because template is different. First the html markup is changed for bootstrap 2 to 3 Second html structure in most elements and mechanics is changed in version 4 , this make template quite different. You can`t expect to make easy upgrade after 3 years, time changes also web technologies too if you want to stay in track you need to put some time to do it. Sorry but no shortcuts is aviable for this process.

Greetigns SuggeElson

who can be edit this template for me? how much money? pls contact me for this.

hi, how can i remove left and right sidebar? how can i do content center?

I told you in email several times how to do this, but you want to make complete different markup, without change anything and this is not possible. Several changes is required in order your wish to be executed and this required hours of custom work, but i not have time to do this better hire some freelancer to help you with basics and some advanced things.

Greetings SuggeElson

Hello, is this dashboard available to use as a member login feature on a site? Or is this strictly for Wordpress site admin use?

Hello Boverstreet, this is plain HTML template you can integrate it in any website or system if you have skills. This admin is not Wordpress is just HTML with CSS and javascript.

Let me know if you have other questions. Greetings

Thank you for the quick response. Will this dashboard work as a member login function or is it strictly for the admin portion of a site?

This is the dashboard and is the template, you can adapt login page to work as website member sign in, but you need to understand this is not a complete solution you still need to put a work and adapt it or program to communicate with your database to check users and etc.


Is version 4.0 RTL support?

Hello, in this moment no. My team waiting bootstrap 4 to come out and will make an RTL version but if you in hurry I will make a priority and will be done next week. Greetings.

hi , tanks a lot. We really need to RTL version

pressing on navigation bar selection cause the selected page to be presented twice with delay in-between. can this be avoided?

Hello this is fixed in the upcoming update we need few days to finish RTL version and will be released.

Greetings. I guess demo page problematic. Version 4 to cover all the features available in Version 3? I need Multiple select with filter same Version 3

Hello Orko, yes, version 4 has, even more, features. Select 2 is also present in version 4. Current page has javascript error because I use grunt concat to combine all javascript into one file for loading proposes and somehow dropzonejs file cause the error. It’s fixed now you can see the multiple select with filter now.

can I tweak this template to be much faster?, I feel significant loading time compared with let say metronic theme, any suggestion?

Hello Munggaran,

by default theme is in production state, wich means is prepared to be implemented into users systems, after do this you can tweak and optimize it.

How to optimize the theme after development is done: - Remove all unused plugins. - Put all CSS files into one file and minimize it. - Put all javascript files into one ( or 2-3 files ) and minimize it. - Remove all unused icons sets or select custom icon pack only for your app ( see icomoon app ) - Use UNCSS to remove all unused CSS – best work with grunt task

Let me know if you have other questions, better use support email –



nuza Purchased

hi how can i remove right side bar

Hello Nuza, please send support request to


Hello Will you update this template later?

Hello, soon we release new theme and then will push the update ( including bs4 and other goods. )

Greetings SuggeElson.

Good afternoon! when you leave the new update?

Hello Viniiciiu, almost finish the new one and will update Supr admin ( new features and Bootstrap 4 support )

Do have a plan to update this template soon. I will fill better to use an updated release.

Hello Gwanchi, the update is held back until bootstrap 4 version has an official release. Let me know if you have other questions.


Hi, I love this template. Is there a way I can this but for a data science web app?

Hello, thank you for the interest. A template is pure HTML, CSS, Javascript so in other words, you can integrate it in any backend system, or use it for any purpose.

Let me know if you have other questions. Greetings.

Really?? I would like to have be the front end of an analytics dashboard and the analysis done in python on the backend. This is an amazing template. Thank you.

Yes, the backend choice depends on your skills, template only provide a visual representation of your data.

Please link for rtl demo!

vue version please!