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theme belongs to a friend who purchased it , he give it to me , because he stops developing ….

Ask your friend to give you purchase code and send it to me in my email address ( use form in my profile page – bottom right)

I would like to be able to put some filters on the charts. So like a couple of text boxes where i can specify col values for instance. I would lke to do the same with the datatables. Is this something you can help us with?

Is it part of the download? can you please guide me?

Nevermind, I needed to look harder. Thanks

Hello i back to home now and send you exampled files. Thank you for purchase.

So can you help me now ?

Yes :) Send me email from my profile page to give you demo files

This template has been a joy to work with. Absolutely love it. Do you happen to have a working example of your datatable with the TableTools (print functions) and load from Ajax? I had all that working on a basic Twitter Bootstrap site, but when I try to add them to your existing code nothing changes. I did upload TableTools files in case you were wondering . :)

Just thought I’d ask.

Thanks, Twitch

Hello, thank you for your kind words, this is very good plugin for datatables sorry i not put example for this to be more easy for customers i will add in next version ( added to task list ). Now send me email with your datatables init code and your html structure to help you.

Greetings SiggeElson.

Very fast reply. Makes my decision to purchase your template an even better choice. Since asking the question I may try just using the static table and coding the pagination, search etc by myself. If not, I will send you examples. Maybe you’ll have the example in the template by the time I finish anyway…haha Thanks again for the quick response.

Okay, send me email to have your , i prefer to make support little private :) only for buyers this is main reason to not help in main forum to often. I will prepare simple example for you.

Greetings SuggeEson.

An wonderful theme … have few pre-sales questions 1) Is this themable ? – change color of elements 2) Fixed options for both side and top navigation ? 3) Side nav menu as big icons (with text captions) instead of current long text menu ? 4) Is there a detailed documentation comes with the purchase of this theme ?


Hello, here is the answers:

1. I`m not pre define color variations so if you want to have other colors you need to change css file.

2. Template have fixed sidebar and navigation after you put class=”fixed” to header and sidebar ( For sidebar i need to send you example with custom scroll because is not included in this version but is make it , and i plan to include in next version.)

3. Not have this option and not plan to add it, my next template have this option and will be released in one or two months.

4. Documentation describe how to work with plugins , how to activated , options and etc. Bootstrap documentation is not integrated because is not need to. I provide fast support so if you not figure out how to use some elements i answer your questions.

If you have other question feel free to ask me.

Greetings SuggeElson.

Thanks for your fast reply.

can you say me where we can find the plugin/widget for the gallerry with paggination and images overlay

Hello, usual i`m not provide support in user without “purchased” badge but i have mood now so look in widgets.html block gallery view.

Hi i want to use rtl version but it have lots of problem, for example when i use it in iphone menu and right to left of lots of things do not work properly

please fix it, and let me know

Hello, i currently update the RTL version from version 1.8 to 1.9 but still i need to know what problems you. Send me Email from my profile page with list of the problems and some screenshots to get start with this.

Greetings SuggeElson.

Hi, I send you email, did you receive my message?

Yes and i send you email too :) 2:17 PM (22 hours ago) . Check your inbox.

Greetings SuggeElson.

Hi SuggeElson,

Your bootstrap looks great! Just a quick pre-sale question. Do you have any idea if this would integrate with CakePhp easily?

Hello, this is the idea of whole template :) to be integrated easy because is custom app. If you stuck in some place always feel free to ask help.

Greetings SuggeElson.

Just Purchased. but it is broken all page on IE 9. Is it NOT supported IE9 ?

ok, now it works on IE9. your template needs the “X-UA-Compatible” meta tag in head tag of all page. <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=9” /> It changes to IE9 MODE a user’s browser mode automatically.



Good info, i will add in next update if you have other question feel free to ask me , i prefer via email.

Greetings SuggeElson.

you know your documentation really sucks. no word on icons list, how data for charts are fed into it, etc. just a list of obvious stuff

Documentation may not cover 100% of how to work with every single html element, icon or teach you to necessary skills for working with every html template. Why just not ask me how to change something or how to add icons or other obvious stuff ?

it was more of a comment on your documentation. I can figure it out and it’s probably easier for you to do it once in documentation rather than keep answering questions here.

I have a pre-purchase question. Can I disable the blue loading icon when you click on a link on the site ()?

After remove 4 lines of code. If you decide to purchase template send me email to give you exact instruction how to remove it.

Greetings SuggeElson.

i really can’t understand how to install fonts.

Now repeat steps with this Icon sets too:

repeat which icons? all icons in that set or what?

Hello , since v1.7 icons are included in package no need to put extra work, however if you wish you may choice only 50 or 100 icons for your project to reduce the size and loading time using this app – http://icomoon.io/app/

If still this is hard for you just drop me a line to my email and i help you right the way.

Greetings SuggeElson.

Hi, I’ve a problem with icon font, in my local solution the icon appear right with no problem, but when i publish the admin site under IIS 7, the icon not render, any idea for help me.


Thanks….now work!!!!

Hi, You have drap and drop page .. do you also have a resizable option for this ?


Hello, not have, but i will include in next version.

Cheers SuggeElson.

Hi, pre-sales question here, after purchase, do we entitle for any version update or stuck with bought version? Interested with supr theme.

Hello, thank you for interest if you purchase the template you will able to download last version without a problem. IN other words you get free updates for life. Actually i prepare the v2.0 with tons of improvements , can`t give finish date yet but i`m working on it.

Greetings SuggeElson.

Thanks for the confirmation!

I want to tell you:

Support forum is launched

Happy posting.


I have purchased this item. When I’m making a text field readonly it works perfectly, but the problem is when i place the mouse over the text field then It shows a red cross icon. How can I remove this icon . I don’t want to see such type of red icon for readonly text fields.

Please help me.

Hello just put this code in custom.css

input[readonly] {cursor: default !important;} If you have other question please start topic in my support forum

Support forum

Any news on the next update ?

Hello, thank you for interest update is not finish yet. In this point i`m not able to give you exact date because schedule is pretty full and my new admin template is almost done so after release new template, update will come shortly.

If you wish subscribe to newsletter http://www.suggeelson.com/newsletter/

to be informed for update.

Greetigns SuggeElson.


I am currently working with the template, in my current project. When I use datepicker with two months it’s css doesn’t work.

Here is the screen shot : http://s006.radikal.ru/i213/1303/6b/2bab54f8e683.png

How can I use 2 months datepicker?

Hello, please post a topic with this issue in my support forum – http://www.suggeelson.com/support

Thank you for understanding.

Greetings SuggeElson.


I have question regarding the dropdown, how can I make it expanded by default, so when one of submenus is a current url, I wanna make the submenus visible.

btw, I cannot login to your support forum. I did register but when it asks to enter the code, it says the code not valid for this forum.


Hello send me email from my profile page and include your register name for support forum and your purchase code to look it.

Greetings SuggeElson.