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Hi, Great work, any chance for a fixed version?

Yes :) Give me few days i put your wish in my task list. Thanks

Hello contact me via email form from my profile page i want to ask you some question about a fixed version. Thanks

nice :) Love the charts.

Thank you rohithpaul, i inspired by OrmanClark psd chart.

Excellent, but I have why loaded for a long time :(

Thank you for your opinion , mean alot for me. Just need to remove some unnecessary plugins form every page , i include all. Consider alternative for this with some auto loader, but plugin is not ready yet.

Nice work! Loving the charts, what are you using for these?

Thank you. Just a flot library with nice styling and some qustom code :)

Ah well very well done! I’ve used that before in some of my themes but I’ve never seen any as pretty. You put me to shame haha.

Good luck with sales :)

Thank you again :)

Hey, good job! How can I use this admin, please send me some tutorial or link with howto .. thanks in advance. Wish you all the best

Hello, first i glad you like it. This admin is pure html with some php files for uploaders, and file manager, so if you know php or other server-side language , template has no limit for you. I`m not created tutorials but in documentation i explain how to work with template. Still if this is not enought for you i glad to help if you want some guidance for integration just need to contact me via email form from my profile ( in bottom right ). The idea for tutorial is good i consider this may be after release some new planned updates, maybe some codeigniter tutorials or symfony.

Great template, I needed to remove some of the jQuery plugins like you suggested as this is a couple of megabytes to download otherwise.

Glad you like it. Update will be made soon, just working for better solution.

Dear, Can you please help me to set template (RTL) Right to Left , I want the main menu (Navigation) to be on right side Waiting for you Regards

Hello, please contact me via email form, from my profile page (right in the bottom ). Thanks.

Hi, It is awesome theme. I found some bug on firefox.

on this page tabbing element is mash up. and if we do small size of screen and open and close left side of menu. then after fulll screen it will not show. we need to refresh of the page.

Thanks for reporting first one, i’m familar with second and is fixed in new version , which i release soon.

you can, integrate this theme with user login for ? not admin, only user this theme

Hello, if i understand you correct you want integration for this particular site. This is possible for every good php developer but i`m not have time to done this job. Just look for some freelancer and ask him for price this is possible 100%, Thanks

Theme looks very nice.

What’s with the big encoded javascript at the top of the page?

Also, the third notification in the header extends past the dropdown box (“admin Julia added post”).

Hello, i use html obfuscate to protect demo form steal this is just program block with no meaning. Thanks for reporting notification box i fix this little bug in next version.

is it possible with these themes to have static tables with buttons so the table & buttons are generated on server side instead on client side ?

Yes this theme have static table just you need to repeat the each table row with data form database or other source. Something like this

Woow , This is the Best template I’ve seen , And the sealer help me a lot,

so , I advice everyone to use it , its useful, specially Data tables search , charts icons, it is saved my time.

Thanks a lot for your comment

Without needing to add additional css, is it possible to create grid boxes without headers (essentially just a white box)?

Also, just an FYI , within the US, some of your pages take well over 1 minute to load, with some of them even timing out. The connection from the US to your cPanel server at is horrendously slow.

The grid system is complete alone no need for box i used boxes for better example here is the how grid system works:

I planned to move hosting soon, thanks for reporting.

Can I integrate Kendo UI with this template? (for the grid, charts, etc)? Is this bootstrap 2.1.0 ?

This is not bootstrap 2.1.0 I`m almost ready with this update just new version of bootstrap have some heavy bugs, i`m wait to be fixed.

You need to do big work for this integration, I’m not sure whether it is possible and not worth the time.

Oops, pls repley on this one, so i get an e-mail…

See previous answer.

a fixed version? date ? I work only fixed.

Hello thanks for your interest, currently I am working on it, maybe 3-4 days just want to test everything.

I have just taken a quick look at all items from the competition, and I think this is the best template out of them all. Great work! :D

Thank you very much for your comment

i am having some issues with this template right out of the zip ! I tried on both firefox and chrome and the icons are displayed as special characters ( on the demo of your website they work ok ) . tried both directly on html and through webserver but did not investigate further.

screenshot : actual upload from zip file :

I have another question . as i understand it does not work at all with Internet Explorer ?

Hello please send me email i give you instructions how to work. This is not a problem at all :) just you not read documentation how to import font-face. Send me email form contact form in my profile page (right in the bottom).

Thank you.

For the IE html protector is spoiled internet explorer compatibility (also check if your IE9 is not in compatibility view ) , it`s fixed now.

Also i send you 3 emails and i have feel you not got it

I was just about to buy the theme, but decided to make a quick check of your site with IE9 64 -bit (I usually use Firefox, but not all end users use that for the small project I have), and the theme wouldn’t even load on IE9 . It just sits at the circular loader indefinitely. Any thoughts? I’d really like to see it working in IE9 .

Update: The above is for pages other than the login screen. The login screen loads, but is completely horked.

Thank you for reporting this, just the html protector is spoiled internet explorer compatibility (also check if your IE9 is not in compatibility view ) , it`s fixed now look demo again sorry for this , works in ie9 of course :). I’m glad you like it.

Greetings SuggeElson.

I’m looking forward to make this purchase. This is a very professionaly looking template. Now I will save a lot of spare time, and can give the back-end more time.

Thank you for your good work! =)

I’m glad you like it, I expect your purchase soon.

Thank you.

I’m waiting for my paypal account to be reactivated =(. Is there other ways I can pay this, so that I can use it today?

If you have skrill account or contact Envato Support – They might be able to provide more information on this subject.

Thank you