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I have some errors with the version of jquery. If I purchased this before the new version am I eligible for the update of it??

Yes updates are free, currently i`m use 1.8.3 for JQuery in upcoming updates this will changed to last version. If you have some problems please register in support forum and post topic http://www.suggeelson.com/support.

Greetings SuggeElson.

If I purchase v1.9 now, am I eligible to a free upgrade to v2.0 when it becomes available?


Yes all updates are free, only need to re download template after update is available if you want opt in for newsletter and you will receive the update notification email. http://www.suggeelson.com/newsletter/

Thank you.

Hi, I love the template and just purchased it. I opened the “simpleChartsLoadedViaJSON.zip” under the “html” folder and try to view it. The page render fine but there is no graph. Is there anything am I supposed to do?


Open js/json-charts.js and change the path of loaded json file

url: “json/simple-chart.json”

if not use the virtual host you need to change it to

url: “html/json/simple-chart.json”

Please use my support forum for feature questions – www.suggeelson.com/support

Gretings SuggeElson.

I actually tried different paths. I either get an error or blank chart.

The following paths gave blank chart.




The following paths gave an error: resource can not be found




Hello i just testing with your structure and all is works without change anything, so my address is http://localhost/html/charts-json.html . Chart is show up without a problem.

Please create support topic in forum to find out where is problem in your side.

Greetings SuggeElson.


Very nice template. Good clean design. I’m not very familiar with Bootstrap. Does this pull data from a MySQL database? Can this work within a Wordpress site? If I have the data where would I begin to port this over to the template?

Thanks for your time, LC

Hello, first thank you for your kind words. Bootstrap is great css/html framework with predefined elements ready to be use and save timer for all developers. This mean if you already have experience with bootstrap you will implement this template to your backend in no time. If you not familiar with bootstrap this is not big issue because is take little time to learn it , check it here: http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/

This is html template so in order to work with MySQL you need to convert current design , template is for custom app, and admin areas.

Currently template has no support for Wordpress ( to do this is need to write plugin ).

Hope this is clear for you if not feel free to ask me anything.

Greetings SuggeElson.

Thank you for your quick reply. I’ll take a closer look into bootstrap and consider using your template for future projects.

Cheers! LC

Amazingly good template, and quite impressive support!

Keep up with the good work man!

I knew you people are passionate about your work.

Love the template!

Wish you all the best!

Thank you very much !

NP, i should thank you!


I have a question, how do i simply add backhand to the email template? I would like to have real email database in the backhand?


Hello, here is no simple way to do this :) you need to know some server language and make script who connect to your email client and pull all emails to if you want to save it to database this is ok but in most times just pull emails and populate the template.

I recommend to use some mail classes like https://code.google.com/p/php-imap/

http://flourishlib.com/docs/fMailbox http://framework.zend.com/manual/1.12/en/zend.mail.html

And many more.

If you have other question please post topic in my support forum http://www.suggeeslon.com/support

Greetings SuggeElson.


I love this theme, but there is some stuff are not easy to use. Like changing JS on each page. It’s a pain for regroup all features in 1 page. It will be easier to have a base header and footer with only .js settings not shared, but call each JS /CSS on all page (like a website in the real life).

Another problem, I can’t register to your support website. I never received the password to connect. Can you send it ?

I have a bug on datatable / phone display. : DataTables warning (table id = ‘DataTables_Table_0’): Requested unknown parameter ‘1’ from the data source for row 0

It work well on PC resized version, but after resize, if loaded on phone portrait size, I receive this error. How to desactivate / manage the first column “freezed” who stay displayed?

Thanks for your help. Mike

Hello, thank you for your suggestion in begin i include all js files and css files in each page after some complaint i restructure the template in this way, your suggestion is not bad so i will add example page with all scripts.

I Send you the new password to your email change it after login, and submit the topic with this datatable issue

Greetings SuggeElson.

I finally receive the pass. Cya on forum.

Ok so i will not reset your password :)


Having one issue that I’m sure you can resolve. I’m trying to set the checkboxes or the drop downs with determined values. (Populating a form) When I set the checkbox to true, the checkbox does not show up. Or if I set the dropdown, nothing is displayed. I have to manually tab onto the drop down to see the information or click on the check box to see the check. How do I set the dropdown and checkboxes so the events fire off and displayes the information?

Hello in order to provide support for you i need to verify your purchase so register in support forum here -> http://www.suggeelson.com/support and post new topic.

Thank you for understanding.

It’s a great theme, I love it so much.

I just have one inquiry about the regular license before buying this item.

Can I customize the admin theme and use it in creating more than one end projects for different clients? actually I am in the process of creating three applications and I want to use your theme on the three app. can I do this with the regular license

Hello you need to purchase 3 licence if you want to create 3 projects, this is apply for every product in this marketplace, if you wish also may ask the envato support – support.envato.com

Hope this is clear for you.

Greetings SuggeElson.

Awesome theme…again. Always shinning ;) Congrats bro….

Thank you

Hello, Does this admin template also works with prestashop ? Looks really great and would love to use this as my BO.


Hello SuggeElson, Thanks for the quick reply back. Well i just know some simple basics and i probably do not have those skills to make it work. Would you be able to make it working for prestashop if so and if you want what would be the costs to adapt these for prestashop ?



Sorry i`m not familiar with prestashop and don`t have required time to do this.

Greetings SuggeElson

I thought i can always ask, thanks anyway. Maybe some user here can adapt it to prestashop. Regards, ysco..

Hi, I love the template and I probably buy it, but I don’t see a modal form component.

Hello, example is UI Elements -> Elements -> Find dialog box and click Launch bootstrap modal button

Greetings SuggeElson.

Hi All

The theme is very nice. Can I use it with LIFERAY java portal?


Sorry AUI is Alloy javascript YUI3.

I look this framework and is different but still i`m sure is not 100% percent compatible with bootstrap :)

I try to integrate it into my custom liferay 6 theme and and test if it works

Thanks for aweeesome theme! I have a questions: - where i can find custom.css for html-fixed? - why theres a wrong path for some js files?

I just checked and maybe i forgot to include it but don`t worry just copy file from html directory , files are same and this file is to put your own changes here.

Greetings SuggeElson

Hello, Your work is wonderful. I want to know if you can supply a sass version of the css files ?

Hello, thank you for your kind words, unfortunately i`m build this template only in css and not have sass or less files ( plan to do this after finish my new project ).

You can signup for the newsletter here – http://www.suggeelson.com/newsletter/ to get notify when this feature come.

Greetings SuggeElson.


Forgive me for a simple question, but I don’t understand why I’m not seeing the fonts when I launch the html file in my local browser. Do I need to have a backend component to get this to work? Should this work from a local folder just as from a hosted web server?

Thank you for your help. LC

Hello is something in your side , fonts is visible from local server , web server or just open directly after you download project.

Open console with F12 and see do you have some errors ?

Greetings SuggeElson.

I finally was able to get the fonts to show up by clearing the browser history (IE9) on my desktop. Works fine now. Thanks for your quick reply. LC

Nice if you have feature questions please use my support forum – http://www.suggeelson.com/support


What about v1.9 in Fixed and RTL?

Thx, Elad

Hello Elad, probably i will update all to 2.0 just i`m so close to release new admin template and after this will update template to 2.0.

If you wish subscribe to item update notification this is new option from themeforest or in my page http://www.suggeelson.com/newsletter/

Greetings SuggeElson.

Great. Good to hear from you…:))

I’m happy to see that the template is very successful!

Hi, is it possible to get psd of this theme? I would like to get it for prototyping.

Hello, not all elements are available in psd format, but just send me email form my profile page to give you rest psd files.

Greetings SuggeElson

When will 2.0 be out? Thanks.

Hello, thank you for your interest, update will release after i finish my new theme, if you wish just subscribe to update notification for easy track. I expect to finish theme in 2 weeks top.

Greetings SuggeElson