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i bought this theme because the rtl ver. when i click on collapseBtn rightbar the bar is hidden but the body content stay the same—not responsive. any idea?

Hello, thank you for reporting this register in support forum here – and post topic with same question, support staff will make necessary changes and will provide download fix.

The new version 3.0 with bootstrap 3 support should be ready soon and this bug will be fixed as natural.


Why have my Popovers click for action stopped working?

Can be anything :) first check for javascript error open console with f12 and if have errors paste it here.

No errors, Nothing shows up when I move the cursor on the Popover Button. It used to work, stopped now.

If is online give me link ot inspect it, send me mail with details or use support forum –

I cannot select textboxes in Firefox. Do you have any idea?

Hello, what you mean, what is textboxes ? Please send me screenshot on this element in my email address or post topic in support forum –


Will you update to bootstrap 3.0?

yes almost done with this update, expect to be finish in monday , i`m not rush this because template is very big with rtl and fixed version and need to be tested and bugless before is released.


css current bug.


afterDomain = afterDomain.replace(’/’, ’’);


afterDomain = window.location.href;

Why this is bug ? i just use other method, this system is not 100 perfect some time you need to make little modification in order to work if this work for you , great :)

in main.css there is miss typed charecter… font-size:12px;`

Thank you i will push update with fix soon

It looks like a grep operation had changed in all libraries the “box” to “panel”. I think that original library should not be changed. (just did simple compare between 2.1 to 3.0)

if you take box-shadow and change it to panel-shadow what will it do? I think that its better to stay in most plugin with the original box-shadow (this is only one example for the switch of box to panel)

What you mean with panel-shadow i never seen this property :)

I assume on the upgrade process using grep there was a replace of “box” to “panel”. If you compare the supr 2.1 to 3.0 you can see that on the plugin directory there are many changes. e.g.: elfinder.css.513: changed from padding-box to padding-panel jquery.plupload.queue.css.6: change from -moz-inline-box to -moz-inline-panel. select2.css.152: change from box-shadow to panel-shadow etc….

Hi i have purchased this template. I see a bug in Two sidebars page, it is not responsive as the left sidebar overlaps and right sidebar panel background is still displayed while the elements are hidden. please check as i need to use this page urgently.

Hello new update v3.0.1 is pushed to themeforest with fix if not receive notification for item update i recommend to subscribe ( go to downloads and mark checkbox). If you spot any other issues please notify me use support forum is faster.


Hi I just purchased this supr.admin template. I am using IE9. As soon as i login, I only see refresh smiley is refreshing but nothing else. In chrome and firefox it is working fine.

Please let me know with IE9 are there any issues?

Thank you. It worked for me. I appreciate your replies.

Hi I have few questions on the following.. I am really thankful for your replies.

1.Can you please provide validation for File upload field and drop down field similarly to text fields like validations near bottom of the fields

2. My Left side menu items are not bold or highlighted for my users just to know on what menu item they are navigating with ease and sub element of menu is collapsing after refresh. How to change that behavior?

Thank u so much

Hello please register in support forum – and post topic with this questions , i can`t reply here simply is not able to attach files and etc.


In tabs-left the tab-content is not starting from the end of nav-tabs so its overlap it.

if looks like bootstrap ermoved .tab-content { overflow: auto; }

this caused an addition of: .tabs-left .tab-pane {padding-left: 78px;min-height: 78px;} .tabs-right .tab-pane {padding-right: 78px;min-height: 78px;}

But: there are cases that the left is more then 78. I recomand adding in main the .tab-content { overflow: auto; } and remove : .tabs-left .tab-pane {padding-left: 78px;min-height: 78px;} .tabs-right .tab-pane {padding-right: 78px;min-height: 78px;}

and remove the .tab-content from .panel .panel-body.noPad .tab-content

First i would like to congratulate on the move to bootstrap 3.0 and new jquery. Is there a plan to change the supr-theam from 1.8.21 to be based on 1.10 jquery ui?

I will try to make it for next update.


i recomand checking the icons change in file.html s

Thank you i will look it.

Fast fix open elfinder.css file and remove from this property in 1355 line:

.elfinder .elfinder-button {width: 16px;height: 16px;}

how can i add new events to calendar? and how can i delete events? pls help me. thanks.

why my dreamweaver crashes when I open ur template? even my dreamweaver version is cs6

its working very slowly

Hello, dreamweaver chrash because program try to cache all files and this is huge, disable auto caching and you will be fine or use other editor – sublime text, notepad ++ and etc. For calendar i will write you in support forum.


UI Elements -> Elements -> Launch Boostrap Modal button not working. Screen is black but not show modal box. Where is the problem ?

Hard to tell i need to see your code, please register in support forum here – and post topic.

Support staff will take care of you.


I want to register but pw mail don’t come to me. (I control junk mail.)

Check out the spam folder, if not find email send me email from my profile page and i will set you temp password.

This is the best admin template I have seen so far. The fact that updates are regularly trickling in is really great. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for kind words, more updates are planned for next year plus frontend template as well.

Greetings SuggeElson.

Modals not modals. Left bar & top bar stays accessible.

I basically integrated your complete theme into an application management system that generates all pages and components dynamically with full validation environment. I now have incorporated the logon and subscribers pages as well to run from inside the system instead of being standalone pages

I understand :) if you in hurry register in support forum here – And post topic with this screenshot, i will provide download addon, because update process here is to slow.

hi, i have a problem at “forms.html” i cant add 3 “Select with filter” i think there was a problem abou id name. i add different id but it doesnt work. pls help me.

Please use support forum –

Post topic with your problem, don`t forget to include your current html markup and javascript init function.


Where can I change the responsive size of the page? Set a lower width so the page doesn’t change to a simple format only slightly smaller screens?

Just edit big resolutions to small , as example @media only screen and (max-width: 1100px) {}


@media only screen and (max-width: 1000px) {

or other smaller resolution. But not remove just reduce it because if remove some other elements will not display properly.

Much appreciated. May I also say… you have done an excellent job with this template, and you have top notch support.

Thank you, for more complex questions use support forum –


Can I purchase this one to customize with ASP.NET?

Hello thank you for the interest, if you have skills i can`t see problem :)

Hi !

When I use this theme with AngularJS (1.2.7) all dropdowns in nav (header) does not appear :(

How to solve this issue ?

Hello, i need more info please reigster in support forum here – and post topic with this problem, include url if project is online, also check for errors in console ( with F12 )