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Great work and awesome template, congrats dimitry :D !

Thank you! This is a good start of the new year!

nice template…. congrats dimitry :D !

Thank you

Good Job, GLWS ;)

Thank you

This year a first item on themeforest! Good Job, GLWS ;)

No worry about “css not valid (Error 274, Warning 581)” Avada also have 300+ css errors!

Thank you! Good start of the new year!

Nice and Cool! :)

Thank you! Good start of the new year!


Any plans on making this theme also for Woordpress?

Hi, yes there will be a wordpress version this or next month.

Hello, I would like know if you have a support forum? if so whats the address to it? there a few questions I like to ask about the theme.

Just send you a mail

thanks for the quick replay, and for the help :)

any time!

great design! GLWS!

Thank you ThemeREX!

Awesome design, well done Dimitry!

Thanks Kelvin!

Just downloaded, I think this is one of the smartest sites I have seen.

Who’s a clever chap :)

Thank you Davetheplumber!

Nice theme. Is it possible to enable sticky menu when boxed?

Hi Vonstorm, yes it is possible to enable sticky menu when boxed.

Would you consider to create also more form elements like drop down, raduio buttons, check boxes… And maybe a login / register option

Hi Hanniball, that can be done. Give me a few days

Hi nice template congratulations.

Checking your demo, the search bar on the top right corner seems to have a small issue as it jumps to another line while trying to type anything in there.

Any plans to incorporate google maps on the contact page?

Thanks in advance for your answer and congratulations for your work!

Hi there, the searchbar is fixed, just added 2 new contact pages with google maps.

Hi, does this template have psd files of the pages also included?

Hi there, no there are no psd files included, i can make them if you like?

Yes, i would be interested in buying the template if i could modify the psd-s. I guess I am not the only one who would like that option

Ok, i will create the psd templates. Give me a few dayes, when it’s done i’ll post here.

Thanks for your interest!


I’m trying to preview your template for 2 days and it seems like your link is broken. Is there another link for the live preview?

Thank you,


Hello Dimitry,

Still doesn’t work. Weird…

I’ve never done a tracert before. So I searched about it and used some web tools to see the results. But I have no idea how to interpretate it. That’s what I got:

1 xe-1-0-1.50.ar1.nu.registro.br ( 0.421 ms 2 ae0-0.core1.nu.registro.br ( 0.640 ms 3 xe-0-0-0-0.gw1.nu.registro.br ( 0.717 ms 4 xe-0-2-0-537.edge-c.spo511.ctbc.com.br ( 0.822 ms 5 xe-2-2-0-0.core-b.spo511.ctbc.com.br ( 0.925 ms 6 et-0-0-0-0.core-a.spo511.ctbc.com.br ( 1.148 ms 7 xe-0-0-0-0.border-a.mia.ctbc.com.br ( 143.733 ms 8 e1-3.fr1.mia1.llnw.net ( 143.864 ms 9 tge9-1.fr3.iad.llnw.net ( 170.657 ms 10 tge16-3.fr3.lga.llnw.net ( 173.860 ms 11 tge8-1.fr3.ams.llnw.net ( 256.268 ms 12 rc04-10g-11-llnw-tc2.prolocation.net ( 212.167 ms 13 rc02-nlh-rc05-2g.prolocation.net ( 255.200 ms 14 ( 254.898 ms

Hope it helps with something. Otherwise you can instruct me how to get it right.



Hi Marcel,

Thank you for taking time to investigate. Appreciate it. Is it still not working right now?

I’ll send this info to my server administrator, perhaps he can find out why it’s not working.

i’ll keep you updated.



Hi Marcel, just spoken to server administrator. He has changed something, can you try again?

Can you also send me your ip address via private message? So we can investigate a bit more?


Excellent template, Dimitry. Can you explain how to launch a video with fancybox instead of an image gallery?

Hi Plushtoy,

Thanks for buying! There are a few ways to display a video with fancybox; see the examples on the link below:


It can be done with inline, iframe or youtube (iframe).

Good luck.



Hey. In your live preview in the Contact section, you have 3 views. I only have one in the downloaded version. I would like to have a Google Street map in mine.

How do i add this ?

Best regards

Hello IvanKristensen,

Thanks for buying my template. I still have to upload the new version of this template, this will be done asap. If you mail me your private emailaddress i can send a zip file?



Retina logo.

Hi Dimitry, I’m working with the template right now and I’m uploading logo@2x.png to my images folder, but I’m not able to see my retina logo on my localhost server. For what I read this template its retina compatible, am I correct? Am I missing something?


Hi, In order to have my logo displaying the @2x, I did this:

I removed this line on my skin: background:url('../../img/logo.png') no-repeat center center;

and then I changed on this line:

<a class="navbar-brand" href="index.html"><img src="img/logo.png" alt="alt text" /></a>

img/logo-cnt.png for img/logo.png

the logo-cnt.png was a transparent image just with the proper size to display the logo using css. There might be a better solution, but this was fast an effective, I just need to know if going responsive might not affect other logos.

Thanks for the advice


The transparent image only is used so it’s a clickable element to the homepage. To change the image of the logo, just edit the css and point to the correct image.

If you need any more help, please let me know.



Can you tell me if the contact form works and has form validation?

Just send you an email…

Thanks again for all your help!


Any time!