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hello, i have your “surreal” HTML template, my youtube video doesn’t work, i tryed to change video, browser, everything, nothing works, what can i do?

ok nvm, i managed to fix it, the loop on my video works, but it doesn’t work fluenty, is there something i need to do?

example: on youtube i can easily see the video in loop without the initial stutter, on the webpage instead you can see that is not looping correctly ( the video lenght is 30 secs, on the website it last untill 29 ) what can i do to fix it?

Can you send me a link, otherwise try here for more information about the plugin


nsvr6 Purchased


8 months go by since this problem below was posted yet YOU do not fix the issue with the download file.

I must come here to find a solution to YOUR SLOPPY.

IT TAKES 5 minutes to fix this issue but having just downloaded this template 8 months later the below comment was posted and YOU STILL DID NOT REPAIR THIS…..


see below



I´ve downloaded the Surreal-Theme and the black version seems to be corrupt. White is alle fine, but the black version is missing the slider at the top and the portfolio has gaps between the images. Can you please check and send me the right version ?

Best, @lex <”))><

Hi, i bought yous Surreal HTML Theme uploaded all the files but the slider not workig

Hi, i use the Drupal 7 theme version, and i would like to add image style in /surreal/template/views/portfolio/views-view-fields—portfolio.tpl.php.

We have by default $Image = $fields[‘uri’]->content; and this call the full size image, and i want to add for example ‘large’ image style on it, i tried many things but nothing works, if you have an idea?

Thanks a lot,


Hi, i have the theme installed. But when i send a contact form, and press two times the send button, i recibe the mail 2 times before i saw the message of “Send it!”. I’ll wait for your answer.

Hi I need to add some fields to the contact form. Here is y form structure: field: Name field: Email field: Member Referral Email

Dropdown: Experience Options: First Time Newbie Dip and Dabble Old Pro

Dropdown: Age Group Options: 21-25 26-30 31-36 37-42 43-48 48-above

Dropdown: Location Options: London , UK Amsterdam, Netherlands Atlanta, Georgia US Los Angeles, California US Miami, Flordia US New York, New York US New Orleans, Louisiana US

Text Box: Message

upload image #1 upload image #2

I am using the Surreal theme- I have created a menu with submenus that link to pages with more content but my submenus do not show up on my homepage. Next to the page title in the navigation bar there is a small arrow as though there is a drop down menu, but the drop down is not there.

Great work!!! Loving it so far. Question for the Contact message though. I’m getting nothing. No errors, no success, no warnings (unless I leave it blank). I’ve looked thru the documentation but am finding nothing. ANY help, please?!! I’m so close to being complete!!

Have you updated the contact_form.php file with your email address?


Thanks for a great template! I have an issue where if copy and paste the services code (for example) and place it under the <!- End Navigation -> Comment, the services section jumps to the right until the nav bar hits the top of the screen, then it goes back to its regular position. I cannot figure out why this is happening. Please help!

Please could you get back to me on my previous question. Getting pretty desperate after having tried everything.

When the images in portfolio are shorter than a certain height it cuts off the magnifying glass icon. So on mobile view you can’t click on the link to play video or gallery in portfolio. Please advise.

can you send me a link to it?


quanzix Purchased

Tried to load gallery example on IPAD ios10. Thumbnails are showing while loading but then disappear. Clicking on wireframes instead of images does bring a large image. Is there a fix or am I doing something wrong?

can you send me a link as I don’t see this this issue on any ios10 device

Hi… Purchase the template with a different account. How do I choose a template after uploading site? Like for example Dark Full Screen Slider. Thanks.

Not sure what you mean – there is 4 different html files


I tried to install the theme and get this error message:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Thanks for the quick response. How do I get a refund on the one I bought so I can get this one (which is a lot more money)? Thanks

You will have to contact Envato

You will have to contact envato


norbymoa Purchased

Hi there could you advise on why the Video does not show on the site, actually in the beginning it showed on desktop but not on any laptop Please see the URL

Thank you Norbert