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Beautiful. Are u thinking about make a wordpress version of it?

Not at this stage

Looks great, wish you the best with sales :)

Very nice work

Can I get the intro page that gives you the option of which one you want to choose along with the site?

Very easy to move sections around, the parallax sections are grouped with each text section, this is so you don’t get half an image repeating like I’ve seen with other parallax templates.

Whoo, like it! :)

Interesting work :) Good luck with sales!

This is a “piece of beauty” – One of the nicest seen in a long time!

thanks for all the responses.

wow for the name and the zoom effect :)

AMAZing! Are you going to do a wordpress version?

Yes I am not sure how far away but am working on it

Very nice but in Chrome all txt is cut in half. It look perfect on example iPhone.

I’m talking about the 4 demo versions you have uploaded. And also the one I’m modifying on a live site.

If you fixed it (I don’t see it) you should upload an update.

Mac or PC, what version of chrome, works fine for me on everything

PC and the latest version of Chrome. I tested it on a work computer too. With the same result.

I mailed you a screenshot.

Impressive Theme! Congrats or the concept and Good Luck on the sells! :)

Love it! It I can’t get the slider or video background working in an iPad

The video doesn’t work on any mobile devices (iOs, Android, Windows, etc.) due to restrictions applied by the vendors on media controls via javascript. I have added a background image to the body for mobile devices as a fallback.

Beautiful work! Good luck :)

Greets for this piece of art!! Need to know how to set my e-mail to receive the contact form data. Thanks!!!

In the top of the php file just add your email address


AMAZing Theme Guys,

I have a 2 Question:

How I can delete the text on the images on “portfolio” and only leave the zoom effect, (I want only when I cross over the images whit the pointer view the zoom effect, but when I click it, I want the pictures only open without see the description on “

” and “


there is a way to see the youtube video on ipad, because a lot people go to see this work on ipad? because I’m making some test and I fail, please this is the reason #1 for I bought this template!!

thanks, I hope the team have good news for me and the others users.

Just delete the p tag within the the thumbtext div. Can you send me more info on the fullscreen video for ipad?

Background images doesn’t display in Landscape mode on iPAD. Is this a fix you’re working on?

Thanks and I’m 110% buying if you can fix that. This is awesome work. I’m impressed.

I have fixed this, and some other minor tweaks, I am submitting a new set of files now.

Thanks. I don’t see it updated on the demo. Is the demo out of date?

Amazing work!!.....

....Good luck on sales!!

Superbe. I want it for WP !!!!! Please !!!!!!!! :-)

Yes I am, not sure how long exactly, but it is coming.