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hello, i just bought this template.. where do i start? how do i edit it?

Use a html editor, dreamweaver etc.

Is this okay to do? <!-- Accordion #3 --> <span class="accTrigger question"><a href="#">Forensic | 3d Environment & Vehicle Modeling</a></span> <div class="accContainer"> <div class="accContent">some text<span class="highlight">some text</span> and <span class="highlight">some text</span>, some text. <br /><br /> <ul> <li>-3d scene/vehicle geometry - EDC Corp. HVE3d Compatible</li> <li>-3d scene/vehicle geometry - Tass. MADYMO Compatible</li> <li>-3d scene/vehicle geometry - Aras360. Compatible</li> <li>-3d scene/vehicle geometry - PC-Crash. Compatible</li> </ul> <br /><br /> <iframe width="1000" height="500" src="images/gallery/Intersection1-Full.jpg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br /> <br />Some text. </div> </div>

I’m getting weird behaviour. Like clicking on some of the accordions opens them up above the menu at the top pf the screen. I’d like to be able to embed videos and/or images in the accordions.

Phenomenal design by the way..great work!!!

haven’t tried putting an iframe inside of an accordion, will try it out and get back to you.

My friend said that the problem is the slide up is hard coded in the custom-video.js file. He said it had something to do with the slide up time. His solution didn’t work for me. Hope this can be figured out because having images and videos inside the accordions is a great way to save space… the user isn’t scrolling forever! Thanks again for the help.

I will check it out and get back to you.


On the portfolio gallery how can you set a different overlay thumbnail color for each category but when you display all the images to have a different color thumbnail overlay for all of the images?

I managed to change the color for each category but when you are on the ” All ” category each images thumbnail overlay color is the same as set by the category where it belongs.

Not sure what you mean, do you want a different colour for each or just random using the 5 colours?

different color for each but when you display all the images from all the categories the overlay color should be the same for all of them :)

I don’t think this is possible only either or

First off, Very nice template.

Ok, I have an issue. I have White Video setup. and it works perfect on desktop. When I try it on my iPad 3, I do not get any video, just a 1200×800 placeholder.

How do i get the video to play on the iPad when I go to the site?


is there any way to fix this so it works on iPad? It may be a “mobile” device but has highers res and video playback them most desktops…

Is there code in here that is determining what is mobile and what is not?

No it wont work on an ipad, as iOs devices and soon Android too doesn’t support Flash and the component is using flash as main player.

I am a bit confused about the Google Maps. I know how to change the Lat-Log coordinates but how do I actual get the map to view on the page? I don’t see a div that could contain the map. Am I missing something simple? Thanks!

It shows up in the prettyphoto popup.

Blog. I have this HTML version of the template, but need a blog section on my site. I do not really want to upgrade to the full WordPress version of the template for several reasons. Is it possible to add Wordpress to just the blog page? Can you create a simple template that using the Blog page look? I am sure this would help many people on here.

It would be better if you could find ( or write ) an native HTML5 blog system. I have searched and could not find any, just directions on how to do it :-/

I’m not a wordpress expert, that is why I got someone else to do te wordpress conversion for me, so using wordpress just for the blog I’m not sure how that would work jumping between the two. As for doing a HTML blog system I will look into further but all seem not that useful.


at first I’ve to say, this template is pure greatness!

I noticed that in Safari all parallax images disappear when the header video starts. I also checked the image slider version. All parallax images were visible but the scrolling movement was quite twitchy. I tested both my customized code and your live preview.

Is there solution for these problems?

Thank you for help!

what version of safari, works fine for me using safari 6.0.5

I just started working on this template and when I replace images 2 and 4 in the slider they don’t change. It stays gray with the 1200×800 image.

How can I fix this?

Thank you!

Have you cleared your cache?

That was the problem. Thank you for getting back to me.

How did you guys upload the site? I tried and it’s not displaying correctly.

What specific files do I need to upload to my hosting site, in order for the site to work. The site works perfectly fine when I test it locally.

Just upload all the HTML CSS js images and should work fine


I just downloaded this template by mistake as looking for the wordpress version. Could you please credit my envato account and I can purchase the wordpress version?

Thanks Fionn

You will have to ask envato I cant do that

I am having an issue with Safari (5.17), the gallery images, when I rolled over, show no text and there is nothing to click to view the larger image gallery. Please help!

Please advise asap…

My purchase rests on if the video at the top can be played automatically (I believe it does), and stop automatically when the video ends, so that it just shows the last frame of the clip indefinately. In other words, the video plays until the end, stops, and just shows what amounts to a screen shot of the last frame of the movie.


This a link to the options for the fullscreen video –

Good day I recently purchased your template, but I’m having an issue with the video playback in Firefox. Please let me know if I can change the coding in order to allow video playback. Great template, keep up the good work.

video should play fine in firefox??

Hey :)

Finally got around to work on this great template.

One thing that really bugs me though is your choice of using PrettyPhoto and the lack of responsiveness when it comes to Mobile phones.

Is there a css or js solution to make PrettyPhoto show photos properly and not as now way too small?

Any NEW suggestions are welcome. I have tried all the suggestions mentioned elsewhere in the comments but they all seem to have issues that does not make those solutions desirable.

I have been using fancybox 2 lately seems to be alot better and works better responsively, maybe try this, shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

Made it work with fancybox 2 (even videos) :) Thanks.

How can i remove the horizontal scroll bar? its bugging me

Just Purchased this (very nice work). Can you please tell me how the main video can be made full width instead of full screen? I would like the video to just show like a banner at the top with the navigation buttons at the top as well… Also, since this will not play the video in all cases (mobile), is there a way to show a picture instead where the video would normally be as a backup?

Thank you!!

Please help! I set the main video not to loop, but after playing once, the video disappears and the whole top area becomes the blackish color of the background and looks empty and terrible! I really need to be able to have the video stop at the last frame and show that, or else fade to a picture so there is not a huge empty area. Secondarily, I also still need to know how to make the video full width instead of full screen and how I can put the navigation bar at the very top as it starts near the bottom of the screen which I have been told is not seen on some screen resolutions. Thanks!!

Most of the settings are located on this page – You can use a body background image so that when it finishes you will see that. I don’t think you can make the player only go full width, it is made to go fullscreen only. You could always just use a normal youtube code and set that to 100% width. To move the controller to the top just change this class .mb_YTVPBar from bottom to top.

Hi great template! I am having the same issue as inkofme. I’m on a Mac using safari and when I roll over the Portfolio images the text does not show up and the link does not work. It works fine on the Services rollover and in Firefox. Any suggestions? Thanks