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Are there any instructions on setting up the functionality of the blog pages? “What are the instructions on how the blog is supposed to work as a “user controlled blog” and have the calendar, archives and search widgets work?”

The HTML is an as is, you can manually make blog posts, if you want a fully working blog, please purchase the Wordpress version

You can leave an active link (MARKED) by clicking on the menu? Example: Clicking on the menu’’ about “be marked with a different color.

Thank you.

I have seen this on others, would have to be done with javascript

Do you have any solutions?

Sorry I’m not the best with JavaScript, I would have to find some code from somewhere

on IE 10 (2 different computers) the images of my portfolio don’t show on a random basis. It’s random : just reload the page a few times and sometimes all images appear, sometimes none or some of them… Your template works great on all other browsers! Nice job!

Thank you.

Strange I will check it out

Los problemas en Safari cuando se solucionaran?

I’m using this surreal theme for our website, where as the client logo scroll bar in the footer has a issue.

I want to hyperlink the client logos with there URL, i did the same using the “Gallery Image Settings->Link->”, It is working fine if i “view post” before update, But after updation when i open and try the same it is not working, means the image is not linking anywhere, please help me out in this regards.

can you send me a link, this sounds like it should work fine.

Where do I buy the Wordpress version?

Hi Excellent template. Where do I change the slider texts? I mean, Responsive Design Masonry Portfolio, Parallax Background, Fullscreen Slideshow, Showcase your work

Thanks, Alberto

¡Found in your instrutions!

Hello, a pre-sale question, would be it much of a job for the purchaser to swap out the you tube player with another player if the video were local rather than on you tube?

I can’t see why this wouldn’t work

I purchased with another username from work (247mfl). I want to know how can I change the VIDEO LOOP settings in this code. I would love to make it replay the video 2 – 3 times only if possible, or disable auto replay.

a id=”bgndVideo” href=”” class=”movie {opacity:1, isBgndMovie:{width:’window’,mute:false}, optimizeDisplay:true, showControls:false, ratio:’16/9’,startAt:3,quality:’hd720’,addRaster:true,lightCrop:true}”>a

I have the same issue as many others, but I have not seen a definitive answer. I am a web developer for the US Navy, and we are making a site using this theme (video-white-index). It is working great in Chrome, as expected in IE (which means not great, but hey, its IE) and fine on iOs on the iPad, iPhone. BUT IN SAFARI THE gallery links disappear and the images between sections disappear. I cannot post a link, because the site is on our live development server (it is live, not a local host). I did notice that your template (viewed from your page, not my local copy) has the exact same problem as my page though, so it must be something with Safari. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you using safari 5, if so just upgrade it, it works fine in safari 6

Hello html5css3templates, I bought your template, unfortunately now I’m checking browsers, I’m having the same issue of Safari, not showing texts of gallery and not displaying the corresponding dialog for each image of the Portfolio, what impacts fatal in the information design. I could see it have been an issue since 6 months ago when first launched the template, WordPress support and others have arisen later, but not fixed yet, could you please check this issue? Thanks in advance. PD. Tested for latest Safari (sep 26, 2013): 5.1.7 (7534.57.2) for Windows Item Preview of Themeforest fails as well:

I am having problems trying to get install safari 5 after installing safari 6, since safari 6 has been out since July 2012 I thought everyone by now would of run a software update in the last year to update this. I will see if I can get hold of an older mac with safari 5 on it.

There is a solution for safari 5 from AHWEBGUY a day ago

barrelproof, I am finding it pretty well documented in this forum that versions of safari prior to 6.0 do not work well with this template (they result in the exact issue you have described. I am actively searching for workarounds, but have found none as of today.

I have fixed the problem of the images between the sections by replacing the top background youtube feed with my own locally hosted video using JW Player and fitvids.js.

Now the last thing I need to fix before i can launch is the portfolio problem with safari. Never in my life did i think the last browser in my troubleshooting would be safari. its always IE…

any suggestions would be appreciated.

I HAVE A SOLUTION – older versions of Safari (below 6.0) do not support the concept of pseudo animations/transitions. This occurs in line 625 of the layout-white-video.css file, and probably in a similar location in the other 3 main CSS files.

 .thumbImage .thumbTextWrap:before {
    content: '';
    display: inline-block;
    height: 100%;
    vertical-align: middle;
    margin-right: -0.5em; /* Adjusts for spacing */

this needs to be commented out, but then you will have to make other style adjustments to the text inside your boxes to compensate. The page is now working correctly in safari 5.1.9

As I mentioned above, removing the youtube feed fixed the issue with the parallax images between sections. hope this helps someone else.

thankyou for this.

Excellent work. I do have a couple problems though.

1) I am trying to use TWO contact forms on the same page, and am running into road blocks. I thought it had something to do with putting an if statement into the php and checking for the button’s ID, but this doesn’t seem to be working. Please help!

2) Someone asked a while back about how to add more fields to a contact form and you said you’d sent them an email with the code. Please send me the same info!

Hi html5css3templates, i have problems with the contact form. The letters ä ö ü (used in the German or Swiss Language) are missing in the incoming mail. Do i have to setting up something in the contact_form.js or contact_form.php?

Thanks, pixel2web

I will check this out and get back to you.

I just wanted to let you all in on another couple of items. Some of you may want your sites to be compliant with US regulation 508, which allows blind people to use readers to see your site. If you want that, or if it is one of your requirements, you will need to seek out and replace all of the H1 headings and replace them with another class type in your CSS and HTML. To comply with 508, a website may only have a max of two H1 elements. Its an easy fix. I just copied all cases of H1 over in my css and renamed them all to a class of .bigtext.

additionally, for those who like the accordion, but do not want it to be the fullscreen wide, you have to modify the javascript for this.
var $container = $('.accContainer'),
            $trigger   = $('.accTrigger');
            fullWidth = $container.innerWidth(true);
in the above, note i have replaced outterwidth with innerwidth for the fix. this is in your custom.js, custom-video.js, etc.

FYI, if you do the aforementioned change to the java, bad things happen on a window resize. you will need to comment out or delete the resize language in that same section to accommodate. as long as you have your accordions in sized divs, you dont need that anyway, as far as I can tell.

Thankyou for these.

Hi, I just purchased surreal HTML version by mistake a minute ago, I needed the wordpress version of the same theme, what can I do about it? Can I pay the difference in price and download the WP version instead? Thanks

not sure, will have to ask themeforest?

Is there any way to override the default portfolio thumb width – adding variable widths?

Any help greatly appreciated! Thankyou

It is harder to do variable widths with isotope, you need to use fixed widths and do quarter, half, full size items for it to work, go to the isotope site to get the code


Another new nugget for you all, your dropdown menu wont actually send you to your blog page from the homepage on a mobile device, nor will it send you back to the homepage from the blog page because you cant use html option tags to direct to a URL. there is a java solution, and you can read about it here…

hope this helps someone else!

I love this template. Before I buy, I was having a look at the code, and it seems that you have not coded an option to turn the repeat off for the dark video version? Is this done through js file? Through html 5 code? Please let me know, honestly, I think letting it play once will be enough for me. Please let me know asap so i can buy. Thanks!

Nevermind. To all those wondering how to control video, he used jquery.mb.YTPlayer. Here is the link:

To stop the CRAZY looping, just add “loop:false” to the video code block. You can also change other stuff too, in case you have been waiting forever on an answer.