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hello take a look at the video youtube doesn’t play, problem with youtube

i’ve copied code from your online page and now it works!!! from the downloaded file no…

Hi, I just purchased this HTML template and I’m very disappointed : the downloaded version only seems to work properly in Firefox. On Chrome, all the zoom transitions are broken – they just don’t work. On Safari it’s even worse : the zooms are broken, the rollovers are broken (no transitions), and the masonry gallery is broken too, the items don’t reorganize themselves.

I basically bought this template because of the transitions. There are plenty of other responsive parallax one-page templates. I chose this one and I’m hugely disappointed. I can’t believe it’s this bad!

There seems to be something seriously wrong with the downloadable file, compared to the demo on Themeforest. Because the demo works perfectly on all my browsers, whilst the downloaded file is a disaster.

This is on 2013 model MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion and all the latest, updated browsers (Chrome v30.0.1599.101, Safari v6.0.5, and Firefox 24.0).

Please help! I really need this to work. Thanks, Ric

use it on a live site, chrome & safari don’t work locally when using prefixfree.js

Hi, how to activate the zoom transition on the thumbnail? I want the same effect on the demo.

The theme is great with this effect…

Please help!

use it on a live site, chrome & safari don’t work locally when using prefixfree.js

Ok thank you


I have submitted my question a couple times to your portfolio page with no response. Can you please address my questions.

1. How can I use a vimeo video on the home video player? Right now I can only get it to work with YouTube.

2. When I omit the text description on the images in the gallery, the background color doesn’t extend the full width. This leaves the rollover color on the images incomplete and looks odd.

Please advise.

I updated the skeleton file a month ago. Is there another file I need to update to make this work?

Hi – Can you please advise on my question above? Thank you!

If you firebug or inspect element on my demo site for the 2nd image on the portfolio, see if any of the CSS has changed from your version, seems a bit strange.

parallax scrolling is not good on mobile devices?

Parallax doesn’t work on mobile it is just scrolls the picture normally

How to change the thumb in service section? Please

My fullscreen video is not YouTube. If you insert another player (we used our licensed version of JW Player) into the HTML, you can link to vimeo there.

You will have to update your PrettyPhoto.js to work with JW player, and it is a little complicated, but I figured it out by google searching a solution.

You can see our page at

Will you make the WordPress Version Retina Ready too? I am debating on which one to purchase now…

I will ask the wordpress developers, maybe leave a message on that support line

too late, already purchased your wordpress version. very nice… i hope you can add Retina support later though.

Hi. Thank you for this well designed web template which was really easy to customize. I had my web in 2 languajes ready and running in just a few hours. NICE!

I have an issue with the dropmenu for mobile though.

Links to files within the root directory works fine but, they don not work when a menu option is linked to a file out of the root directory.

Example. (Again. This is an Issue just with dropmenu for mobile. Main nav menu works perfect with this files structure)

This example works fine: <option value=”blog.html”>Blog</option>

This example doesnt work at all: <option value=”/folder/blog.html”>Blog</option>

I really need dropmenu for mobile working with this file structure. Can you help?

THX in advance.

THX. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Add this to the HTML code where the dropmenu is <select class=”dropmenu” name=”dropmenu” onchange=”location = this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;”>

Hi there! Thank you for your speedy answer! The dropmenu works perfect now! ;-)


Video plays in all browsers but Chrome.

Have subject as phone number which seems to work.

I don’t have a problem with Chrome on mac & PC, working fine for me. The subject field is also used for the subject of the email, that is why you were having problems.

So you think my Chrome browser is broken?

hey apart from putting the email address i n the contact.php is there anything else I have to do

no that is all

Hi, how can I setup a link to a section and have a smooth scroll? (like the nav).

If I use an anchor and href it to #about for example, the scrolling is not smooth, it jumps directly to that point, how to obatin the smooth scroll?

<a href="#about">Go to About</a>

<div id="about">

Trying to extract .rar but every time I’m getting error like: File is corrupted?

There is no .rar files included, and why are you trying to open a rar file with a browser.

Sorry its .zip file. Anyway, updated Winrar, and now I unpacked it without errors. PS I’m not trying to open it with browsers, I was trying downloads with different browsers, thought that maybe it was problem with browser download.

No problem, hope it works well.

Really beautiful template! Currently have a wordpress blog. How do I integrate that Blog page so it is part of this website?

Hello, great work. :) I have 1 question only: where i can change the main colour? at all once: #7B133C


I see that there are 5 images on the slider, image1.jpg to image5.jpg. How can I add more images to the slider? I can’t seem to find it inside the index.html file. It’s magically hidden. O__O

Hi Is it possible to add Paypal buttons to use the template as a super-easy way to sell 4 products?

Best regards, Veslebert

Yes I can’t see why that wouldn’t work.

I can’t delete “those who do not want to imitate…” sentence from behind of Portfolio, I deleted the same sentence written below Portfolio but the one written behind of it blurly still remains.

nwm.. found it

Hey man, Great template, love it! Works great for me so far. Question. How do I alter the HTML index to get the services thumbnails working right. I have my images for the thumbnails ready and sitting in the directory images/services (i.e. images/services/photography_placeholder.jpg). So how do I get them to function as they do on the preview site, with a background and then a scale to grid view as you scroll over/off of each thumbnail. (sorry, I’m not an expert at HTML). Note: the site is not live, still configuring the code.

Thanks for your help.


You change the image names in the CSS and make sure that the photography class in the html matches the same class in the CSS.