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hi there.

would it be possible to use a VIMEO video as background for the header, too?


No, the javascript only supports youtube.

Hi, great template thank you. Is there anyway to change the image slider to a static image? Many thanks in advance.

Doing one image in the slideshow works fine.

I have two sites can I used this theme on two of my sites.

Just purchased and installed Surreal – great theme! I installed using the Fresh Site option and the install profile. Since the bundle has drupal 7.23 which has security issues, I upgraded core to 7.26. I get this really strange behavior, only on admin pages now (see screenshot)

Image of wonky behavior

Strangely, I do not see any of the stray-looking characters in the source of the document, so I’m guessing the DOM is being modified by a script? I don’t have anything else installed besides exactly what the profile provides and enables.

please put these comments on the drupal template as this is done by another developer.

It seems like there is some problem with the contact form (with cyrillic characters into the fields)...

Message: ?? ? ???.

Oh my .. I’m being really stupid! By accident I just bought the One Page HTML5 version of Surreal but I needed the Wordpress theme. I hope you can do something for me? Can I get my money back and then buy the Wordpress theme for example?

Thanks in advance! Leonie

Hey! Good Stuff….I love it, however when I finally was able to test ‘live’ I was bummed to see ALL but a few of my images don’t show at all on my ipad mini-retina, or iphone…they look super-FAB on a workstation(Firefox,IE,Chrome,etc.) Wondering what I did wrong? I just saved over all your original image files….the animations are also missing from the mobile devices browsers? any help you may provide is Greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance BOZE

hi there, i am interested in purchasing this, but i want to know if the video can be more “static”, ie as shown here… the reason is that i wish to add my own transparent png images on top of the video in the background, & re jig the layout a bit. Is this possible? Kind regards

so just to reiterate, i wish to have the video at the top of this theme persistent like the link i gave above, & able to use transparent png as content above the video…i guess the black background in your theme, some parts can be edited to be transparent, which will enable end user to see the video in background (please see the link i gave above

cant see why you cant do that

Get ready for the best question you’ve had in a long time…. ;)

Q: On one of the photo modal tabs I would like to add my instagram feed – Is this possible and would you have the code on hand to do that?

For example: tab 4 in the photo modal when clicked would display my ‘recent feed’ from my instagram.

Not only is this a question – its also a dope feature you could add… you can thank me later :)

Best theme i’ve seen in awhile – code is clean – clearly the instagram code is easy for a boss like you… later :)

Could you please check contact form on Looks like “send message” button is not working,

thanks for the fast answer, I have fixed the errors , contact_form.php is there and still not working. Please one more check ?

I get this error when trying to send: POST 403 (Forbidden) jquery-1.9.1.min.js:5 send jquery-1.9.1.min.js:5 b.extend.ajax jquery-1.9.1.min.js:5 (anonymous function) contact_form.js:33 b.event.dispatch jquery-1.9.1.min.js:3 v.handle

fixed , thanks

Can you explain the icons please? I need chisel icon and few more.

why docent my video play when i change the link??

I’m interested in buying Surreal, I wonder if it can work with hebrew? RTL direction? Thanks

Sorry not sure, haven’t done multi language before.

youtube videos do not work in the gallery :( just vimeo working…

locally or live site, youtube doesn’t work locally now.

locally and live doesnt work.

Sorry my mistake, Fixed!

Hi !!!! Love your product ! Works great no complaints : ) except, On my andriod phone (2.3.1 i think), the menu does not work after you scroll down after the supersize effect.. While the supersize is in focus, works, but not when you are past it..

Haven’t seen this before the fixed position menu only works after you stop scrolling, not totally sure what this could be, will try and test for you.

Hi, Its a great theme.

How can i add the instagram icon?


hi looks amazing

1 question: so the video background doesn’t play on the phone when you look on the phone right? it would replace it with a static image?

another little one: are there any transparent ‘mesh’ effects on the video background to hide pixelation?

I would like to make a few minor changes.


Remove the “Welcome to” before ANTHONYBENNETT15.COM

When hovered over the thumbnails in the Projects section, Is there a way to remove the magnifying glass icon so they must click into the project post?

hello problem with google maps it not show the signal of the position i’ve inserted latlong try

Hi, I thought I was purchasing your Wordpress theme – not just the HTML. Is there any way you could possibly refund my purchase, so that I can buy the theme, please? :)