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Hi, and congrats again for your themes! I’m having issues with the slider: I can’t upload any slide. Actually even the demo ones seem broken. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for your time.

Hello, I have tried to upload the theme on my WP Admin, but I got a error message saying the the Theme does not have a style.css file. How should I proceed? Thank you.

Hello, just bought your theme and now am working on some adaptions. So far I think you did an amazing job! However, I changed the order of the sections, so that “about us” is first. Unfortunately, it is set off canvas to the right and only jumps in the right position when the navbar hits the top of the window. I do not know where the reason might be. Would appreciate any idea. Thanks a lot!

Problem solved. Was actually straightforward thanks to your clean code and well documented files!

Hi, I purchased the Surreal theme (Drupal) a couple months ago. I’m having some browser compatibility issues with my live site and was hoping you could help.

For starters, most everything works fine when viewing the DEMO. I’m wondering if any css/js may have been updated, perhaps you could send me updated files if that’s the case?

My dev site is at

Firefox: -Works like a charm! Chrome (v34 on Win7): – Portfolio images overlap each other and transitions are degraded. – Slider images not fully responsive Safari (5.1.7 on Windows 7): -Background images missing from quote sections -Transitions degraded

I’m using the white (non-video) version. Again, hoping just some css or js changed since my purchase, and perhaps I could get any updated files? The demos seems fine.

Thanks! TOM

Hello ! I purchased your theme and I have a small question… The parallax images doesn’t resize automatically. The image size is 1920×1000 but the image is too big for my screen and the right part of the image is not shown. I would like the image to be automatically scaled to fit the screen width, just as like in your demo… but I cannot understand why it doesn’t work on my website… Could you help me ? Thank you very much for your help ! Trucmuche

I found a solution using “background-size:cover;”. I still have a problem with parallax images which are resized one or two seconds after the page has been loaded… I sent a mail to html5css3templates but got no answer… Could somebody help me ?

Hello! All text is cut in half when viewed in Chrome and Safari. I notice other users having same issue. Can this be resolved?|

Thanks Alex

I want to put a link in the service descriptions. Is there a way to make this possible? It doesn’t seem to be working…

I’m trying to take the “ALL” function off of the Portfolio menu. I’ve tried deleting it from my index page but have found that it goes deeper than that. Any suggestions???

Well it seems quite impossible to get support for this theme. My question and my email sent to html5css3templates doesn’t get answer… Sad…

Hello, I love this template! Just a minor question - I can’t seem to get the italic and bold font options to show up, even though they are coded in. What am I not doing correctly? (I’ve changed the text from Oswald to Arial to ease readability…) Thanks!

Never mind! Fixed it by removing the em and strong from the CSS :)

Hi, Im considering using the Parallax surreal studio Wordpress template, as I LOVE its stunning effects for my art.. my question is (sorry Im a real beginner) Can I buy a separate E-commerce app and connect it onto this website?? I wish to have a store for my Art. Thanks Melissa

I just bought HTML version, and have purchased a # of themes in the past at Theme Forest, and thinking this would be great, I am having horrible issues with index page not loading correctly in Firefox. In fact, it is over one minute. Google will penalize SEO for this. I am very disappointed as the demo looked fantastic! Rating 1 out of 5.

How large are your slider images, do you have any javascript errors?, please send me a link.

Hey man,

How do you make the preview images in the masonry portfolio grid larger. so that it only goes like 4 previews across instead of 6 (on my monitor). Thanks.

Hi, I have a problem. In all the images in the edge left superior appears this. As I can clear it? thanks

hi youtube video not working on main page and any other page. plz check the site at

html video is not working ,i read all comments and tried everything,plz check the site at plz get back to me asap

I love the clean look of the theme and it’s flexibility. One pre-sales question: do you know if it works with woocommerce? The site I’m building will have a small storefront. Thanks for your answer.

I purchased Surreal and was not given an opportunity to download it. What gives?

The video background editions, in black or white does not work. So does other things not work as the demo site. Very disappointed !!! Is this another project that just dies but still for sale?

Hi, Please tell me how to convert text into italics form.