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Awesome, Awesome , Awesome! Love this template design. Great job and thank you!

do you have plans to make a wordpress version of Surreal? it is a beautiful website!

Yes I am, not sure how long exactly, but it is coming.

Hi, How to disable all images portfolio. Tnks

Do you mean remove the prettyphoto popup?

no, delete filter all. I placed current filter video, but still appears all images.

Live view not work in mobile

what mobile device?

Its ok now, I was a server error

Background images doesn’t display in Landscape mode on all iPADs (mini and regular). Is this a fix you’re working on and will it be viewable on the online demo?

Let me know when the new file is up and the demo is updated as well, so I can test.

New files waiting now, let me know if the demo works for you now?

Perfect! thanks.

hello im going to buy this template but i have a question , i want to do a website with more links in the menu, it is posible to ad new ones and make it work with the paralax effect ?


Yes this is pretty easy, jusr add more nav items and then add another whole text & parallax section making sue they have unique id and link it to that. Also update the cistom.js file with another parallax section.

In Portfolio – If we would want to nest multiple images within each thumbnails (gallery within gallery), is that possible during the lightbox popping up?

Yes, very easy, just add more a tags unders the other one’s but remove the class “thumblink”, as below

Can you give me the big image of “dark fullscreen video“ ,i cannot capture it from the YouTube video ? i love it so much! thanks?

Hi I’m knew to Theme forest. Im very interested in buy your template. will this template be seen on smart phones, and tablets?

Yes it is responsive and works perfectly on phones & tablets

hi, i’m getting a few errors with the template, do you have any fix for these: Uncaught ReferenceError: lazyload is not defined

XMLHttpRequest cannot load,700,300.

Unable to post message to

Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type text/html: “…73%2C930803%2C906836%2C920201%2C929602%2C930101%2C930603%2C900824%2C910223”.

thanks dave

Can you send me a link to your site, a bit hard to diagnose.

Hi html5css3templates, please adapt your template for wordpress and I buy it !

I am as a lot people a fan but a real dummie in web language, so we need a easy template to fill in a cms with step by step documentation

Thanks in advance

I am working on the wordpress at the moment.

Hi, before I purchase the template, I had a few queries:

- which software/platform does the theme support? i.e. Opencart/magento etc.. - Does the theme support VIMEO videos? And not just youtube - Can I insert Facebook links, twitter feed? A like page/follow page box etc - Can I have a separate page stating BLOG which directly goes into my other blog web address?

Thanks. Look forward to your reply!

Not sure what you mean platform, this is a HTML template. The fullscreen video option only supports Youtube. Yes you can insert facebook, twitter feed, yes you can have a seperate blog page.

Thats a shame, it would have been great, if it accepted Vimeo Videos, is there a possible way this could work? or would this be in the future? You said that the video option only supports youtube on fullscreen, does this mean on small screen vimeo works? Does the HTML template work in OPENCART? and lastly on the main homepage theres a ‘surreal studio’ logo/icon can this be removed or replaced?


I want to place a video from VIMEO under the section “Key Features” and replace the “demo” video.

When I try to replace the video and use my own (Embed-code: instead of the youtube code nothing happens. There is only a black screen and no video.

I also tried to replace the video with another video from youtube but the same, I don’t see anything.

Can you help me?

EDIT: I tried it again and now it works. I don’t know why, but okay…

This should work fine???

Hello, I have to say great job for designing this template, I have seen and tried up to fifty templates from ThemeForest and this one so far is the best I have found and I made up the decision to purchase the Html5 version and later on the WordPress version as soon as you make it available. I am a professional corporate photographer and Surreal Studio is definitely what I am looking at. However I will have a question regarding the Isotope masonry portfolio with PrettyPhoto lightbox included in your template. I have used on a previous website this type of portfolio and always run in the following problem : In your demo you have 27 viewers and all the same images are being used recurrently in each viewer. As a photographer willing to showcase my work I will need to make up to 20 separate viewers each of them showing independent material ( fashion, portrait, food, industrial, wedding etc…) can you confirm that it is possible to do so because up to know with PrettyPhoto I could not figure out how to show independent images in each viewer, thanks.

Hello and thank you very much for answering so quickly. I just purchased the template. My apologies for ignorance as I do not know much about coding and Html5, could you give me an example on how to edit the line of code for let say 2nd and 3rd images on a viewer ? Then I will do the rest, thanks.

send me an email and I will send you the code

Okay I just sent you the email, thank !

Hi I really like the theme, one of the best parallax implementations I have seen! 1) can I have many parallax pages (that is, one for wedding photo, one for family photos, one for travel,..) with menu items to get there? 2) can “Revolution slider” be integrated easily and used as a slider option (without lots and lots of programming)? thanks :) Mutisso

Yes and Yes, shouldn’t be too hard to implement, I have done a wedding template using the same parallax if your interested.

Hello, I recently purchased this theme and I am having a problem trying to get the contact page to work properly. When ever I fill out the form on the contact page and send it out, the email shows up in my inbox with a “No Sender,” or “Unknown Sender” tag. Is there a way to fix this so it displays the email, or name of the sender. Thanks for the help

I will look into it.

Hello, please I need help with this points:

1 -Background images doesn’t display in Landscape mode on all iPADs (mini and regular). (I see this on the comments) Just add this in the first media query section .parallax.fixed{background-attachment:scroll; background-position: center center;}

but exactly what is the place for put this code??

2- I need in the gallery only se the thumbImage, no text, no zoom, what I need to do?

thanks I wait for your answers please.

3- How I can put the controls of the full youtube video visible all time?? no transparent, thanks.

1. Place the CSS after @media only screen and (max-width: 1199px) 2. Place a A tag around the image, remove class from A tag, delete thumbTextWrap div & remove zoom css for thumbImage. 3. Change opacity in CSS for .mb_YTVPBar

Hi, Great template! I want to buy but has one question: When viewing in Safari on the portfolio page and you hover over the pictures, they turn purple but you can not see the text. I’ve tried it in Chrome and you can see the text as soon as you hover over the image. Please can you fix this bug & I will happily buy! Many thanks.

This works fine for me, what safari version are you using?

Version 5.1.8


If I try to send an email via the mailform, I don’t receive the mail. How does it work? Can you help me?

Change the email address at the top of contact.php

I like but in IPhone I can’t see text and link into portfolio images. Only I see zoom effect but no text an zoom image to clic

What iphone & iOS, this works for me?

IPhone 4. IOS 5.1.1