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HI Beautiful. Can I change accent font and highlight colour easily enough? I will buy it then. Andrew

Yes very easy, font is a google font, find & replace colour in css

Hi this template looks really great tbh. I need to build a Japanese website so can I display Japanese characters in the Menus/Tabs/Headers and text?

Sorry I haven’t done a japanese site before, can’t you just replace the text with Japanese?

Yes thats what I mean, i hope that the english text can be replaced by Japanese text/characters. But it’s helpful to know if it will work/display before I purchase because I must build using that text

Sorry one more question I forgot before.

In earlier comments you mentioned that the template had a ‘fallback’ slider just in case a mobile device is used to view, since the video backgrounds dont work for any templates on mobile devices. (so annoying!!!)

Does this mean that I can set it in html to run video bg and if someone with a mobile etc tries to view the site it will auto fallback to the slider? (this would be cool if so!)

Or did you mean we can opt to run video bg OR slider instead as a fallback..?

oh and is there any way to replace the contact page with the contact page of your ‘cutting edge hair dressing template’ ? Thank you again!

This is really well done and kudos to you!, almost all the other templates i’ve been looking at don’t implement a fallback video feature, instead they glitch and mess up when viewing on mobiles etc. How good is your customization documentation that comes with the download? Sorry for this question but im used to working with Flash templates and XML, which were really easy to change values and customize etc.

I am about to do an update, I am also adding some more info to the documentation, so yes the documentation is detailed.

edited to bottom of page

I found 2 bugs…

1. BUG: XMLHttpRequest cannot load,700,300. Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

THE SOLUTION: <link href=”,700,300” rel=”stylesheet prefetch” title=”fonts” type=”text/css” />

2. BUG: Uncaught ReferenceError: lazyload is not defined

3. BUG: The Console of the google chrome browser shows 2 you tube errors…

I will take a look and get back to you.

Thankyou for this I have fixed them up and will be uploading a new version, just need to update the documentation.

Google Maps? where do I change the address?? thanks!

Go to this site and insert your address then copy & paste the coordinates and place in the javascript call in the head of the template

Hey I already bought this template, and it says the money has been transferred. However, i still can not download it..!! Don’t know what happened..

It’s not coming up as purchased next to your name?

no.. it’s so strange according to the bank’s record, the money has already been transferred through credit card.

For the one who face the problem of thumbnail gallery slider disappearing in the whole galleries if one is set to contain more than 39 images here is the answer to fix the problem : Look for overlay_gallery_max: 30, /* Maximum number of pictures in the overlay gallery */ in jquery.prettyphoto.js to change the # of images.

Hello, I have a one last issue : I have on each image from the PrettyPhoto gallery a top and black line appearing, it does also appear on the prettyphoto frame that show the google map in the contact form, any idea to solve that ?

I need to purchase a site template. I really like the one called, “Surreal”. Is this site template -Drupel and does it have CMS (content management system)?

Thank you in advance for your support.


This is just a HTML template, no CMS

I need to purchase a site template. I really like the one called, “Surreal”. Is this site template -Drupel and does it have CMS (content management system)?

Thank you in advance for your support.


this is only a HTML template, no CMS

Love this theme!!! Nice job…how hard would it be to link to a tumblr blog within one of the headers?

awesome….I think I should rephrase the question….I would like to have one of the headers include links to blog entries, such as in the Theo themeforrest template…...?

....sorry, Teo….

Yes, no problem this would fine.


Thanks for this amazing template.Nice job !!!

Please help me how to center logo :(

Great theme, and easy to customize. Will there be in future “Pricing Tables” that’s the only thing that is missing.

Any idea if Japanese font/text will be displayable in the menu’s or body? Is there a quick test you could try before I purchase? I really like this template but have to make a site with this language..

Also how much for custom work to add direct linking Pinterest, FB and Twitter buttons on the pic box? (where the pic is linked directly through deeplinking like in the Niarra template)

There is some source code that contains some code for Google Maps, but there map show up. Please can you explain this to me, there is no information about in the help doc.

Use the following site to get the longitude and latitude

Thanks, but where on the site must the map be visable? It doesn’t show up.

down in the contact us section there is a link to the map which opens up in a lightbox window.

For whatever reason, I cannot make most of the images work. Whenever I try to add an image or to replace the stock images with my own, the image will not load, instead, a small broken image icon is there. I am creating images with GIMP 2.7 and have been trying jpeg and png formats. It simply does not work. Please tell me how to fix this problem…. it is very frustrating as I have spent countless hours tweaking this template.

Maybe try clearing your cache, an image is just an image, sounds very bizarre

Hi, great work! I’m looking forward to buy the theme. Is it possible to shorten the menu and the whole site. I mean can I delete Services and Features? Or will it effect the scrolling??

Best regards Harry

No it will work fine, adding or removing doesn’t make any diffference.

Hello great design.

I wonder if the section each data-filter profile can be independent, I mean that there is no button All, and see each section separately.


And as I can do. and tried and do not always get the first data-filter I get all pictures of all the categories.

I will have a play, and let you know, never tried to do this, maybe check on the isotope website.

Ok, I’ll wait

Is there an easy way (for someone who doesn’t understand HTML) to modify this theme so that it doesn’t scale itself according to the browser window size, but instead has a fixed size width window for the content? Extra width on the left&right could just be blank.

Can I embed video from or from chinese video websites like as easily as youtube vids?

what about the video embedding? works for any video site such as chinese If visitor is using unsupported browser, will the site suggest upgrading? Will the site work at all with older browsers / will it just be a mess let’s say with IE6 or something?

I have never used so I’m not sure the requirements. And no I don’t have anything for unsupported browser, the latest stats are IE6 – 0.2%, IE7 -0.8%. For me it is not worth worry about the 1% of people that have these browsers. Very hard to get things working in IE7, impossible to get anything working in IE6.

Thanks, It is just that I’m in China where most people never upgraded their browsers. I’d like to know that they’d at see something that makes sense in case they can’t get the full experience. Similar to like you have the background image thing as a fall back for the video background. So is there any kind of browser detection, upgrade recommendation happening? I take it from your answer that there’s no simple mobile version or something as a fall back for unsupported browsers

I like the style of having static images in the “background” and website scrolling above them, but when scrolling they seem jerky.. as if they are fighting against the motion. I was browsing other themes and on this one the images at the background are smooth. Is there way to set your template’s background images work like that?

What browser are you looking in? firefox is perfect for both, the kutcher theme is jerky for me in chrome, surreal is smooth on both mac & PC in both chrome & firefox for me.

I’m using the latest safari. Strangely the jerkiness seemed worse yesterday than now. I guess there’s some sort of variable where i can control the parallel background image scrolling? or even set it to be static as it is in kutcher? I also tried to open the demo site with my iPhone 5 ios6 safari. It didn’t work well (ios chrome also same). The background photo is huge and menu is burried under it and when you find it, nothing happens when you press the menu buttons. Is it just that this demo here doesn’t have proper mobile version or is there something wrong with it?