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I am wondering if it is possible to use a stock video and not one that is from YouTube?

The full screen video is Youtube only

Is the demo the most current version? The backgrounds are very buggy (not responsive?) on my ipod and ipad, both on Chrome and Safari AND both the slider and video versions. Seems like the background image is remaining full size and if the menu does load then it takes a lot of scrolling to find it. Then more issues when loading a photo or video, all seem to be related to the background. I want to buy this but…

On the Plunge Parallax Responsive Wedding template background image definitely does not scale down on iPad2. Takes a lot of scrolling down to reach menus. Tried 3 browsers.

What iOS is your iPad 2 running?

I am having trouble getting my youtube video to play (in the white-video template). When I put in my link all I see is the “slider img1” background image. How do I fix this?

try copying the code of the video rather the full link and replace with my video code.

Great thanks its working now :)

I am having issues playing my video and did replace movie and movie still not playing?

try copying the code of the video rather the full link and replace with my video code.

Please give me an example because this is what I have done twice and it’s still not playing. I replaced your youtube video code with my video code which is: WN8u8oT5rOI and it’s still not working?

place this in the href field and it works for me:

Hello, first of all, congratulations for the great work. There is a bug in the service page when viewed in small screen formats. The hover effect is locked preventing viewing images. How can I fix?


I have turned the hover off as it can’t work on touch devices that don’t have a hover state


How can I disable the hover effect on touch devices? Thanks

Hi, i just saw your template and its great! but i think is missing one thing: the social network icons, are they hidden in the demo? or this template just dont have any FB, Tw or Youtube icons? if you modify or update this template to include social networks i´ll buy inmediately. thank you.

There are some for each team member when you hover, but I can add an option if you like.


I’ve tried setting the contact form in various ways and it does not send emails.

I tried to include in the action field “contact_form.php”, left blank, left with the ”#” and nothing worked.

How to fix this?

I haven’t had anyone else having problems sending that I know of?

OK, give me an email, I will change the field in the php file, and you can test to see if it receives.

Hi, A friend just purchased your theme and im trying to find where to edit the number of slides, image1,2,3 etc.. I uploaded 3 new images but can’t see how to remove slides 4 and 5. also the up and down arrows don’t work in the downloaded file. pls see: pls advise, thanks, Jon

thanks, I removed the comma as follows:

{image : './images/slider/image1.jpg',
        title : '

Responsive Design

', thumb : '', url : '' },
{image : './images/slider/image3.jpg',
    title : '

Fullscreen Slideshow

', thumb : '', url : '' },
{image : './images/slider/image2.jpg',
    title : '

Parallax Background

', thumb : '', url : '' }

but still cant get the buttons working.. pls advise, thanks

Hi, any advice? also did the theme come with a contact form script, it doesn’t seem so?

I’m not sure why the buttons aren’t working, maybe just try the original custom.js and see if that fixes it? And yes there is a contact form script. contact_form.js, contact_form.php

Just bought this template. I’ve not touched web design in 10 years since graduating. Love the design and it’s so flashy but versatile! Check out my site, I didn’t even have to fiddle with the text too much as the quotes just match what I needed!

Here is what I’ve done with it !

I even added the background-size: cover; tip for mobile sites and got the youtube stuff working! Thanks to the awesome support on here!

Only thing I would ask is more overt social media links? I’ve added fb and twitter images in select places but it sends the homepage haywire in terms of ensuring the layout is consistent over mobiles and other browsers! Shame the youtube vid doesnt work on tablets and mobiles…is this likely to change as it really gives sites a real impact as it’s so easy and reliable thanks to youtube!

Will look to buy from you again!

Hello, congratulations for the beautiful template … will be available a version of wordpress?

Yea will be this page in Wordpress?!....and also questions before purchase:

Can there be BLOG section

and also password protected post?

Thank you!

I don’t have a blog section, be this could be easily added as another section.


I need help how to move all text and zoom icon from click over thumbnail and to have only black 50% transparent.Please help me how to do that!

Thanks in advance

You will need to modify the thumbText and thumbTextWrap classes and remove the scale effects and just use opacity.

Hello, love your work!!! I must say, i’m quite impressed with your theme, and cant wait to see it as a wordpress theme. I was just wondering, why dont you use some sort of script to make images random (Jacques-Alain Miller?) in portfolio.. it would look so much better..

anyway, keep up the great work!! k++

I will check it out, thankyou.

hi, congratulations for the template, I wanted to ask, where do I take action to make about the effect of the 3 boxes with zoom effect, and then in the portfolio as the effects are normally combined with that on the demo there ’. thanks and good work Francesco

just use firebug to find the correct CSS line to modify.

I ask question two time and you never answer to me… I see you answer to people who didn’t buy template, but not mine. I don’t know why ?

Sorry must of missed that one, I just answered it for you. Let me know if you need help with it?

Hello and congrats for this theme. I was wondering about buying this template but i have a few question about it. Can i remove the “skills” and “our numbers”, “flickr” and “FAQ” from the dark video background template? Because my friend bought it and i try everything but it screwed everything up with the parallax effect :( Thanks in advance for the answer dear

Yes you can remove them no problem, shouldnt effect anything

Hi there, I purchase this template. Now got an issue. I want to add my video link at the video session in portfolio, but it doesn’t work if I use the most popular Chinese video website ‘Youku’ or ‘Tudou’. Any way to solve it?

the code youku provide to share the video are: 1. <embed src=’' quality=’high’ width=’480’ height=’400’ align=’middle’ allowScriptAccess=’sameDomain’ type=’application/x-shockwave-flash’></embed>



I tried but neither of them worked.. Would be great if you can help me out. Thanks.

Try the iframe version instead <iframe height=498 width=510 src=”” frameborder=0 allowfullscreen></iframe>

should it be like this??it doesn’t work..

<article class=”portfolio” data-category=”video”> <section class=”thumbImage”> \\

Gallery Item

Duis mollis, est non commodo luctus, nisi erat porttitor ligula.

<iframe height=498 width=510 src=”” frameborder=0 allowfullscreen></iframe> </section> </article>

I also tried to change the link here, but didn’t work. the page said could not load..

Hello Great job I purchased this great template and I wanted to know how can I do to add another image galery For example: each item from portfolio to have his own galery not just prettyPhoto[gallery1] Thank you

just do more a tags for each image but don’t include the class on the 2nd 3rd 4th etc. And make sure they all have the same [gallery1]

thanks a lot

Hello Another question is how can I change the text of the slideshow in the homepage

Thanks a lot

in the custom.js file

thank you

Amazing how some people destroy this beautiful templates :D My question is how to add more photos for each project?