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Sorry I found how to do it, someone ask same question on page2. Thanks

Hi, just bought your template.. why the CSS animation from the DEMO is different than the one in the files (all photos in the portfolio)? How can I implement the exactly animation we have in the demo (the one with a “zoom” in the photos? The animation in the circles (Our Numbers) is also not working here.. only in the DEMO.. in the template I download from here, it appears static. I’m using Chrome..

The prefix free js file doesn’t work locally in chrome unless you do a fix located here



how can i fixed the parallax images? I mean something like that:


Hi m8, how can I add another gallery in the portfolio (I want 6, not 5, for example)? tried to just add “

  • Not sure what you mean?

    In your demo, in Portfolio, you have five galleries (All, Illustration, Photography, Branding and Video). How can I create a sixth gallery?

    Create another list item and then change some of items to link to that one


    how can i fixed the parallax images? I mean something like that:


    Just remove the parallax code from custom.js

    Thanks :-)


    Great template! Loving it so far! Very easy to modify even for a newbie like myself.

    Wondering if you have an idea for a way to add a photo to a prettyphoto gallery without it showing within the main portfolio (so it would only show after you clicked into the slideshow). Just trying to add more content without making the page crazy long.

    Alternately, I’m assuming this would be more difficult, but making the portfolio images smaller would also work.

    Thanks in advance!

    Just add more ‘a’ tags without the class ‘thumblink’, if you have a look at the source code of the first item on the live demo site you will see how to do it. Just make the rel=prettyPhoto[*] unique for each gallery.

    LOVE THIS THEME!!! Is the video Royalty Free?? Can it be used on my website?

    ok thank you. Is it possible to use other video service providers besides YouTube. I tried using this link from CREATIVE COW and it did not work.

    Is it possible to use other video service providers besides YouTube? I tried using this link from CREATIVE COW and it did not work.

    Only youtube can be used for the fullscreen video at the top

    I just bought your template..Nice work. I am a bit concerned though because i am testing your demo on my phone (Samsung Galaxy 2) and my tablet (Galaxy Note 10.1) and I can’t open any of the portfolio images and the video won’t play. I am getting ready to spend a lot of time on this for my resume so I need to know if there are fixes… please. thanks, Dyana

    they work fine on my samsung galaxy, I will investigate further and let you know?

    thanks.. I tested it again and it worked.. that was strange…

    Really nice theme but please please start doing more fixed one page ajax versions . All these parallax themes on TF look absolutely TERRIBLE on 1920×1200 screens.

    What do you mean look terrible?

    Cool theme, great job! But have issues with link not showing in portfolio images in Safari (Snow-leopard!)? Does anyone have issues on their Macs? Lion/MountainLion!

    Image links works fine in Firefox / Chrome!

    Thanks in advance!

    I’m using Safari 6.0.2 on a mac 10.7 and it works fine?

    Hi guys, massive product! Congrats. I am a newbie on HTML5, therefore I would like to ask few questions.

    1. How to install this template ? is it require specific skills or any FTP protocol will do the job by transfering the files in to the ROOT folder ?

    2.If I wanna modify the logos, the videos and etc, how can I do that ? I apologies for those (dumb ) questions but it is going to be my first step to use HTML5 ..and I would like to start it with your template. 3. Assuming I install the template , is there any CMS or for every change I need to make it trough the HTML files ?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    The HTML Newbie :)

    All changes need to be done with HTML, no CMS at this stage, don’t need anything special to upload. To replace images etc just open supplied and replace.

    Are you considering do a wordpress version of this theme? I think it’s better than the other similar ones. Would be great in wordpress!

    Great theme… I am having issues with the text being cut half way off from the bottom . I will show a screen shot… Also, In the porfolio… I looked at the psd.. Do you mean for each catagory to have the thumbs built in the sizes there? There aren’t any directions and I would like to get it right the first time. thank you so much!!!

    You have a corrupt version of oswald font on your machine, remove and download again. For the portfolio just use the same size images supplied in the files.

    One more thing. And thank you for your answers… On the home page, I can’t figure out how to change the slideshow text. I don’t see it in the html anywhere.. Example : “showcase your work” and “responsive design”

    Change within the custom.js file

    Hi There, Just purchased and I must say I am really impressed with the template layout, giving images incorporating resolutions etc is such a simple addition that makes customizing it so easy. thank you!

    I have a question, that I think may have been addressed but…

    on the ipad/iphone: the team members, skills, our numbers and services sections all have hover effects that don’t work on those mobile devices. Can you possibly explain how I can turn off the hover effect just on the mobile devices so that clicking on them has the same nice animated effect?

    thanks in advance


    Hi, just quickly, another thing I’ve noticed..

    The “our numbers” element doesn’t seem to be animating in chrome (newest version) the text fades in but the circles do not enlarge. Works perfectly in Firefox.

    many thanks


    cool, i’ve figured this one, thanks for the response. What about my previous question regarding turning off the hover state on Iphone/Ipad and making it click only?

    thanks again


    If you add a class of .touch-device in front of any CSS call this will target any touch device

    Hi, having played with the theme a bit, I’ve noticed the Ipad issue happens on all of these:

    Team member squares (can’t open the box to show team member name or social links)

    Skills (can’t show the skill bar in its extended state)

    our numbers (can’t expand)

    Services (can’t expand the services to reveal text)

    Could you tell me how to use the .touch-device fix on all of these areas to fix the issues?

    my email is if it is easier to email me?

    Also, There is still a safari issue with the windows version of Safari. The Mac version is fine, but Windows only goes up to version 5.1.7 and the portfolio text and prettyphoto link do not show up

    Thanks for all your support,


    Hi There,

    pretty impressive template, i dont have any experience in webdesign and html, before i purchase the template can i ask what editor to use to modify it? and if there’s anything free that will work fine.

    Thanks a lot

    I use dreamweaver & text wrangler on a mac, there are quite a few different free html editors out there, just google it.

    I absolutely love this template. A good friend of mine is a professional painter and we’ve been talking about updating her portfolio site. This seems like it might be the perfect solution. That said, neither her nor I are programmers, so how hard would it be for us to actually set this up? I mean, I can follow instructions and have a willingness to learn new things, but if this site requires an intimate knowledge of php/css/etc to customize I would be lost.

    Can someone with a basic understanding of web languages actually create a site that would look as amazing as the live demo? I don’t want to have to purchase a $500 piece of software that would give me a WYSIWYG interface for a single project, so yeah, any insight would be nice. Thanks!

    I send you an email, did you received it?

    you have a corrupt version of oswald fon on your computer remove and it will work

    Thanks for the quick response, I downloaded the font from Font Squirrel. Weird but thanks any way… :-)