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How do I get my upcoming events to only show future events (no expired events)? This code is showing expired events:

[dt_events_list limit=’3’ excerpt_length=’15’/]

Hi..! Hope that the following instruction & screenshot will help you get a clear view.

1) Open the file wp-content/themes/sushi/framework/theme_shortcodes.php

2) Find the function dt_events_list

3) Find the following line of code in that function

$all_events = tribe_get_events(array( ‘eventDisplay’=>’all’, ‘posts_per_page’=> $limit ));

4) Change “all” to “upcoming”. Thats it!!!

Let us know, if you find any difficulties…!

Hallo sir i can you please tell me where i can download Dummy Data XML file download thank you

Hi!., You can import the demo data from Dashboard -> Sushi -> General -> Import Dummy Data. Let us know, if you find any difficulties…!

Hallo sir can you please tell me how can i sell my product from mega menu because i want put there ” add to cart button ” in mega menu please help i if possible send me also some demo. thank you very much

Hi!., Just go Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus -> Select the “Cart” Page on the left side and click “Add to menu” and the cart page will be added to the menu items. Also select the main menu to “Use as mega menu” and select the Sub Menu Column Layout

hello, nice theme…

i have purchased wpml plugin to make the web in spanish, english and deutsch. the default page is spanish, so the problem is how to set the events page in differents languages, im trying but i cannot solve this… because in events/settings only ask me for the page (in spanish) where show the events calendar…

the same question about languages with catalogue products… doesnt work… please any help? thanks

Hi!., Sorry., the events calendar plugin is not WPML supported. Check the following reference links

Let us know, if you find any other difficulties!

Hello, this is my website:

we have fixed the events issue in different languages, but the problem is how to put the catalogue items in different languages, please can you check the web and send me a solution to fix the problem


Hi!., Once you have created a catalog item for one language, just go to edit page of that catalog item and you will have the option to add the same catalog item for another language. Like a (+) symbol with flag options of different languages.

I’m having some problems with my Woocommerce store grid. Some of the products are misaligned and are touching, and some grid positions are completely empty. Can you change this (or help me change it) so all of the items line up in a nice grid, even though the names are different lengths?

Hi., Send us the exact gallery page link on your site, so that we can check the alignment. Also, we cannot connect your FTP details. Send us the updated FTP details.

I have three gallery pages I was looking to have changed. 1) 2) 3)

I am also sending updated FTP login info. Thanks!

Hi., Since you have used different sized images on those pages, the page alignment will have that alignment only. Also we have used some custom js in those pages for that alignment. That custom is will fill the gaps in between big sized images and small sized images. So that alignment in your site is good.

Hello, I’m having some difficulties with the icons not appearing in the mega menu, for example, above Home,events,etc. I’ve tried using buddha panel and appearance menu to choose the setting with icons visible in the mega menu but still wasn’t successful. So, how to bring the icons up there? tnq


Please note that you can get them simply by adding the class name of corresponding icons within your menu items itself.

You can have any icons you preferred to use with Menus easily from,

Is Sushi template compatible with qTranslate plugin?

I need my site to be in two languages, translated manually by myself. So I don’t need all of the features of WPML plugin and prefer something lightweight and free to add my translations.

Hi!., Sorry, We have not tested our theme with any external plugins other than the plugins listed in themeforest page.

My menu sticky side nav is not updating with the new categories that I am adding to menu items. Why is this not updating all of sudden?

For example I have a “beef” category and it is not showing up:

Nevermind. I changed the menu page template to default. saved it. then changed it back to catalog template and it fixed it.

Hi!., Glad that you fixed the issue. Let us know, if you find any issues in future.

How can I make this shortcode work with IDs so I can choose the items to show and that won’t change when new items are added?

So for example I want to always pull up ID #’s 3781, 3623, 3602 with this existing code:

[recent_products per_page=”3” columns=”3” orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

Please advise.

Hi!., recent_products shortcodes shows only the recent products. It cannot be specified with the ID values.

I have a page that displays the menu of my restaurant. The listing of menu categories is currently ordered alphabetically. As the result for example (D)rinks show first in the list which is obviously not a good practice for any restaurant menu.

How can I reorder my menu categories in a custom order?

Hi!., Thanks for your patience anyway!! Hope you had a great weekend :)

Please try this plugin to order the menu items

Hello there, Im about to purchase your theme but before that I would like to know if it’s 100% multilingual since i want to localise it in Italian. Thank you.

Hi!., You can easily translate it by WPML Plugin!

Thank you

Hi! Thanks for the update :-)

Hi there, I’m writing to know if Sushi is MU compatible. I need to generate a Wordpress Multi Site. Thank you for reply. Best regards

Hi!., Yes sushi theme is compatible with Wordpress Multi Site.

Hi there, I’m here again for a question regarding contact page, how to translate “enter keywords” and “submit” in our language? thank folks

i’ve translated searchform.php but with any update I’ll lose them, is there a smarted way?

Hello there, I have installed the theme and I’m wondering where to grab your revolution slider images and lay the home page as your demo. Could you gently show me how to get your xml files to import so that I get the same look as what you showcase in your demo? Many thanks in advance.

The WPML plugin is missing in the package. Where do I have to get it from? Thanks

here again, is there a way to add a target=”_blank” to all the Social link on the theme? I don’t like users goes away if they click on my Facebook page link. Thank you

Hi!., Make sure you have added target=’_blank’ as shown in the screenshot.

just to know, write file is social_widget.php in framework/theme_widget

Hi!., The file path wp-content/themes/sushi/framework/theme_shortcodes.php

Good afternoon, got the bug theme. The problem is when you’re at the gallery page and if there is at least 2 pages when clicking on the category of the gallery nothing appears because it is on the second page, appears when you go to the second page and select the category, is possible only correcting this bug :(?

Thanks for the knowing this issue. We will fix this issue in our next version.

HI therem

I’d like to recreate a 1 column menu and sidebar like the one you’ve shown here:

But I’m struggling to do it! Could you explain how this page can be recreated please?



Create a page as shown in the screenshot. Replicate the settings shown in the settings.

Perfect, thanks!

Hi! Thanks :-) Let us know, if you find any issues in future.. Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars)!!

Hi I would like to place only certain categories from the blog on my page. But somehow the filter doesn’t seem to be working and it keeps showing all the categories. How can i resolve this.

Thanks for your time. Appreciate it.

Hi!., Now the home page shows the posts of “feedback” category. We have added the feedback category id to the shortcode. Please check it.

Check the attached screenshot for how to find the category id.


Hi! Thanks :-) Let us know, if you find any issues in future.. Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars)!!