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Hi, I would like to add instagram on the social’s please help

Great to hear that your issues were solved :) Please rate the item, if you have not done it yet!

Extremely Sorry for the Delayed Reply!

Your WordPress Credentials are not working. Please Checkout this screenshot:

Note: While viewing your site on IE (IE8 and IE9) Browser, we can’t find any shadow issues on your slider. Kindly send us a Clear Screenshot of your issue. So that, we can find the exact fix for it!

1. To change color of first screenshot. Go to open, wp-content \ plugins \ designthemes-core-features \ shortcodes \ css \ shortcodes.css Find line no 72. Change the color as you need.

Check this screenshot for help:

2. To change the drop down menu grey color. Go to open, wp-content \ themes \ sushi1 \ style.css Find line no: 278. Change the background color as you need.

Check this screenshot for more help:

For the Instagram social link, we added a widget in Footer Column. Check you footer section. Inside page it’s not possible, because that thinks are bookmarks. But instagram not having that option.

hello, the shop also supports Euro?

Yeah sure! The WooCommerce plugins supports all major currencies including “Euro”.

Refer this Screenshot:

Hello, I don’t know why but in my contact page, the google map does not appear:

I put this code in the page, and activate the module “Responsive Styled Google Maps”, but the map does not appears.

Can you help me Thanks [res_map address=”74, rue Mirabeau 14800 Deauville ” description=”Deli k Sushi Deauville” directionstext=”(directions to our address)” icon=”green” style=”2” pancontrol=”no” scalecontrol=”no” typecontrol=”no” streetcontrol=”no” zoom=”14” zoomcontrol=”no” draggable=”yes” scrollwheel=”no” width=”100%” height=”300px” maptype=”roadmap” popup=”yes” center=”” refresh=”no”]

There is no problem with our contact page google map code. It works perfectly!

Kindly refer this screenshot –

We find some issues in your website:

Your site carries some Jquery errors, because of some WordPress plugins (like minify jquery etc.). So try to check with our default Sushi Theme & Map Plugin.

Hi dt, Where can I find the option for the Menu Listing like this I only found two options, Menu One and Two columns. Also How can I get the icons to appear above the Navigation menu like the demo. I did import the dummy data and selected the right option in the Buddha Panel. Thank you. Great Theme!

Before proceeding to the reply, please update the latest version of the Theme. After downloading the latest version, kindly update all the required plugins too.

Check the following screenshots for new type of menu listing:

Check the following screenshots for setting font-awesome-icons above the menu:

Refer this URL for icons:

Thank you. I think that I have downloaded the latest version. I did so on January 17th, 3 days ago. Is there a newer version since that date? I was able to get the icons thank you very much. Will work on the menu next. I appreciate you help.

Thanks for the Appreciation :) Please let us know, if you find any difficulties in the future too!

Hello, I didn’t see a reply on this question.

How can i add more menu items such as “contact phone number”, “from date” and “to date” using [contact-form-7 id=”1945” title=”Reservation Form”]. Appreciate your help,

Please refer this video for a better idea –

Hi, Thank you for this beautiful theme. I would like to make a gallery page like in the demo. I don’t understand how you make the portfolio. Is there a specific plugin to use and which plugin? I upload the last version. Thanks for an answerd. Best regards Bruno

The Gallery Post options are included in 1.3+ versions of the Sushi Theme. For the Gallery Post options, please update the latest version of the Theme & update the plugins as well.

The Updated plugins are listed below:

(a). sushi \ framework \ plugins \ (For gallery options)
(b). sushi \ framework \ plugins \ (For new WP support & new options)
(c). sushi \ framework \ plugins \ (For new WP support & new options)
(d). sushi \ framework \ plugins \ (For new WP support & new options)

And then, follow the below steps for the Gallery page:

(a). Create Gallery items with category ( )
(b). Go to Dashboard -> Pages -> Create a page for gallery, and choose gallery template ( )

Note: If you find any difficulties, please mail us your WordPress and FTP credentials through the bottom right form @ . We will have a look at your issue and fix it ASAP!

Great to hear that you have solved the issues by yourself :-)

Please let us know, if you find any difficulties in the future too!

Hello, I have a problem on my home page ( Down the page I create a buttom “voir nos menus”, but the link on the button doesn’t work. I would like to make a link to the page “”.

I create the code below, but it doesn’t work. Do you kown why ?
[dt_sc_one_fifth][dt_sc_button variation="orange" size="small" link=""]Voir nos menus[/dt_sc_button][/dt_sc_one_fifth]

The page is working well now! Please check it out here –

thank you

Hope you had a great weekend!

If you are happy with our Theme, please rate it! We are expecting 5 stars from your side :)

Im interested in buyinf this template, but when I go to the live preview it seem like some of the scripts create errors on my browser. And a mayor problem is the scrowling side bar it’s in black and almost impossible to see. It has a lot of great features that I find very attractive but only if it’s working 100%

Is the live preview the newest update?

Thanks for the interest on our Theme :)

We haven’t heard these kind of issues from any of our clients! Our Theme is compatible with all major browsers like IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. If you are getting any issues, please send us a clear screenshot with the browser details!

Hello! Please update me: Have you provided an update with colour options so I can change all colours in the template without css? This is important for me to do, as I don’t understand css and I want to play with colours throughout. You had said it was coming in a week in an update, and it’s been a month or two. Thanks!

I would really like a reply to make a decision re the theme. Thank you!

We will update the Theme ( by including more color options ) within 2 weeks!

Hi, I’m just wondering how does the items listed on the Menu page: link to the Products, so when a User choose any item from the Menu(single or as many as he wish), how does the payment system works to link to the products to the ‘Add to Cart’ like on the Shop page!? Every item on the Menu is linked to this page: , so we must replace this link with the desired link so it goes to the ‘Cart’ page?

For Menu listing, get the menu item ids list. Check this screenshot: And then use the catalog shortcode to list the Menu items. Check this screenshot:

For shopping cart functionality for the menu items, follow the given process:

(1). Install the Woocommerce shopping cart plugin and create products by using the respective plugin.
(2). Create catalog menu items -> Link the menu items & Woocommerce products using the custom field. Refer this screenshot:
(3). Use the Woocommerce Cart & Checkout Page.
(4). And at last, pick a convenient payment gateway for a better shopping cart functionality.

Hello, I have purchased the theme and am eager to get to work on it, but I am having a really hard time installing it to my site, although I have installed other themes before using c panel with no problems. I cannot understand the help video you have posted. Specifically, I don’t understand what second file is that you are opening and referring to (where is it, how do I open it?) and what you are doing with the files. It is unclear without sound what you are clicking on and doing. Is there more detailed info on how to install the theme – with audio – or with specific step by step instructions? I would prefer c panel over ftp. Thank you.

Very happy with the theme!

Please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form located at,

Once if we get access to your end, then we’ll help you get this theme installed and setup ASAP !

thank you. got it.

I purchased the theme, tried uploading the .zip file and it gave me an error, then I extracted the theme folder into my wp-content as the video describes, but when I refresh my themes in Wordpress admin, it sais Sushi is a broken theme because it is missing the Template…

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description Sushi Template is missing.

Please mail us your WordPress and FTP credentials via bottom right form @ . We will install the Theme for you!

I sent you a message with the FTP site, and log in information, please let me know when it is installed. Thank you

Yeah. We’ve got your credentials! We will check it out ASAP, and get back to you through mail.

Before we purchase the “Sushi – Responsive Restaurant Theme”, we have a few questions. 1. In the take-out order feature, how do you manage toppings and dish sizes? We have topping that are free and some that the price is either 1$ or 1.50$. 2. Do you support table reservations? Thank you, Daniel

Thanks for the interest on our Theme :-)

(a). By default, the WooCommerce Plugin comes with the shopping functionality. And so, the Sushi Theme doesn’t have any additional order functionalities.

(b). Our Sushi Theme doesn’t support table reservations. The Reservations can be configured easily by using the Contact form 7 fields.

hey, dose your theme support RTL (right to left) langue and titels?

Yes, our Sushi-WordPress Theme supports RTL. Refer this Screenshot for reference:

The “rtl.css” file included with this theme. You can easily activate it!

the screen shoot shows English Left to Right

Why has my Email still not been responded to?? I have a client waiting on their website and this is making me look like an idiot! I have purchased about 25 themes so far on this website and they have all installed perfectly – why won’t this theme install on Wordpress??

just sent

Sorry. Your WordPress Credentials were incorrect! Checkout this Screenshot –

Please send us the valid WP ( ) details. So that, we can proceed to the next step ASAP!

not sure what happened, I reset the password and successfully logged in with the credentials I just sent.

This theme is fitting my needs very well. I do have one issue I can not figure out. I am using the Revolution slider for my home page. I have added a slider and some image but I receive this error when I view the home page with the page options set to the revolution slider

“Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias not found. “

Thanks in advance

Please check whether, you have chosen any slider from Slider options Metabox. Refer this Screenshot –

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I believe the issues of menus has been mentioned a few times, but I cannot respond inline to a similar fix – sorry if this is a duplicate. I continue to have issues despite using the fixes in this comment area.


I have tried importing test data (also with new file I get 500 error), but this is the MENU display I get no luck yet. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

Hello again, I must say this is one of the best themes on Theme Forest by far. Great Demo, Great Coding. Thanks!

I’m having issues keeping the setting as the primary menu – perhaps I’m on a slow connection. Do you know what the database field settings should look like if I should have to go about setting this as the primary menu?


Kindly, ask your hosting team to increase the max_input_vars value to 5000 and then check saving the menu items.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Thank you as always for the quick response. I had imported the dummy data an extra time, this caused a lot of extra menus. I have disabled dummy data so I don’t do this accidentally again, and I was able to delete the extra menus, save the page, and then set as “PRIMARY MENU” it seemed all those extra menus caused this issue.

Hello I have a problem importing the demo data. The theme appears “broken”

Can you tell me how to fix it?


To Get Rid of the Issue, follow the below process:

(a). Go To WP-Admin -> Appearance -> Menus.
(b). Select the Menu as “Header Menu (Primary Menu)”.
(c). And then, Scroll to the page bottom where you can find the Menu Settings.
(d). Have a Tick on “Primary Menu”, and save it!

Refer this Screenshot –

Note: Please rate our Theme without fail! 5 Stars will be more helpful for improving ourselves!

Please mail us your WordPress and FTP credentials. We will check the issue and get back to you with an exact fix!

Hello, I have purchased the theme, installed dummy data, and entered some content. Issues so far are: 1) Once click dummy data install does not install icons in the main menu or in the catalogue menu. Please direct me. 2) Even with revolution slider installed and updated and turned on, I will need a tutorial to set it up. Please direct me. 3) Blog feeds do not show up on the fixed home page. Please direct me. 4) I am having a very difficult time to get the FEATURES PAGE (NOT woo commerce features, but features page template) to allow me to customize the categories. I would like to edit the categories on the left in the features page so they link to pages I name, instead of the ones you have named. I have placed my content on the pages you named and installed them into my menu, but I would like to name them to suit my needs and have them link to the features menu. I would also like to change the icons to suit my needs. Please direct me. My site is here Thank you!

To get rid of this issue, you have to remove the pre tag before your blog shortcode. ( )

Team shortcode: If you use column layout for the team shortcode, it will appears good.

For Example:
[dt_sc_one_half first][dt_sc_team name="Swathy" role="CEO" image="" twitter="#" facebook="#" google="#" linkedin="#" /][/dt_sc_one_half]
[dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_team name="Swathy" role="CEO" image="" twitter="#" facebook="#" google="#" linkedin="#" /][/dt_sc_one_half]

ps, how do I get rid of the bottom navigation links in the copyright section? and how do I centre titles in the footer widget area?

(i) To get rid of Bottom links in Copyright Section,

Remove or comment following line from “footer.php” file, located in “Theme_directory -> footer.php”

(Note: page links wont appear in the copyright section)

wp_nav_menu( array(‘theme_location’ => ‘secondary-menu’, ‘container’ => false, ‘menu_id’ => ‘footer-menu’, ‘menu_class’ => ‘footer-links’, ‘fallback_cb’ => ‘dt_theme_footer_navigation’));

(ii) To Center the titles in the Footer widget area,

Open “style.css” file, located @ Theme_directory -> skins -> (skin folder) -> style.css ( line number: 35)

footer h3.widgettitle { border-color: #473c35; }
with the below one:
footer h3.widgettitle { border-color: #473c35; text-align: center; }

Thank you. I found it. The line you suggested I change is under footer, not under skins (in the style.css file) and it reads: footer h3.widgettitle { font-size:20px; font-style:normal; padding-bottom:5px; border-bottom:4px solid; margin-bottom:39px; } and I added the text-align in and it worked. But the directions I am getting are very hard to follow because what I am working with does not seem to match. I just downloaded the file maybe a week or two ago, but maybe this means I need to do an update?

If I do that, will I lose the data and changes I have made? Is there a tutorial on how to update the theme? Thank you.

(a). Sorry for that minor mistake ( hope so :-) ) in our last reply. Process that you followed was correct. You have to change it in the theme_directory -> style.css.
(b). Before updating the Theme, please have a copy of your existing one. And then, download the latest version from TF Marketplace. After that, install the theme as usual.

If you update the Theme without any Backup, it results to the loss of customization that you have done before on your site!

Note: We found that you are using the latest version ( version 1.4 ) of Sushi Theme. And so, there is no need of any updation at present.