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In addition, I cannot insert any badge or url based widget into side or footer widget areas – it only shows up as text and not as it does in other widgets. Please help.

Kindly follow the screenshots to add more button for the blog post listing.

Screen-2 :

Please let us know, if you find any more issues!

Wow, your support is amazing! Thank you! I am giving you a 5 star rating! My only suggestions going forward are a colour picker in the back end and that drag and drop is easier for dummies like me than shortcodes!

Mail us your WordPress and FTP credentials via bottom right form @ . So that we can offer you an exact solution to get away from it!

I cannot get the team, nor the intro text, nor the blog shortcode to work properly, even when I copy paste from your template and fill in fields. View my home page for blog and intro text problem (text spacing), and my test page to discern the problem with the team shortcode. I am sorry, but I am not finding this theme user friendly to customize. Neither shortcode buttons, nor copy paste, nor viewing the youtube videos is working and every customization is a headache.

Thank you. When we get the update, will we lose changes to the code or to buddha settings?

Yes, the “sticky” post will just give a “Featured” tag to the post itself.

However the blog feeds will be displayed based on the category ID you given thereby.
[dt_blog_posts categories='4' excerpt_length='20' limit='10' posts_column='one-half-column'/]

While Updating the Theme, it will affect only on your customization code.

Please have a backup of your existing Theme, before updating it to the newer version.

Does this theme use VISUAL COMPOSER ???

Sorry. We didn’t use “Visual Composer” plugin. Instead of that, we have included the below options:

(i). Shortcodes – Easy way of customizing the content.
(ii). Metaboxes – Carries default page options,blog and portfolio options
(iii). Buddha panel – User friendly Theme options
(iv). Advanced SEO options

and much more…

[LayerSliderWP] Invalid shortcode

What is the reason for this?

Sorry, those credentials were invalid. Please mail us the exact credentials. So that we can fix it ASAP!

Hi… Thank you for making the changes. Clearly the recommendation in the screenshot was not the solution if you want to align to the top.

Recommendation to the developer: If you make a change on my site – and its not consistent with your original instructions, please notify me how to change banners. I was able to figure this out in this case.

5 stars! Thank you!!

We have removed top spacing in your Slider. Please check this screenshot:

For Changing the banners, refer the following documentation & video URLs.

oh , how can I get any demo content ? I did not find in your files

Before Importing Dummy Data, check whether the required plugins are installed.

And there is another way to Import dummy data. Follow the below instructions:

(a). Go to Dashboard -> Tools -> Import and click WordPress
(b). Browse the dummy data xml file and Import ( )
(c). After importing, Navigate to Dashboard -> Appearance -> menu, and choose primary option ( )

Here is the Dummy Data XML file –

Note: If you are happy with our Theme and Support, please rate it! We are expecting 5 stars from your side :)

Hey guys, how can I change the gallery post image placeholder? I’ve already changed it on gallery-post-layout.php file. Although I don’t know which file calls the image placeholder for the single gallery post page.

You may find my single gallery post page here:

Thank you and congratulations for the great WP theme!

At present, we are working on this Gallery Post Shortcode. And, you can expect the update by next week!

Please rate our Theme, if you have not done it yet!

Sounds great! I’ll be waiting for the update. Thank you!

You are welcome!

I have gotten a message from my hosting company that something on my site is using PHP 5.2. I need to know if everything in the site package, including plugins, is 5.4 compatible. Everything is updated and no outside plugins, other than what you suggested with the theme, are installed.

Thank you.

This Theme works well with PHP 5.x versions!

Thank you!

I see you have Mailchimp integration. Are you planning or would you be willing to add Campaign Monitor integration?

Sorry. We have no idea to add Campaign Monitor integration in the Sushi Theme.

Thanks for the response.


Fantastic theme guys!

Just a quick question,

When clicking through to a single item on the portfolio, it refers to ‘project details’ and you can of course enable the ‘related projects’ section towards the bottom of the page.

How can I change the text from ‘Project’ to some else? For example Related Products or Product Details.

Look forward to your response!

Thanks for the Purchase and Appreciation :-)

You can get a clear idea with the help of this screenshot –

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It is possible to disable Sticky Navigation only for Mobile Devices?

Yes. It is possible!

(a). Open “responsive.css” file, located @” Theme_directory -> css -> responsive.css” (b). And, add the following style:
@media only screen and (max-width:767px) { #header-wrapper, #header-wrapper header { position:inherit !important; }

Note: Note: If are happy with our Theme and Support, please rate it! 5 Stars will be very much appreciated :-)

Thanks for the response.

It’s our Pleasure :) Please rate our theme, if you have not done it yet!

Hello, i got a question, the image size in woocommerce shop is way to big. Products are fine but category size is huge. should be same size. i got hard crop on in settings but still looks horrible.

category page: product page:

The product page is how i want it. Hope u can help me out.

Open the “style.css” file located @ “sushi \ framework \ woocommerce \ css \ style.css”, and place the following CSS style:
.woocommerce .products .product-category img { width: 150px !important; }
Refer these screenshots for a better idea:

Note: If you really like the Theme and Support, please offer us the Item Rating. Expecting 5 stars from you :-)

If I trying to activate ‘Revolution Slider’ I become “The plugin generated unexpected output.” message. Installation was successful.

I’m using WP 3.8.1. Can you help me somehow? :)

email sent.. :) sorry for stupid question.. :) how can I rate your Theme and Support? :)

Please mail us your WordPress and FTP Login Credentials through the right bottom @ . So that, we can have a clear look at your issue and fix it ASAP.

Checkout this Screenshot ( ) to find a better way to rate the item!

Hey guys, could you help me with some more issues from my website?

1- The gallery single post pages aren’t loading well the featured image size in order to calculate its container height. How could I fix it? Even after a refresh, in most of pages the container size keeps wrong. You can find an example below:

2- I think the site is running a little slow. Is there anything I can do in order to make it faster?

Besides that, I’m waiting for the theme update with shortcode for featured gallery. Hope you launch it soon!

Thank you in advance, guys!

(1 & 3). For the gallery issue & featured Gallery Shortcode,

We’ll update the Theme by today night. In the updated version (version 1.5), we have changed the gallery Slider. So, please download and Update the Theme.

Note: Please have a Backup of your existing Theme, before updating it with a new one!

(2). Use WordPress Cache Plugin: . Please configure it correctly, it is used to speed up your website.

Hello, my theme and slider are up to date, but in revolution slider, when I try to “preview slide” or “edit style” or “edit global style” for any slide when I am editing the slide, the popup window for each of these functions gets stuck and will not let me select any of the perameters within it or even close it. It is totally unresponsive and gets stuck on the screen unless I use the back button. I am using chrome. Can you please tell me how to use these functions?

Please share your mail ID here (or) Let us know your mail_ID through the right bottom @ . So that, we can send you the reply (with latest revolution slider plugin) privately!

Hello, I got your email and downloaded the Revolutin slider update. I don’t know how to install it to my website; I’m using wordpress. I tried uploading as a plugin and this does not work. Do you have instructions for how to upload and integrate the updated file? Thank you.

Please follow the below given process to enable the revolution slider in your theme,

(a). Downloaded the plugin folder, which we have mailed you!
(b). Extract the Plugin folder to your desktop.
(c). Using your FTP, upload the extracted Plugin folder to the “wp-content/plugins” folder in your WordPress directory.
(d). Open WP-admin, and Go to Plugins screen.
(e). You can find the newly uploaded Plugin in the list.
(f). Click Activate Plugin (Layer Slider , Revolution Slider) to activate it.

Kindly Checkout the following Documentations for Creating and Activating the Sliders.
Revolution Slider –
Layer Slider –

For the layer slider, you have an option to import sample sliders.

Since update today, blog featured images have no defined size and there is no consistency. Images are staying original size. How do I fix this in the theme?

web url should read

Sorry to say that you have exceeded our free Support Time ( please check all your past queries and our replies ). We can help you only for the Theme installation & any issues while integrating the Theme. And, we can’t assist you for the entire theme customization. If you still expect a guidance from our end, we will work for you @ the charge of $15-$20 / per hour. Please let us know your wish!

Hello, I am not asking for any customizations on my theme. I just want my theme to function as it does in the preview. Once I set it up as you have advertised it to work, if I need any customizations I will be happy to hire you for that. What I am asking is how to get photos to show as you have them showing in your theme in woo. Do I have to crop to a certain size before uploading or is there a setting to do that that I have missed, and how do I get Revolution slider to allow me to edit it (explained above). I am not even able to enter the back end of the slider, it just freezes me out of all popup edit panes. If you could just look at that issue, from my end, I have not taken you up on any offer to go to my site and fix anything but for that one issue I would like help. I don’t want to cause you extra work, but I do expect it to function as in the example. Thank you.

Social icon buttons have changed from the original round version in the update. How do I get the round version back, in blog, in gallery, and etc?

Please mail us your WordPress and FTP credentials through the bottom right form @ . We will have a look at your issue and offer a solution ( or fix it if possible )!

While comparing the latest version ( version 1.5) with the older version ( version 1.4) of Sushi, we have removed the unwanted social icons inside CSS styles. And so, we can achieve the above request with the help of Theme Customization. It can take around one hour to complete this Customization.

You will be charged around $15 for this Customization. If you wish to proceed, Kindly send the cost to our Paypal account ( We will start the work, after receiving the customization cost.

Thank you. I did not realize this was a customization to get what I originally purchased.

hi all, I really prefer the All in One Calendar because it have the postcards views that is really cool and perfectly responsive but the standard version crash the site. Is there a solutions? or a known issue? Thank you very much in advance

why I haven’t the PURCHASED label? I bought it :(

Our Theme Package includes “The Events Calendar” plugin. You can easily manage the events by using this Plugin.

Refer this URL for more details –

Note: Please mail us your Purchase info through the right bottom form @

Interesting theme, one thing stopped me from going further in looking around though – are you aware that shop is not quite functioning in IE8?

No images for products on the shop grid view, not possible to view simple products details pages, nothing seems to be happening when clicking on ‘add to cart’ button on the shop grid view, while the product gets added to the cart indeed.

Any feedback on those issues please?

Yeah, We know that you’ve not purchased the Theme :) But, we thought that you might have purchased it from any other profile ( as like a few of our clients did :-) ). Anyway Thanks for the notification, and we’ll have a look at the IE8 issue ASAP!

Thankies! Can’t wait for an update on the issue :-)

Hi I just installed the theme and all of the recommended plugins and also dummy data. Here is how the menu looks like in Firefox and Chrome:

this is in all browsers. What can I do to fix this?

Hope you had a great Weekend! And here is the Fix for your issue,

(a). Go To WP-admin -> Apprearance -> Menus
(b). Select the Menu as “Header Menu ( Primary Menu )”
(c). And then, move towards the bottom of the Page
(d). Have a Tick on “Primary Menu”
(e). At last, Save Menu!

Please refer this Screenshot –

Note: If are happy with our Theme and Support, please rate it! 5 Stars will be very much appreciated :)

Hallo, I have some problems :( I hope that you have the right solution for me See the picture

First of all, Download the WPML Plugin from . And then Follow the Instructions as shown here

$ 79 should buy it To solve my problems??

Yes. We have developed our Theme with WPML Plugin compatibility. If you wish to use, you have to purchase it online and use it on your site.