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I updated to the latest version of wordpress and seem to have lost the buttons on the top of the editors to add the themes features.

Please help. I feel I have lost the features that make this so special. There is no more accordian etc… dt’s

For Downgrading the WordPress version, please follow the instructions as given in the below URL

Thank you.

Its our pleasure :)

Hi, I’ve been trying to put the mailchimp widget without success. I’ve created the list and added the widget but it still won’t show. Please advise. Thanks

For Social Icons Query:

(1). Please add the social icons shortcode as shown here –

(2). And also make sure to add some social icons from Admin -> Sushi -> General -> Sociable, as shown here –

Hi, I´ve managed to put the social icons on the widget area of the homepage but it´s not working if I put it on the footer area for all the pages. Please advise. Thanks

As you have added the Facebook social icon ( from Admin -> Sushi -> General -> Sociable ) for the home page widget, the facebook icon gets displayed on your sites homepage. If you wish to display more icons in the home page, then please add it from the above mentioned option.

Refer the following Screenshot,

I have created a slider but the main background image is not showing up. Any idea why?

I am still having the issue. I set images and text in the slider, level by level. It works fine in preview but when I go to see in a page the images don’t appear, just the text. Can you help me? Simon

As we have checked your site, we can see the the slider images. Please refer this Screenshot –

Thank you. I got it.

I couldnt find adding shortcode icon.Where is it?

If you are using the Theme in WordPress 3.9, you will get this issue. So Please continue using the Theme with WordPress 3.8.

We haven’t checked the Theme compatibility with the latest version of WP ( version 3.9) yet. We’ll update our theme for WordPress 3.9 ASAP, and will let you know.

Hi… exist another way of sort the menu (food) items? I see that is order by alphabetic, but, I need that be by id or order of entry…

is possible?


This is only situation to finalize my project… The theme is very good, and work perfectly

Please mail your WordPress and FTP Login Credentials via the right bottom form @ . We will check the issue and offer you a solution to get rid of it ASAP!

Now is ok! Thanks for all…I installed in another domain and import all content…

Hi, where can I download the latest version of Revolution Slider? Thank you very much

Please share your mail ID here (or) Let us know your mail_ID through the right bottom @ . So that, we can send you the latest version Revolution Slider Plugin Privately!

Hi, Do you have shortcode for gallery? Thanks!

If it is possible to rearrange the order of catalogs?

Yes! Please use this plugin ( ) for rearranging the catalog items.

Kindly Note: It will rearrange the items inside a specific category.

Thank you very much for your rating

Button shortcode does not work while inside column short code button shortcode is displayed but link does not work.

We have used button shortcode, inside column shortcode.

And code is shown below:
[dt_sc_one_half first]

[dt_sc_button size="small" align="left" target="_blank" link=""]Click me![/dt_sc_button]


[dt_sc_one_half]Content for 1/2 Column here[/dt_sc_one_half]
Refer the below given Screenshot:

Note: Kindly! place the your link with http / https. If still you find any issues,

Please! mail us your WordPress and FTP Login Credentials via the right bottom form @ . We will check the issue and offer you a solution ASAP!

i have used your code as a test , the button shows but is not clickable which is how it was before i changed it . i am running wp 3.9 and also do not have shortcode icon in the editor either

Hi! Please follow the steps listed below.,

Please update our theme with latest version compatible with wordpress 3.9. Follow the below steps to update the theme, so that you can get rid of those issues,

1) Download the theme from themeforest page.

2) If you have made any custom changes in the code, please take a backup of it.

3) Overwrite the updated theme files to the older theme files. Update the custom change that you had already.

4) go to wp-content/plugins/ through ftp

5) Remove the folder designthemes-core-features/ from wp-content/plugins/

6) Then Login to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Install Plugins. Install the Designthemes Core Features plugin. Thats it. Now you are updated to the latest version.

Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) !!

I saw someone else was having this issue but I am getting this error -

Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/simonl5/public_html/ on line 869 -

on this and some other pages…

Thank you. Ideas?


Kindly! Download the file from the below shown URL and replace it into “sushi \ framework folder\register_public.php”.

Refer the file:

Thank you! As always.

Thanks for your reply!

What is the current version of this theme. I think I have 1.5. Is it 1.6? Is there a way to automatically upgrade? Thank you. Simon

Okay guys I am very sorry to ask this. I think I have a handle on upgrading in the future. But I did lose the work you did on the about us page. If there is any way for you to redo that I would appreciate it so much and make sure not to lose it in the future! Thank you. Simon


Before updating the theme you need to backup the changes that you have done in the files. Because updating the theme, means overwriting the exiting files with new files, So the new files will overwrite your changes.

The settings in the dashboard are stored in DB, so it will not change when there is a update in theme. It is not possible to get your theme file customizations from our end. But please check with your hosting company, whether they have taken any backup of your files, before you updated.


We have fixed your issues, kindly take a look at your site….

Note: Kindly before updating the theme, please have a backup of your existing one. Or else, all your customization will gets overridden.

Kindly rate us, if you have not yet done….

How can I use the wpml multilingual plugin?? I cant find it in my plugins list not activate a new plugin for languages as it is imcompatible with multilingual sites!!

Please advise

do I have to buy the plugin?? It was written that it was included!

Our Theme is Compatible with WPML Plugin. But you have to purchase it online! Once purchased, you will get a detailed documentation for using it.

For Purchasing, please visit –

Yes! You need to purchase Wpml plugin online! Our Theme only supports the WPML Plugin and it is mentioned as only Compatible With WPML in the themeforest page.

Once purchased, you will get a detailed documentation for using it.

For Purchasing, please visit –


I do not see where I can remove the Sign In and Cart from the top header of the main page. How can I remove those two things? Thanks :)

For removing the sign in and cart from the top header follow the process shown below:

1) Open “header.php” file through “wp-content/themes/sushi/header.php”

2) Remove the line that is highlighted in the screenshot as follows:

Note: If you are happy with our Theme and Support, kindly place your worthy ratings! We expect 5 stars from your end :)


I would like to recreate the “Contact Us” widget exactly as you see in the footer of the demo. Is this a shortcode? Thanks :)

Kindly, check the screenshot and use the shortcodes for recreating the contact us widget as like in our demo:

The administrator of this sushi not working properly. Sushi on the menu which is inside the wp_admin it leaves change any item, it shows the tabs budha panel just down the page, I believe you’re experiencing a javascript error when clicking on any option it just does nothing. Have tried using the versions 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9 of wordpress and have installed all the necessary plugins. Do you have any idea what might be happening?


Please check whether, you have installed any external plugins other than the recommended plugins, If so, kindly deactivate those plugins and check the Buddha Panel. The issue might be due to the external plugins. Let us know if you have any other difficulties.

Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) !!

this module “” is included in package?

Yes! Blog pages are always included in our theme. Kindly, let us know if you have any queries.

Hello I purchased the the theme and I have the following question: Is it possible to avoid image resizing? For each image I upload I get 25 resized images and that increases the size of the website considerably.

Thanks for your Purchase!

The image re-size is necessary for the theme, because many pages won’t look nice if we remove the re-size functionality. The image re-size will allow the images to fit in our theme layout perfectly.

If you still want to remove the re-size functionality, You can remove it from the followings:

- Get into your “Wp-contents/themes/sushi/framework/theme_features.php”

- Check the attached screenshot for the code to remove.

Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) !!

Thanks so much for yoir quick response

Thanks for the appreciation. Hope you have rated our item…Else kindle rate (5/5).

hi, this theme has amazing stuff! Just wondering if you provide customization?..If so, I want to develop a mulch-restaurant booking site using this theme, like:

Please let me know if you help developing this theme a multiple-restaurant booking service & send me your quote..

Look forward, Thanks

Thanks for the appreciation!

Yes! We will do custom work. Let us know your custom work, so that we can give you a timeline and price quote. First, please purchase our theme and let us know.

Note: Since! if its a minor customization means, we will do it for free. If any customization work takes more than 1 hour, we will charge $20/ per hour.

Hi there,

Would you be able to tell me what line of the style.css I change in the pale brown skin to change the colour of the following elements please, driving myself mad!

1) Colour band behind the logo/page names

2) Colour of the unselected page names in navigation

3) Colour of the separator lines underneath the page title names in the footer

4) Background colour of the main content area (in between slider and footer)

Many thanks!

1) For changing block color behind the logo and navigation bar:

Get into your Stylesheet through “wp-content/themes/sushi/style.css” Line-no:255, Add a property background with respective color you needed.. 2) Please mail us your site URL. If you haven’t launched your site yet means, Kindly provide us the ( WordPress and FTP Login) Credentials through the right bottom form @ . So that, we can check the issue and fix it ASAP!

Note: Kindly send us the required color also. So that, we can customize it for you….


Thanks, no problem I’ve just emailed you now :)

Ah forgot to add the colour we wish to change the background to is: #919191 thanks!

Can you tell me how to get rid of links to every page on my website in my footer? I can not seem to find out where to turn off those little words at the bottom of my pages. Thank you as always.

Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus -> Select a menu to edit -> Click Select -> Delete All the menus there -> Check ( Secondary Menu) Checkbox -> Save Menu. Thats it. The footer menus will be removed.

Thanks as always!

Thank you for the reply anyways!

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Hi, Sorry bothering you again. Currently, my category list is pretty long. If i check my menu page in a 13 inches screen, the category list will go outside the screen, customer cannot click the lower part of the list. They have to scroll the whole menu to the bottom, to let the category list shows the lower part.

Here is the screen shot link: Thanks!

We have checked the menu page in “13 inch monitor” and the menus seems to be fine. There’s no need to scroll down to the bottom for getting the last menu item.

Kindly refer the attached screenshot for reference: