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Is the theme compatible with wordpress 3.9.1 because I upgraded the wordpress to 3.9.1 and I’m having issues with the gallery, I cannot add pitcures selecting gallery in blog posts. I ‘m also having issues with the contact form I cannot add new fields. Please, let me know and if it is not compatible I will try to downgrade. Thanks in advance for your support. P.S: I want to rate your theme but I can’t find where to do so.

Please update our theme with latest version compatible with wordpress (3.9). Follow the below steps to update the theme.

1) Download the theme from themeforest page. 2) If you have made any custom changes in the code, please take a backup of it. 3) Overwrite the updated theme files to the older theme files. 4) Get into wp-content/plugins/ through ftp 5) Remove the folder designthemes-core-features/ from wp-content/plugins/ 6) Then Login to “Dashboard -> Appearance -> Install Plugins”. Install the Designthemes Core Features plugin. Thats it. Now you are updated to the latest version.

Note: If you have already updated our theme, just follow the steps 4,5,6 to update our designthemes-core-features plugin, which will solve all your issues.

Before Updating the Theme, please have a backup of your existing one. Or else, all your customization will gets overridden.


Hello, I followed the instructions (steps 4,5 and 6) and I’m still having the same issue with the galleries, when I click on the button “Click here to add images” nothing happens, so the images aren’t added to the gallery.

Please mail your ( WordPress and FTP Login) Credentials through the right bottom form @ . So that, we can check the issue and fix it ASAP!

I am hoping you can tell me why when I add a side bar to the menu page, which I have changed to the about us page, the text encroaches on the image. Here is the page. When I remove the sidebar it is okay but I would like a sidebar on the page so maybe you can help me with the alignment. Thanks as always. Simon

I sent them to you today. Thank you! S

Just following up with you. Thank you.

As we mentioned earlier!

We need both of WP/ FTP details. You have provided us only the Wp admin details. Kindly, share the FTP credentials too. So that, we can check the issue and fix it ASAP!


I am going crazy trying to understand the ID numbers assigned to Catalog and Category items. I want to use the Catalog shortcode given in demo, such as [dt_catalog_items_type2 item_ids=’2183,2182=’ column=’2’/]

How do I determine what numbers replace 2183 and 2182?

For making catalog shortcode link to a page, kindly follow the process shown below:

1) Please open the file “wp-content/themes/sushi/framework/theme_shortcodes.php”

2) Go to line number: 732 and 734

3) Edit the links as per your need as shown in the screenshot.

Note: Please don’t forget to place your worthy ratings :) Your 5 stars has a crucial part in our overall rating!

That solved it. You are a wizard, thank you. 5 stars given

Thanks a lot for the 5 Star Rating :-)

Let us know, if you have any other difficulties.

Hey, nice work! Quick question: I wanted to have my own icon/thumb image next to catalog title. I don’t want to use awesome fonts, but an actual image. Any easy way to do this? To insert an icon/image in catalog category that is not awesome font? Thank you for your support!

As of now! We have used the “font awesome icons” for the catalog titles. If you need your own icon/image in catalog, then you have to customize the “font-awesome.min.css” for adding your custom icon.

Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) !!... thanks in advance


good theme. I hope your support is good too.

I get an error when i go to Catalog\Categories and the on anyone category on “view”.

Warning: include(/.../wp-content/plugins/designthemes-core-features/custom-post-types/templates/inc/catalog-archive-layout.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /.../wp-content/plugins/designthemes-core-features/custom-post-types/templates/taxonomy-catalog_entries.php on line 24

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ’/.../wp-content/plugins/designthemes-core-features/custom-post-types/templates/inc/catalog-archive-layout.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear’) in /.../wp-content/plugins/designthemes-core-features/custom-post-types/templates/taxonomy-catalog_entries.php on line 24

I have hide my complete URL… but if u send me a mail / PN i can write u the complete URL.

The problem is that this error find by google …

So many theme user have the same bug. Can u solve this? Or is a plugin missing by me?

Thanks and best regards, Dennis

Please mail your ( WordPress and FTP Login) Credentials through the right bottom form @ . So that, we can check the issue and fix it ASAP!

my site is, I have installed the sushi theme but cant get home page slider and dummy content working to look like your demo copy. can anyone help. have tried to use the youtube video but as there is no sounds cant follow it too well. thanks


Please mail us your WordPress and FTP credentials through the bottom right form @ . we can install the dummy content for you it ASAP!

hi, any news.. need to move with this.. thanks

We have already asked for the (FTP and Admin details), So as to install the dummy contents. Please send us, so that we can install the dummy contents ASAP!!.

Hi, I have a question about the catalog shortcode, now I’m using this code in my website:

[dt_catalog_items_type2 item_ids = ‘3352, 3354,3356,3358 ‘column = ‘3’ show_price = ‘false’ /]

is possible to put a category id’s and display all items in that category?

Extremely sorry that:

We don’t have the option of providing the “category id” in the catalog shortcode. We will surely consider this option in our future updates. Or if you need it, we can do it as a customization. We’ll charge around $20-25 per hour for that customization.

Let us know, if you are interested.

i can’t load dummy content… my site is what can I do? Help!


I bought your theme. It is very nice, good job!

Where can I get dummy content so I can have exactly the same Website as your demo then replace your content with my own? It will help me a lot!

Another question: How much would you charge to install WordPress + your theme (as specified as above) including the necessary plugins?

Thank you!

Thanks for the purchasing!

Kindly import the demo data from “Dashboard -> Sushi -> General -> Import Dummy Data”.

If you find any difficulties, Please mail your WordPress and FTP Login Credentials via the right bottom form @ . ( Note: If wordpress not installed) send us your cpanel details, so that we can install it for you at free of cost.

Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) !!


Is your slider compatible with videohive ( Thank you!

Thanks for purchasing our theme!

Yes! Our slider is compatible with the videos from videohive ( ). Let us know, if you find any other difficulties!

Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) !!

Hello Layer slider showing me Update, But how can I update the layer slider ? I need help, as soon as possible, thanks,

Please update your mail id immediately via the right bottom form located @ so that we will send you the updated version layerslider.. Then we’ll help you get rid of it ASAP !!

When i use a variable product, the variations appears but the button “add to cart” don’t appears.

So i can’t buy the products.

Could you help with this ?

Please check whether, you have created the variable products according to this documentation of woocommerce Because missing some steps in variable products may produce such errors.

Let us know, if you find any difficulties!!

Please mail your (WordPress and FTP Login) Credentials via the right bottom form @ . We will check the issue and offer you a solution to get rid of it ASAP!

I am having a problem with the Gallery on initial page load. The images either overlap and/or show up as a small thin line across the top of the page. The site is

Like I said it happens randomly (on both Firefox and Chrome) and on both the desktop and mobile views. Many times if you click on the tabs to sort them it fixes itself. Please help as my client is requesting this issue get fixed. Thank you so much.

Kindly, update the theme with the latest version in which we have fixed the gallery issue. Let us know if you need any help.

Along with the gallery issue I just posted, I’m having an issue with the short code [dt_events_list limit=’3’ excerpt_length=’15’/] on the homepage ( It’s displaying events that have expired/passed and we only want it to show current and upcoming events. I tested it many different ways and it keeps old ons keep showing up.


Thanks for letting us know about the issue.

We will fix this issue in our next update.

Hello, Sorry to bug you again. Your theme is missing a css element that is throwing off our orders page. We need to add “clear: none;” to the css page as seen in the screenshot below. We have searched but can’t find this section anywhere. Can you advise?


Kindly!. try editing the css class “table” in the file , line no: 144.

Thank you. That was it! Just when I thought you couldn’t be any more impressive. :)

Thank you for your kind reply. Please let us know, if you need any help or support.

My god!!!!! this error ocurred in launch day the website :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/ikiru713/public_html/site/index.php on line 1

Please Help meee!!!!! I dont know that happened!!!

I built another site and is all resolved… thanks, I dont know that happened but, I lost all css and after occurred that “Fatal Error”...

But now, is all right

This theme is wonderfull , and he work perfectly… these problems happen…

Now… I lost the email and password of wp-admin…. my god!

If you help me,... please give me a light

The email id that you have used in the site is “”. Please use this email id in the forgot password section and generate a new password.

Please feel free to rate us, if you haven’t done it yet…(5/5 stars!!!)

I cannot get the theme to load. I am attempting to upload the Sushi zip file and continue to get a message “are you sure you want to do this?” Please try again.

Please help!

Hi…. Hope you had a fine weekend :)

1) If your wordpress uploader does not work. Please connect your server via FTP. 2) Move to folder “Wp-content/themes/” 3) Upload the sushi theme files ( The files inside the folder sushi) 4) Activate it via “Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes”.

If you still find any difficulties, please mail us your “WordPress and FTP Login” Credentials through the right bottom form @, so that we can install the theme for you ASAP!!.

Hello :) This will be my final question. I have a question regarding the vertical tab shortcode and Catalog Item link. If you visit my page and click ORDER NOW for Dried Fruit, I would like it to take the user to the Order Page AND have the Dried Fruit tab be highlighted. Is there a way to do this?

Currently! we don’t have that option, but you need to customize the “order page of woocommerce” plugin to so as to achieve this custom work.

Let us know, if you find any other difficulties!!

I am working with a client that has a logo that needs to be a touch bigger than what the theme is allowing. I was wondering if I could get the logo to hang over the slider on the home page and over other pages too, basically so it can be a bit bigger than what it is now.

I am uploading the logo as a PNG and no matter what size I have it at, the theme is seemingly resizing it to whatever pixel dimensions it wants.

Let me know what can be done.


Hope that the following instructions will help you get a clear view:-

1) Please open the file wp-content/themes/sushi/style.css

2) Go to line no: 243 (#logo)

3) Edit the height as per you need

4) Upload the file back to the server.

Note: If you like our theme and happy with our support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) which would be much appreciated and helpful for us to proceed support you all forever… thanks in advance

Hello. Awesome theme, I want to use it for one of my clients. I need to know if the templates are editable from the backend? I would need to add some accordions, etc to the home page and do not want to start messing with the codes. Thanks.


Yes, you can add sliders and accordion on the home page.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but we do not have the option as you have mentioned in the screenshot. Thanks for the suggestion, we will try to implement it in future.

Sorry for the delay. All of your questions has been answered.