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Nice template, congrats mate :) !


Good job, nice color!

Thanks a lot!

Excellent work! Waiting to buy a WP version :)

WP is coming soon…WordPress is coming soon! Thanks for the appreciation…

Kudos!! Want and need the “html and or wp ” asap.

Best wishes

WordPress is coming soon! Thanks for the appreciation…

Circling back to learn when we can expect the “wonderful” WP Template. Thanks in advance

Amazing colors, kudos!

Looks really good. GLWS.

Are you able to provide any indication on when you think the WP version might be available?

Also, if you could offer some header varieties (e.g. logo centre etc.), that would be great.

WP will be available in two weeks. Sure can introduce the header options…

Great design! ;)

Thanks Mate!

Awesome design! Good luck ;)


Thanks for the appreciation…

I like it! Good luck with sales!

thanks a lot…

Do you have any wordpress version ? or ecommerce ? Thanks

Wordpress will be released soon…