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Since updating your theme to the latest version (from version 2.0.3), it has broke the footer columns on my site. It put footer widget columns 1 & 2 ontop of each other so the footer area’s very stretched out. The copyright text looks like it’s in footer column…even though I have a 3 column footer display.

Here’s a screenshot of the broken footer I tried to explain:

Thanks for any help you can provide -CT

the “ygg” was just random text I placed into footer column 4 to see if that did anything.


Come on over to the support forums and I’d be glad to help. I’m sure there’s a simple explanation. Also, when you post in the forum, please make sure to post a live link to your site.

All support is handled at:

Here’s further instructions on getting access:

LOVES THIS THEME !!! Recommended it to a friend for their site, they purchased it and I loved working with it again


Is this wp 4.7 compliant?


Yes this theme is always maintained to work with the latest version of WordPress. And if you ever have a problem with the latest version of WordPress, simply let support know so they can fix the issue in the update to the theme.

update broke my child theme customization’s this time, still an awesome theme, just had to remember what I had where, thank god for the wayback machine, made things easier
layout, widgets, etc
takes that back, it only shows me what it looked like, still has to go and completely reset the colors, layout, widgets, sidebars, header, logo, everything. It put all the defaualt stuff back in just as if I had first set up my site with Swagger.


I fixed it! In the child theme it had an option for it’s name:
YOUR CHILD THEME and then in author YOUR NAME

I had changed that to MY SITES NAME CHILD THEME and added my name

that took away all my settings. When I switched it back, all my customization’s returned


Sorry for the frustration, but this sounds like you’re not quite understanding the updating process and how this works with a child theme. If you have a valid support license, feel free to message me and I’d be happy to discuss this in more detail with you to avoid this type of headache in the future.

Contact button is at the bottom of the page.

No, I no longer have support. Also, I’ve been updating wordpress & themes for years now, always reads documentation. Has had a child theme since I installed this a couple years ago. It’s all good now. I’ll just leave the child theme’s name as it is now and be happy. Like I said, I love the theme.
But thanks you so much for the reply. This child theme name is actually irrelevant. My site is back and working beautifully and that’s all that matters. I apologize if I caused a ruckus. It was not my intention. Was just flustered for a minute yesterday. GREAT THEME. Easy, simple if you want it to be, fast. I love it. I guess that’s why I was upset when I thought I’d messed it up.


vnp Purchased

For some reason, I can no longer assign a template to a new page.


This is most likely due to the WordPress 4.9 update, where they added caching to the selection of page templates. They have fixed this in 4.9.1.

In the future, for support requests, please make sure you have a valid support license and submit your requests here:

(Click “Contact Author” button at the bottom there)


vnp Purchased

Yes, I can confirm it is fixed now. Possible to choose custom layout again.

Is TEMPLATES the same as the OLD BUILDER OPTION in the Admin sidebar? Is confused

Never mind, seems it is, figured it out.

In v2.0 of the layout builder, the concept of “Templates” was introduced, creating a separation between the custom layout of an individual page and a reusable template.

So there are now “Templates” and “Custom Layouts”. A custom layout can be built directly into a page while editing it. And templates can be set up and synced across multiple pages to control their custom layouts.

Yes, and it’s been a while since I created a new page on the site I LOVE THIS ! GREAT WORK ! Still loving this theme.

hi jason,

still using swagger 2.1.5 with wp 4.1.23 and php 5.3.

in regard to new upcoming dsgvo in europe we want to change privacy settings for youtube. actually we using a youtube video in standard slider. tested different two cklick solutions to resprect the visitor privacy settings and contacting google only after accepting cookies. that doens’t work (that preview pic is stored locally and google will only be contacted after accepting cookies). same for embedding video with google’s extended data prvacy settings.

do you have an idea get it like described above?




Apologies, but I just have no idea about this. I wish I could be of some help.