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Liking this, nice work Jason.

Dude! Welcome back, good luck with sales :)

Nice. Good luck with sales!

Looks amazing bud! You always out do yourself!! Good luck with your sales. I may very well be a buyer of this soon too!

- Bryce Wisekal

Wow! I’m glad I’ve been holding off on buying a responsive theme! Are we using the Tim Thumb script?

Nope, none of my products use TimThumb. I only use WordPress’s built-in thumbnail system. And that’s combined with a responsive CSS structure to allow for the images to flex in different situations.

Swagger Jagger! Good luck with sales :)

lol yes this theme is just like that song. :-)

@Chris @George @WPExplorer @Bryce

Thanks, guys. It’s good to be back!

Thats all I needed to know for now! I almost purchased another theme, released not to long ago, my pre-sales questions were handled poorly. I own another one of your themes and you have always been timely and professional, with my questions. I apreciate this. Going for the Buy Button Now!

Yeah this is a work of art! Nick K

Awesome, glad to hear it. Good luck!

Dude, this is the shit. I’ve been watching the Responsive section on Themeforest for a very long time now. I’ve watched it grow from 1 theme, to now 2 pages of responsive themes. Yours takes the cake man. What sold me was the multitude of different page options.


Awesome, I hope it works out for you!

Hi there ThemeBlvd.

This theme looks great – so many layout options, which is what’s been missing from a lot of the responsive themes.

Can you tell me how the theme handles embedded videos? I can see examples of lightbox videos in the preview and I’ve looked at how those work on my iPhone and they come up OK. But how does the responsiveness work when the video is embedded in a post instead? I’ve seen some responsive themes where you get bad letterboxing when you view embedded videos on the iPhone. Can you point me to any examples in your Preview?

Cheers, Chris

Hi Chris,

Thanks for you question. I had actually forgot about talking about that in the live demo, so I’m glad you reminded me.

I’ve designed videos to be responsive, as well, by applying Chris Coyier’s method to all videos embedded with WordPress’s built-in oEmbed feature.

I just went ahead and finished this page in the live demo with some examples you can check out:

I’m not sure how you would avoid that slight letter-boxing that occurs on the iPhone, but without the responsive structure the videos wouldn’t even be able to fit inline with the content. It’s difficult because we need to re-size the container that holds the video, however all videos are different in size, so there will almost always be a little letterbox unless you restructured the overall CSS to match the exact ratio of a certain video. It’s still a topic we’re all learning about and improving over time :-)

Wow – great service!

That’s exactly what I was looking for. That letter-boxing is tiny and nothing to worry about for me. I’ve seen some themes where the black bars above and below are bigger than the video – just wanted to make sure this wasn’t the case here.

Congratulations on a great theme – I’m going to buy it now.

Cheers, Chris


Great work as usual. Does this theme include your built in SEO plugin?

Sorry, I’ve decided to do away with the built-in SEO in this new version of the framework. What I’ve done instead is to code it so it will work with a few of the more popular SEO plugins out there like Headspace and All-in-one SEO . I figured since the built-in plugin was doing all the same things these other plugins do, that it wasn’t really necessary.

Had to buy it! Just couldn’t pass up exploring such an awesome template buddy!! You’ve outdone yourself with this template! I look forward to reviewing and giving you 5 stars!!

You know, I’ve never really considered a premium purchase template for my Portfolio, especially since I’ve been working to launch ours for months now, but after seeing this, it really does change things. Thanks for this great contribute to Theme Forest!

- Bryce Wisekal

Nice! Welcome to the club :-)

You know there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve used themes from other people to make a few different sites, too. It’s actually kind of fun as a theme developer to let go sometimes and play with some else’s design, knowing all the backend heavy lifting is done for you, and just jump into building your site, customizing the CSS , etc.

And I’ve done a lot of work on this new framework in regards to child themes. My goal has been to make everything as close to 100% editable from a child theme as possible, so I’d be interested to know how your experience goes with that, too. And also make sure to view the code customization section of the docs for a map of most of the hooks the framework ties into the theme files.

True enough man! Although from a professional standpoint, if you offer your services (Web Design and Development) through a developed pre-purchased template, it doesn’t (and this is just my opinion) represent your services as much as it could if it were designed by you, the company presenting their portfolio. Don’t get me wrong though, I have developed many sites for clients who do this and there is nothing at all wrong with it.

As you mentioned, the key-points are already there and can be expanded on and that’s what is great. Not to mention in general, its an outstanding design and I like the fact that it saves me tons of time making my own site responsive as yours is.

So yes, this is a great decision. I look forward to playing around with it and will definitely give you feedback! If we decide to use it for our portfolio I’ll be sure to link you.

Thanks for such a detailed response and once more, good luck in sales!!

- Bryce Wisekal

Hi – considering purchasing this theme, but wanted to check on something that I couldn’t tell from the demo. Is it possible to change the page background image?

Nope unfortunately this isn’t something you can change from your WP admin. WordPress has built-in background control (Appearance > Background) if the current theme supports it, but for this theme it isn’t supported. To change the background images of different sections of the site, you’d need to make CSS customizations to your child theme.


I have buyed and applied to my theme in few ouars. I missed only 1 thing, how to translate the teme.

I’have translated the .po in the lang dir of the theme, but it still don’t work. I now I have two files & .po.

I cannot Move the translated file in the laguage dir of wordpress, becouse it is localized (italian).

I missed some step?

Great theme 5 star.

I’m not an expert on localization but I believe the basic steps would be to use the swagger.po file to create two new files that would be and it_IT.po. These files need to remain in the lang directory of the theme. Then in your wp-config.php file of your WordPress installation you need to set your it_IT language code which is what will set everything in motion.

There’s nothing special about how the theme actually works for localization, it works the same as any other theme. So, you could probably find a more comprehensive explanation I’m sure if you searched Google or looked in the WordPress codex. Sorry I don’t know much more about the topic.

Great theme Jason and welcome back!

I am sure this one will go to one of the top selling theme :)

I bow to you, Mr 52,000 :-)

Great theme, I love it. But it’s not Translation Ready! :S

It’s definitely localization-ready. Aren’t all WordPress themes these days? I guess I can go ahead and throw that on the features overview section of the item details page. :-)

I would like to buy this but is it possible to modify the template for the double sidebar (right and left) to show a google adsense 160×600 banner in each sidebar? I tried a quick edit of the page source just to see if they would fit.

Here is a picture to illustrate my point. The ads spill over at the left and right (the right side is a yellow box where the ad would be)

Also, I would like to use the double sidebar on all blog single post pages

Thanks Kerry

Sure, that’d just be a simple CSS customization you’d need to make to the theme that you’d want to put in your child theme.

You’d just put this in your child theme’s custom.css as shown in this video and then play with these percentages.

.double_sidebar #content { width:60.7%; }
.double_sidebar .fixed-sidebar { width:16.65%; }

And the sidebar layout is something you can apply site-wide or individually to posts and pages. This video will show you exactly how this works:

Great Theme mates :) good luck for you!

Hello ThemeBlvd,

I have one simple question concerning this theme.

I noticed that there is a smartphone shown in the image in the Detail area. Does this theme support smartphones?? Is this done from a plugin added to this template?

I look forward to your reply.

Thanks you Giannis

Yes, this theme supports smartphones. It has a responsive CSS structure which means no plugins are needed. Basically the theme’s CSS changes with the size of the browser window. You can simulate this effect on a mobile device by viewing the theme’s demo on your computer and shrinking your browser window as thin as it will go. In doing this, you will see how the theme changes as the browser window changes in size.