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Hi, I have bought the theme but am having a few small issues with setting it up as it appears in the demo. In the demo the main navigation bar has the following menus/links:

Products »
Restaurants »
Music »
Fashion »
Movies »

Each one of these, once clicked and navigated to, has a sub menu under the main menu specific to the item you clicked. The entire page is based on the item you clicked as well.

How can i set this up for my self? Thanks!

I’ve tried. Your login system is broke on your support site. I’ve tried creating multiple accounts and logging in via Facebook. It does not work.

Belay my last. I got it working by deleting my cookies/using private window. I will put in a support ticket there.

Great, thanks!

Hi, I’d like to install the demo content on my site. Can you list the instructions? I tried using the xml and sql files provided but update failed.

Have you read the FAQs explaining this? If not, please take a look at them (they’re in the support center). If so and you still have questions, please open up a new support ticket here:


Hi Where Can I get the list of shortcodes? Its not available in the demo, Please this is urgent.

There is a table in the documentation showing each shortcode and how to use them. For any specific questions about them please open up a ticket at our support center:


This theme is great, I would use for a site exclusively cinema. Is it compatible WooCommerce for the sale of live spaces?

This is not a woocommerce theme. It will work with the functionality, but it is not styled to be compatible with woocommerce. You would need to take a look at one of our newer themes like Engine, Explicit, or Implicit if you want a truly woocommerce compatible theme.

will this theme be updated for wordpress 4.1? i am experiencing taxonomy problems such as “There are no posts in the selected taxonomy” and 2 sliders are not working!! thx

I don’t believe this is an issue with wp 4.1 but rather a configuration issue on your site. The theme should work fine with 4.1. If you are experiencing any issues, please open a new support ticket:

ok another thing! bebas neue does not support greek. is there another font with greek support or else what is the way to change below header and footer titles to something other than this font? thx

Please use the support center for support related questions:


Hi there, is this theme responsive?

No, SwagMag is not responsive. But we have newer themes that are very similar to SwagMag but do even more that are responsive. Specifically check out Made, but we have other even newer themes like Engine, Explicit, and Flavor that are responsive and have the same features and more. Let us know if you have any questions about any of our other newer themes (check our portfolio here at ThemeForest to see them)

I have a website that is running on this theme and it needs to be converted to responsive in order to comply with the April 21st deadline. What is your recommendation? The site has alot of content already from last few years.

We are not planning on making this theme mobile friendly at this time. You should take a look at one of our newer themes which are mobile friendly.

Is there a mobile plugin that you recommend? I can’t seem to find one that displays Articles correctly.

I haven’t tested any mobile plugins with this theme, so I don’t have any to recommend at this time.

If I purchased Made, will all my settings from SwagMag transfer over seamlessly or will it still require a lot of tweaking?

It’s the same framework so you can go between them without losing your content.

I’m very interested on your theme but it’s responsive? I really need that, specially after new update of google algorithm. I see the demo and is amazing but no adaptative. There is an option to make it responsive, or maybe with some external plugin…

Swagmag is not responsive – you should check out our responsive version of it called Made. Have you taken a look at that one yet?

Does your theme support user reviews and also does it show a sidebar/widget with top reviews?

You should check out our newer theme Made which is very similar to this theme except it has user reviews, a widget for top reviews, and it is mobile friendly. Let me know if you have any trouble finding it (it’s listed on our portfolio here at ThemeForest)

Hi there, I’ve been enjoying this theme for the last few years and never had a problem with it before. I actually don’t have a problem now, I just wanted to know how and where to spruce up the SEO for a better google placement. But I couldn’t ask a question on the support forum because Swagger isn’t even included as an option there. When did this happen? Where can I go to get my questions answered? Thanks!

You should check out an SEO plugin like All In One SEO or Yoast SEO, which are both very good SEO solutions.

Hi this theme is not responsive theme right?

Correct, check out Made which is a responsive theme similar to SwagMag.

I purchased this template and it works amazing, but i have this gap in between my menu and the main slider. Can anyone let me know how to remove this or what actually should go in that space.

Please send me an email with your question so I can help you:

Please can you see my web page, when i open some review post, rating widget dont work, colorbox also and there is no footer displayed at all: here:


p.s. I updated WP to newest…

Bought the swagger theme but when I try to install it just uploading the swagger directory as the directions stated it says that the style sheet is missing

You are likely uploading the wrong file. Please use the support center so we can help you resolve this issue:


meth984 Purchased

why you don’t update the theme from 2013?

Still works with WordPress so there’s no need to update it.

hi there, is this theme supported it says that the theme isny supported but also mentions it is… just wondering what the actual case is

We don’t support this theme any longer but we do support our newer themes, including the Made theme which is similar in style and functionality to this one.

Hi, I bought it this morning but I have a problem, slide doesn’t work ! Julien

Hi, I use this theme and can I change easily to Flavor? Regards Marco

We have written a detailed migration guide in the Flavor documentation so you can upgrade from Swagger to Flavor. You can see it here:

Hi, I have a few questions 1) Does Swagmag allow users to upload video, text, photos, etc. to preexisting review pages – and these user uploads stay unseen by public until these can be first viewed and approved by the admin? After admin viewing, admin can then delete this user content, or admin can approve and allow this user content to be seen online. Is this possible with Swagmag? 2) Can user upload his personal video directly into Swagmag without uploading via youtube, insta, etc. first? I have users who create video and will directly upload their video to Swagmag (and NOT to youtube and then from youtube to Swagmag). Is this direct upload into Swagmag possible)? In other words, can users drectly upload their own pesonal videos into Swagmag? Or is Swagmag only set up to upload embedded (Youtube, etc,) video? 3) if 2) above is possible, what video upload types are supported by Swagmag for user upload? thanks!

1) Yes, this is possible with SwagMag and WordPres.s

2) You’re referring to self-hosted videos, and yes WordPress allows you to upload self-hosted videos.

3) Again, since this is WordPress functionality rather than theme-specific, it’s any file format that WordPress or your server will support. The theme does not limit the file type.