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Looks great, good luck with sales! :)

I was looking for an upgrade to my Continuum Theme, I think I found it, I assume this one will get the same amount of support, right? :)

Also is it as easy to use at that theme?

Yes, this will absolutely have the same level of support :)

I believe it’s as easy if not easier to use. The documentation was written with care in order to help eliminate any confusion.

I just went ahead and bought it, I’m the first sale! Yay! I love how each section can have it’s own background and logo. Great job!

Congrats on being the first buyer! Thanks for your support!

Yes, each section can have not only it’s own background and logo, but also layout. Distinct mini-sites was the goal :)

Awesome! I can’t wait to start molding this to my needs, good luck! I’m sure this will be another huge seller!

is it set up to be able to accept facebook comments?

You can use a plugin for Facebook comments to replace the built-in comments.

thanks…is it possible to have both?? i have a decent following that doesnt use fbook and 80 percent that does. hmm.

Yes you can have both. You can activate the plugin and then also keep the Swagger comments as well. It really depends on the specifics of the plugin you use over the specifics of how the theme works.

Great theme Outerspice, bookmarked! :)

can I know if this can be converted to a community driven review site? Example, user registers on the site and posts a review.


There are a few plugins that allow for user ratings that customers of my previous theme have had success with. As far as users posting reviews, you just need to make them contributors (or editors) in your wordpress admin panel and they can post reviews.

Another great looking theme. You’re going to make my decision between Continuum and Swagger a tough one! I love the mini-sites idea as well. Would it be possible for pages to have different backgrounds and logos too or is that just a function for category pages? I had the idea to have merge a few of my sites and I’d like the ‘front’ of the mini-site to be a static landing.

Also, is it possible to take existing posts and turn them into reviews in this theme without change the post’s URL ?

Again, awesome theme! There’s so many review options its ridiculous. Very, very impressive.

Unique backgrounds and logos only apply to the mini-sites as a whole, and do not go all the way down to the page level, unfortunately. There might be a plugin that allows for this though, not sure.

Unfortunately the URL ’s couldn’t be the same – they would need to be changed. There is a plugin that lets you change the type of posts, and I think it lets you do it for lots of posts at the same time (mass changing post types), but I haven’t used it myself. I know several of my past customers have used it with success.

Removed double post. Sorry.

awesome…can i use the site with all the categories except them not be “review”. just posts. i.e. ratings portion go away. just the categories. and can you change/add category name. i.e. product turns into cars with subheading of types of cars etc.


There is an option on each review to hide the rating and hide the review overview box, so you can create a review type, then add reviews, but you don’t have to give them any meta fields, positive/negative text, or ratings. And yes, you can do Cars instead of Products. This is all possible with Swagger! :)

Hello, I am considering upgrading to this theme. Is there short codes on this theme? I am looking to create pages that pull in a series of posts from a certain category. Thanks for your great work! K

There are over 80 short codes in Swagger.

I purchased the theme! when activated though some of my post thumbnails are cut off, is there a easy way to regenerate the thumbnails so they work for this theme? Thanks!

Absolutely. Install and run the AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild plugin. You will only have to run it once for your existing images.

Wow! Great man :O I now must leave my default theme :inlove:

Just Brilliant. BRAVO

Wow. I’m not sure where to start….you’ve just packed this theme with so many goodies! Instead of writing a small novel on here about everything I’m loving though (as originally planned) I think I’ll just go ahead and buy it. Can’t wait to get started, you’ve really done an outstanding job- congrats!

Glad you like it! :)

Nice Theme! Congrats on Pulling out such a nice one.

I have a question…how is the contributors page on demo generated? dynamically based on wp-users or we have to create that page content manually?


This is a dynamically created page, pulling in your authors automatically.

One of the best thing ive seen in a loong loong time.. Although you dont need it but best of luck with sales.. Right now i dont have any use for this theme but it still makes me wanna buy it.. I hope you will match the support quality with the theme quality.. Now ill just find a reasons to buy it.. lol

Thanks for the kind words!

Great Theme! But in the future search themeforest and see if there are any themes with the same name before naming it. Im sure ThemeBlvd won’t be happy.

Thanks! Yeah, I actually started building Swagger in September, long before ThemeBlvd released Swagger. All the branding, functions, file, etc. were already named Swagger and I actually sent ThemeBlvd an email when they came out with Swagger telling them I had already named mine Swagger and I was mad at them for stealing my name (I said this jokingly, not accusatory), so I decided in the end the best thing to do was to change my official name to “Swagger Magazine” so it is actually a distinct name. They are completely different types of themes, so I don’t think it will have any affect on their sales.

Appreciate it!

I’m considering buying this theme and I am really a novice when it comes to PSD Files – Do you guys help with installation ? What does the PSD File contain ? Are they just the images ?

The PSD ’s are there merely for image reference. They are a fully layered mockup design of the site so you can extract any of the images you want (if you want to modify them). Additionally, all the layered PNGs are individually included to make it as easy as possible to edit.

Awesome theme, however the sample data will not import all the content – any suggestions. I’m getting the errors failed to import for most of the items.

I will try this. But only four posts imported, 109 tags, several images and a few catorgories – for the most part most items failed.

Yeah that’s because almost all of the posts in the demo are reviews. I wish I could include the theme and review settings in the demo xml file, but WordPress doesn’t let me export those. I’m going to try to think of a better solution for this.

Okay. Thanks.