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If this theme was responsive I would have purchased it.

Have you seen Made yet?

It’s basically SwagMag except it’s responsive, has user ratings built-in, and a slightly different style.

Yes, I just bought it thank you! I didn’t realize you were the same developer. Great themes I love them.

Glad to have your business!

One question:

Are you planning to ad mobile capabilities to SwagMag?

It’ll be awesome and very handful. I certainly won’t mind to spend some bucks to get that function, if available.

At this point it’s not something I’m doing anytime soon. I’d like to do it, but because of all of the other updates and support I’m working on, I can’t make any guarantees when/if I’ll be able to do this.

That’s bad, because I really like this theme, but the mobile issue is an important subject

I guess I’d just have to buy another theme, one with mobile capabilities

Have you looked at my most current theme called Made? It is responsive. built on the same framework as Swagger, and as a bonus also comes with built-in user ratings.

Hello, can i add advertisement by google like adsense in this site?? Thanks!

Absolutely. Very easy using the theme options.

i want to purchase the theme but payment not accepted from Nigeria. what other option do i have?

You need to contact ThemeForest for matters regarding payment. Use the Help link at the top of the page.

Hey guys would love some help. Currently recieved this error: Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /usr/home/heavymag/public_html/hm/newmag/wp-content/themes/swagger/functions/oswc-post-types.php on line 967 But I have hardly any content up and cant for the life of me figure out what the error is :( is the url

Just waiting for my registration to activate so I thought I’d message here.

Have now activated all registration requests, thanks!

I’m having the same issue as thebodycage when I post a test review; any clue what to do?

Please post support questions in the forum so I can better assist you:




I’m in need to convert this theme into a responsive theme. Do you know of anyone / anyway of doing this by chance?

Thanks in Advance

You can hire a developer to help you do this from a resource such as It would take quite a bit of CSS customizations to make Swagger responsive.

Hello, please don’t mind if i write something wrong but i’ma newbbie :D I want to buy the template but i want to make up a site similar to the Swag Mag site.

I need hel for the Slide Show, what kind of widget is?

Swagger uses the Nivo slider for the main featured slider, is that what you’re asking about?

I just drop by to state that Industrial Themes has a very good support. One of the best I’ve seen around in fact.

Thanks for your great efforts

Thank you so much for the public compliment!

Hello, I bought the theme :) but impossible to create an account on the forum (

If for some reason you are unable to create an account on the forum, please email me your questions to




Do you have a RTL version of this theme?

Thanks :)

No I don’t, unfortunately.

Similar question at, with content:

Any chance we can get this plugin to work on SwagMag theme? ... rs-plugin/

My Site:

With Mingle theme and many other theme, it works normally : ex:,

Hello, It’s an amazing theme .. but, does it support RTL websites ?

... thanks ;

Not at this time without you modifying the theme yourself and changing the style to make it compatible with RTL

Open, I’m disable all the plugins, check by opening the site in Firefox and press ctrl+shift+J and it will show the errors.

Timestamp: 10/29/2012 11:26:53 AM Error: TypeError: a0 is undefined Source File: Line: 1

How to fix this error? Can you help me ?

Please use the support forum for support questions:



after building my clients site using this theme, he’s come back to me asking to convert it to be mobile optimized. Before I begin on this seemingly large task, are their any reasons why I wouldn’t be able to covert it eventually?

The sky is the limit for customizing these themes. If you were knowledgeable on CSS you could make this theme responsive. Is that your question?

Also, for what it’s worth, my latest theme Made is responsive by default and works very much the same as Swagger (not sure if you’ve seen it yet or not).

Can I edit the source code to get some tweaks of the out put?

Absolutely, you can edit any part of the theme you want.

Hey, well I’m just starting to do a blog and i though that when i would install the theme it will show up as the Live Demo, but instead it shows this “Could not find any featured posts. Make sure the value in Appearance >> Theme Options >> Front Page >> Featured Tag matches the slug for that tag in Posts >> Tags (must use the slug if it is different than the name of the tag). Also make sure you have assigned this tag to your posts, and that your posts have been given featured images” And I really dont know what to do can you help me out with this issue of mine? thanx in advance

Please use the support forum for support questions:



The four sliders on the main page are hard to work with. Can you reply to the email I sent for support?

Your theme look so beautiful, but its so dificult to edit the reviews. You should improve the single posts to integrate whit he reviews more easy.


I will keep that in mind, thanks for the suggestion!