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Dear sir,

i wanted to ask you if you give the xml file so i can build my home page as yours with importing the xml file

with respect,

An XML and an SQL db dump are both included. However they do not exactly match the demo (it’s a multisite setup) and instead contain one fully-setup review type and content.

hello The main menu appears not me, I’ve set but I only appear on the category page and the top. What could be the problem?

Please use the support forum for support questions:



hello logearme not get on the forum, and I do not speak English with google translator, I just want to know how to stop the three menus activated and I’m missing the main greetings

If you are unable to use the forum, please send an email directly to and I can help you there. Thanks!

Were is the documentation, i just bought and downloaded this no documentation file on the zip, please advise, wanna start the site as the demo them build from there.

The documentation is inside of the Swagger-Theme/Swagger/ folder. It is called documentation

ohh, it seems my zip dint download completely let me download again, do i need to install multisite to make it work?

Nope, it works fine in multisite and regular installs :)

Hi there

Presale Q:

If I intend to use the theme only for restaurants rating/review is there any option where business owners register & create his/her restaurant listing?


Yep, you can have users register using the built-in WP registration system, then you can set them as contributors and they can submit reviews that an admin can then approve. Let me know if I didn’t answer your question correctly.



Are there a solution to insert a grid filterable portfolio?

Not by default, you would need to use a plugin or something to accomplish this.

Is there any known issues with this theme and firefox? Specifically the comment system…people with firefox seem to be having trouble leaving comments on my site…

Haven’t heard of any issues. Please post your question on the support forum so we can look into this further:



Hi have you ever tried buddypress on this theme? If yes does it work properly?

I have not but I think a few other customers have. Feel free to ask on the theme’s support forum :)

Love the theme! is there any way to change the color of the fixed white sub background?

You would need to make a change to the CSS . I could help you with making this change if needed. You can ask your question on the support forum if you need support with the theme here:

Hey guys,
Great Theme.
I am interested in creating a crowdsourced review site.
How would I go about having multiple reviews per item?
Is there a way to tally up the reviews/stars per item?
Could I then automate a top ten listing of the best reviewed items?
What is your suggestion for front end input solutions?

This would require using a plugin such as GD Star Ratings or similar to get user ratings, and it cannot be done by default in the theme.

hello, can i create a gallery page with photos & videos, is this possible? can i use a chatroom widget in the sidebar?

ok, thanks…i found some free chatrooms widgets my question is if your theme support a chatroom widget in the side bar, its very important for me, widget or plugin chatroom, ty!

It should, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be able to handle something like this unless for some reason the plugin requires some sort of custom theme compatibility. Keep in mind Swagger also comes with several jquery plugins included so if the chatroom widget conflicts with any of those for some reason that is the only other thing I can thank that would interfere.

ok thank you for the answers..i ll purchase soon, maybe i ll need support for some issues, great theme btw! :)

Any plans to make it responsive any time soon?

It’s on the list of possible future updates but unfortunately I can’t say when/if it would actually be implemented at this time…

Can users rate products (or is it only admin feature) or just leave a comments?

If you want users to be able to rate you should implement a plugin such as GD Star Ratings

Hello, I am a Joomla Man, BUT This Template kicks some major but, It is one if not the best wordpress theme i have ever seen, Congrats…..I will definitely buy this theme… for you all to set it up as you have on demo (will pay extra) so i do not have to spend so much time figuring it out…...expecting a reply….of course…proffesionalism at it best!!

Thanks for the compliments!

There is a SQL file attached so you can directly import some demo content and settings into your install (or you can use the provided XML file instead, but it only has content , not settings). The only downside is this does not contain all of the content from the demo, only one review type and a couple sample posts. It’s useful for showing you all the settings it takes to create a review type though.

Hey Im really interested in this theme for my up & coming website but I am going to be honest Im not as tech as I should be Im a beginner not even a beginner because Ive never done this before. After my domain and hosting is established I would really like someone to install this for me. Is this even an option I dont think me downloading and trying to add it to my website will be the best idea this looks complicated doing on your own. Do you have any suggestions please help.

Absolutely, no problem. Purchase the theme here and then hire a developer from to help you install it.

Hi I am very curious to know whether it would be possible to implement User Rating feature like the one in the “Made” theme? :)

Swagger doesn’t come standard with user ratings like Made does, but you could use a plugin like GD Star Ratings to get this feature.



I am thinking of buying this theme. But before that I want to ask that is this theme responsive?

No this theme is not currently responsive.

Do you guys have any plan for making this responsive in near future? If yes, then can you please tell me the approximate time. Thank You

At this time it is not on the schedule. My newest theme Made, which has all the features of Swagger, is responsive though, FYI .

Ave IndustrialThemes,

I am REALLY attracted by the description of your theme. I like both this one and Made.

It is for a consulting firm whose website is heavy on the content side. They have few categories but a lot of video + Audio + Transcript + Images content for each entry (each entry is quite lengthy as well).

What excited me was the ability to basically present a different website and a different experience to different visitors.

SO let’s say a visitor is looking at something related to sales tips can all the other content of that category show for him? Am I right in assuming that’s what your mini-sites description is all about?

Ah by the way visitors are registered so they could potentially, really present a different website base don past visits or on question answer during registration?

Lastly (if that makes a difference) members are allowed to rate the articles.

Please clear my doubt

thank you very much

Vale (Roman Empire salute which means ‘stay healthy’) Blasko

PS: I need it responsive so maybe ‘Made’ is better????

I would suggest Made over Swagger since it has all the features of Swagger and more, plus it’s responsive and has user ratings (Swagger has neither of these).

The mini-sites require you to setup new cusotm post types using the theme settings and they are not based on regular categories, so you would need to convert all of your current posts over into the review types that you create using a custom post type converter plugin (if you have existing posts – if you’re starting from scratch this isn’t a concern).

You can’t display different sites to users based on whether or not they visited before, only based on which type they click to go into (which custom post type, or “review type” they are currently version). I hope that helps!




I want to buy your theme. I was just wondering if I can get the demo content so that my website will look like demo when I install it.


Your download comes with an XML file and a SQL file for direct import. They don’t contain all 5 review types from the demo (too large of a file) but they do contain one fully-setup review type and some sample content, and the SQL file even has all the settings already setup. Instructions on importing each one are in the FAQ.



Hi, I bought SwagMag and it is taking way too long to upload onto my Wordpress Installation. I am not new to wordpress, I would like to know how I could fix this without saying my internet is the problem; because it isn’t. If this problem is not fixed for me I would like my money back.

Thanks, Yeshourun

Who said your “internet” is the problem? You are likely just uploading the wrong folder. You need to upload the swagger folder, not the Swagger-Theme folder (which contains all the layered PNG’s and PSD’s and a whole bunch of other stuff that does not need to be uploaded). Did you read the readme file or the documentation before you tried installing this theme?