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Hey! Awesome work :whistle: I like it

Thanks a lot!


i have one presale question

is it possible to translate the theme “hardcode” via the design editor? Or do i have to create the .po file?

Also what about the line break? will it use the text layout of my existing articles?

Yes you can edit the files directly in a code editor and translate any of the strings that you wish.

Not exactly sure what you mean about the line break – what exactly are you referring to? Thanks!

I just bought it and will check myself with test theme drive :)


Sounds good, thanks!

Does this theme handle user ratings as well. l love to typography of this theme but I would like to have a user rating features as well.


It does not have user ratings built in by default like my newer theme Made does. However you could use a plugin such as GD Star Ratings if you want to add in user rating functionality.

Is this theme compatible with buddypress?

Not out of the box, but my newer themes Made and GrandMag are compatible with it.

Ok, i like the Made theme and Im thinking about buying it and using it on my blog site but Ive been using Swagger for a while now and have posted alot of posts. Is the layout pretty similar between Swagger and Made? I mean if I switch theme am I going to have to go and resize all my pics from previous posts so they dont look weird?

Not at all, should be very seamless. In fact they are built on the same framework and I have even written a step by step guide on exactly how to upgrade from Swagger to Made in the Made FAQ here: (#4)

Let me know if I can answer any further questions – Thanks!


sounds great. one last thing, do you have any examples I can look at to see how buddypress integrates with the Made theme? I dont see any community or members links on the Made preview there anyway I can see how buddypress will look on the site before i buy?

Absolutely – for instance, here’s an example of a group page: All the BuddyPress pages can be found under the BuddyPress menu in the main menu (third item from the left). Additionally there are some widgets in the sidebar. Let me know if you have any trouble finding anything and I’d be glad to point you in the right direction.



Go it thatnks…dont know how i missed that. thanks for all the help..ill be buying the Made theme now

Sounds great! Let me know if I can help with anything further via the Made support forum (or email if you prefer). Glad to have another repeat customer!


Show the headers in the latest slider is not working for me. Any idea? I thought “headers” would be headlines in the features slider is that wrong?^^

I love this theme so much and will keep it forever <3 thanks for this theme!

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I already postet a question regarding the extended post tabs to show by week. please check. thanks

Will do as soon as I’m able, thanks!

Is there a way to show popular posts by week? Could you provide the code please?

Hello! I’m new to Wordpress, is it difficult to make a gaming review website with this theme?


Nope, especially since I am available to answer questions along the way, and there is a rich community of existing Swagger users who can help out via the theme’s support forum. Plus the documentation and FAQs are very well written as I have spent a lot of time on them.

Let me know if I can answer any specific questions for you!



Thanks for your quick response! I am going to buy it soon!

Awesome! If after reading the theme documentation (comes with the theme) and the FAQs, please feel free to browse the theme support forum and if you can’t find an answer to your question feel free to post your question and I’ll answer it :)

Is there a way to make certain posts NOT show on the front page in the Latest Post area?

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Hi, this is not s support question just something I wanted to check before I start building my new site. Is it possible to have 2 post types use the same Wordpress categories or tags? For instance, incases where both post types will have similar categories so you don’t have to duplicate categories and also be able to offer more search functionalities?


Absolutely! This goes for both posts and tags. The only things that can’t span post types are the taxonomies that are specific to each review type.

Brilliant :) Thanks!

Glad to help!

Hi there, just installed this theme on another blog, and the main menu isnt showing up. This is my 2nd time installing it, and the first time was pretty smooth. Can you advise?

No worries, I figured it out!

Glad you figured it out!

Hi, we are having a problem after updating to the latest WP version. If you check this page – You can see that the ratings in the top right corner of the images are not working. However on the first page everything looks fine –

Can you help us figure out how to fix that.

I have to tell you that the theme was not updated , we just updated manually a few files because we’ve customized it.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Thanks, I.T.

Hi, Love the the theme, I am using it to start my own blog/review site.

The slider at the top of each page, doesn’t not show the thumbnails on the home page, however it does show them on every other page.

here is the blog:

Any ideas, i would really like to get this working soon.

Regards Chris

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Theme Looks So Nice. Awesome Works. Best thing is review support. There are 4 column footer widget area as i see, Can we set it to 3 column, will look beautiful. on 4 column it has less width. On the theme would you provide video tutorial ?

Thanks :)

That would require a few edits to the theme code if you want to go from 4 to 3 columns. There is a screencast on setting up review types in the theme FAQ :)

When i create Cat and Reviews in Thai lang. It’s Error in Add new post page Look like this.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/thaidraw/domains/ on line 431

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Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/thaidraw/domains/ on line 944

hi industrial themes. recently purchased this theme. went to install dummy xml file.. and comes back with errors. can you please supply a valid xml file?


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Hi, Love your theme. Just one question for you guys: I didnt saw the file in the template zip. were can I download it?

There isn’t a provided child theme actually, just the swagger theme folder…