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I bought this theme about an hour ago but I am still struggling to install it on When I try to upload the zip file it gives me an error message.

Do I need to extract the file first or is there another way I should install it? I tried on IE and Chrome and both give the same error message.

I responded to your email.

Hi I try import data and was impossible in many diferent ways I read support and all. There is some problem? Is a clean installation and good server.

Please use the support forum for support questions so I can better assist you:



I have the same issue. I bought this theme. and i cannot install it through word press.

Please use the support forum for support questions so I can better assist you:



I am installing in your website I would like help in theme documentation where can I read about it for the initial set up of my website, thanks ;-)

Inside the theme folder is a folder called documentation. Open the index.html file inside of that. The link to the FAQ is also contained in that. And there is a support forum for any questions :)

Hey just a small suggestion, nice theme but why is the Latest slider in Miscellaneous tab?, took me a while to figure that out. maybe the sliders could have their own tab.

That’s an excellent point and I definitely need to adjust where they are in the theme options. The reasoning behind it is that the miscellaneous tab is for elements that affect or appear on every page of the site rather than just a certain area, in which the Latest slider belongs, but I also agree that is not very intuitive. Thanks for the great suggestion!

cool thanks! any suggestions on how I could get the rounded box that wraps the blog page and sidebar 80% transparent?

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Hi, I’m trying to import the demo content via your xml file but its failed all the time. screen shot: please advise.

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I’ve post there but still didnt get answer..

I’m working through support today and answering tickets in the order in which they were received. A bit delayed as I was not able to do any support yesterday evening, so there’s a bit of a backup. Will answer all support tickets before the end of the day. Thanks for your patience!

This is the Demo of the Website, and its Confusing in getting the front page on point can you help, there is no slider fuctioning the nivo one and i am following the advice, can you show me teach me

i want it look like the demo, can you please advice, as I am confused on this

Bascially I want the Highlighted Venues being offered Guest List to Come like you have on the Demo and When you click into that Section u have the revolving pictures on the page, and I want the Slider at the Top below the black menu advertising the DJ Bookings can you please help, can you email me, or message me here

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Hello! I’m shopping around for a new theme to reinvigorate my webcomic site. Your themes seem to offer a truly ludicrous amount of amazing options, far beyond what a simple webcomic might need, actually, but I still have a few questions:

1 – Are the menu colors able to be easily customized beyond the two styles I’m able to figure out in the demo, or would I need to crack open your code upon purchase and try to adjust things myself? I’m specifically looking for a “glow” effect on hover.

2 – This might be a little weird, but as the creator of this theme, do you feel “Made” would be an appropriate choice for a webcomic? If you’d like, you can glance over my current wretched site to inform your response:


OK I thought so :)

Please let me know if I can clarify anything further or answer any further questions.

By the way, I know the demo is crowded with a lot going on, but I designed Made to work with even the simplest of blogs (there are lots of other blog layouts not shown on the demo front page), so don’t worry about it being too complicated for your purposes, that’s not possible. It’s easier to set everything up on the demo and tell people they can have a simpler layout than make a simple layout and tell people there’s a lot more they can do.

Understood, and I appreciate your sincerity on the subject. I gotta check my fundage, but you may have just made another purchase. Kudos to thee, sir!

Or Ma’am, as the case may be!

I purchased the Swagger theme last week after realizing that it would work perfect for what I wanted to have. But unfortunately when trying to install it on wordpress it says that there are missing files. I even spoke with godaddy representatives everyday since purchasing the theme trying to figure it out. Now it has become frustrating enough for me to ask for help on your profile lol.

If you or anyone else could help me with this that would be great. Thank you for your time.

Sure I can help. Maybe it’s a bad download? Try re-downloading a new copy of the theme from ThemeForest. Please use the support forum for support related questions so I can better assist you:



I am interested to purchase this theme. But before I proceed, I need a small clarification:

Is there an option to do side-by-side product comparison in this theme?

I mean just like the one presented in this link:

Unfortunately no, that functionality does not come with this theme. You would need to use some sort of plugin or modify the theme files for this.

Dear Industrial themes support,

I purchased this theme and had difficulties install it. I tried installing using the original zip, and the zipping the swagger folder under the zip file. After uploading, the next page shows a “Try again” button.

Please help. I also posted this in the forum

Will respond to support today as I get a chance…

I think the problem is solved. I installed the theme via ftp, it is now working. the issue is resolved.

Glad it’s working now!

Hi again, I purchased this theme under the impression that the ratings are to be provided by the website users. But as I go along in building the website and enterning some contacts, I realized that the ratings are to be provided by the author only. Is this true? OR is there an option where we can allow the site users to rate the articles/products? Thanks

Unfortunately Swagger does not come with user ratings (whereas my other theme Made does). If you want to add in some sort of user ratings component to Swagger, then you should use some sort of plugin such as GD Star Ratings.

Too bad! I should have noticed that before purchase.

Yeah, sorry about that!

I love the theme, and have a project it would be perfect for, but does it work with jigoshop? Or, is it easy to wrap for jigoshop?

I have not yet tested with jigoshop. You should check the forum to see if anyone talks about this specific plugin on the compatible plugins thread, and if not, perhaps post a question asking if anyone has successfully used it with this plugin:

Does this theme have a modified/customized user-friendly submission form for movies/restaurants/music etc or are the submissions done through an interface similar to that of wordpress admin dashboard?Of course I ask to know whether the users have access to backend or to an interface similar to the wordpress backend OR to a customized interface that doesn’t give away that it is wordpress running, thanks.

Not by default, but there may be some plugins which could help you with this. Haven’t used any personally, but what about like Gravity Forms or something like that? Really any forms that let you submit posts (or custom post type articles) from the front end are what you want to look for. You could also ask on Swagger’s support forum to see if anyone else has done this, or check the compatible plugins forum thread to see if anyone has already used this…

Hello, I am highly considering purchasing this theme but i just had a few questions first. 1. Is the theme woocommerce friendly ? 2. Is it compatible with bbpress ? 3. Is there any issues with it on wordpress 3.5.1 ?

1) I haven’t tested on WooCommerce yet but you could check the Swagger support forum in the compatible plugins thread to see if anyone else has used it with this plugin.

2) Again, haven’t tested yet, would probably require some tweaking.

3) No issues with 3.5.1, works just fine.

Also, just FYI, another theme of mine that is similar to Swagger is compatible with bbPress and I believe some users have even had good luck with WooCommerce. Here’s the theme, called Made:

Greetings. Any plans to make this theme responsive?

I like the theme alot and am ready to purchase but the fact that it is not very mobile friendly is making me rethink the matter.


Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but does the second header layout offer a closer feel to what you’re going for?

Obviously you can get rid of the background image and stuff – it’s just a little different style for the header which is a bit closer to Swagger. I know it’s still not the same as Swagger, just making sure you saw both options. Either way, let me know if I can clarify anything further!

Once again appreciate the prompt reply. As mentioned im looking for a magazine theme. Made is nice but it has its specific functions. Keep up the good work. If you do get SwagMag updated to responsive im sure you will see more sales. Take care.

Absolutely, thanks a lot for the feedback – good luck with your theme search!

Hey, your theme looks amazing man..

I was wondering, is it possible to change the sidebar, so it’s on the left instead of the right as in the demo?


You would need to edit the theme code manually to do this since a left sidebar option does not come standard. Would be edits in several files as well as possibly a few CSS edits as well. Let me know if I can answer any further questions.



We purchased this theme for our Men’s Blog Fearless Men and love it!

Looking great – glad you’re liking the theme! Thanks for posting here!

hey i just bought this swagger theme today, i zipped and installed it on to my wordpress,but on my home page, the slides are absent, all the image slides are missing and all the pages as i saw in the live preview before i bought it, i dont understand this

Please read through the theme documentation and FAQs and post any support related questions on the support forum so I can better assist you:



please i need you to tell me how, because i cant seem to find any heklp in the forum.

ths is my

It say there is a new update and to download it where I originally downloaded. I did that and uploaded it through ftp and it say I still have the old version.

Should I install the new style.css by itself?

That did not work either

Please post support questions on the support forum so I can better assist you: