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Great theme, just one small problem.

The ‘latest tweetes’ widget it’s stuck at ‘loading tweets’ and I cant find any settings for it, maybe except Theme optipons>Miscelaneous>Social Media> twitter username. Where do I enter my Oauth credentials? Or is there something I’m missing?

Thank you in advance!

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can you advise how to hide the featured images on pages? i just found the option “Hide featured images on all single posts.”

thank you very much!

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Can I remove one of the menus in homepage?


Yes you can easily using the theme options. Is this a presales question or a support question (i.e. you already own the theme)? Thanks!

OK cool, just didn’t want to leave you hanging if you were asking specifically how to do so. But the answer is yes :)

Will update Wordpress 3.8 ?

I have not yet tested with 3.8. You are welcome to update and test yourself, but I recommend making a backup of your site first just in case.

Hi, Still not tested on wordpress 3.8 ? Regards

I have not specifically tested on 3.8 yet. I’ve had some users report it working fine though, I just personally haven’t had a chance to complete my testing.

HI , Have you planned for update theme to responsive support.

It’s on the list of possible future updates but at this time it’s not something I’m ready to implement yet due to schedule.

Hello! great theme! where do I go to change the copyright info in the footer?


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Just wondering will this theme be updated to use buddy press ? If not is there any one that has succesfully used buddy press on here and how would I code it.

It hasn’t specifically been update to work with buddypress. I’m not sure what the level of compatibility is – you could post a public support ticket asking if anyone else has used it with buddypress, but I’m not sure what the results of that would be…

When can you make an update for 3.8.1 because with IE sometimes there are white pages.

Regards Marco

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I want to ask, can this theme use for advertising, I mean on jobs sites something like this!home!searchjobs;keyword=;page=1;title=all;range=today;location=all


Absolutely – you can definitely have advertising throughout the theme wherever you want it by using either the built in ad network or the standard text widgets to get the ads looking just like that site.

Thank you very much for your reply. I want to make a theme by myself, because I want to add what I want, and I dont want to pay a web designer for that anymore and beg every hour to change something.

For example, when I buy a theme, can I online build and arrange, and then only to load on existing server? And do I get manual? :) (I’m a little new at this, a beginner) Is this theme include translation for Serbian language?


There are lots of theme options to enable/disable content panels and parts of the theme using the theme options so you don’t have to know code to do any of that. It also comes with thorough documentation to show you how to use the settings. It is translatable and comes with a .po file for you to translate it into your own language.


Before I purchase ? theme I want to be sure can I make that my ads look like at this link!searchjobs;page=1

From your portfolio, I liked the themes explicit and flavor, and whether they could be used for this and support that?

Also whether in the theme can be inserted revolution slider?

Flavor already uses slider revolution for the featured slider, so if you added it again with a plugin you might have a conflict. Explicit should work with it. I really recommend Explicit over the other themes since it’s newer and has way more ad spots and options to match your desired outcome.

This theme has user rating?

SwagMag does not come with user ratings, but my newer themes do come with user ratings: Made, Flavor, Steam, and Explicit (you can access them all from my portfolio page)

Ok! Thank you!

I am interested in this them but I have pre-buy questions. 1) Do you have any customers using this theme for travel guides ? 2) Do you need to buy other plugins to get this look exactly like your site? 3) Do provide installation and configuration services?

1) Yes as a matter of fact, I have seen lots of sites used as travel guides – that’s actually a great use of the theme.

2) Nope – everything in the demo is accomplished completely via built-in theme functionality – no plugins needed.

3) I can assist with support/install questions via the support center.

Please let me know if you have any further questions about using the theme, thanks!

HI, Nice work buddy. “Presale query”

I need to have more details of ad network, adsense, amazon, cj, ebay, other affiliates.. what networks are supported and how they work. Is there any admin demo available, that will help us. see how feature work. Is it fetches data from network or we have to manually populate it. money back policy? If I don’t like (chances are less)

Please send me an email to and we can discuss further, thanks.

Sure sending you mail I’m good at ideas.. ;)

great theme, just had two questions before purchasing 1- is there a way to allow people to write the reviews ? 2- does this them support multi languages ?

thank you in advance.

You should take a look at some of my newer themes like Explicit, Flavor, Steam, or even Made because they all come with user ratings built in (SwagMag does not). All of the themes are localized and can be translated into your own language.

I just have a pre-sale question… Love the theme. Am I able to have users or anyone “Submit a Review?” Or is that something I would have to set up differently? Does the theme offer an option that lets someone submit a review for moderation?

Yes to both. You can let users register and become contributors after they register (or if you manually set them to contributors) and they can submit reviews for approval. Or you can even upgrade them to authors or editors and they can post new reviews without requirement approval. It’s all possible with the built-in WordPress user role system.

Hi Industrial Themes. Love this theme and I have already published my site but I have a small issue with some page loads. I get a 404 error when I try load a second page of demos or posts.

If you go to and view the end of the page you will see page numbers. however if I click on them it will give me the 404 even thought I have plenty of demos to show on the second page.

Can you advice on where I am going wrong.

Kind Regards


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I cannot create Movies review home page i.e. minisite – it shows – “The specified review type does not match a review type in the system. Make sure you capitalize the name of the review type when you create it in Review Options, and then match the capitalization when you add the custom field to your review page.”

I have created a page Movies with template -> “Reviews” ..wat is wrong wid my procedure

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Just bought the theme, I really like it a lot but it may be a little too advanced for me.

I have no clue how to change/remove the logo and other Swagger branded banners and logos that are automatically setup.

Any assistance with this is appreciated.

I’d be glad to help! Please open a ticket at the support center so we can better assist you:


Unable to download theme, saying Item reached daily download limit but i have tried to download only once and it got failed also. Please suggest me

If you’re having issues downloading the theme please contact ThemeForest support. If you have questions specifically regarding theme functionality please let me know.