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Im getting error code 500 after instaling the theme :P I hade to use FTP to force the the theme to shutt off. Any idees?

It challenges your hosting. As an option, you need to upload a theme via FTP and then activate it via the admin panel.

Can you provide details of FTP and admin panel, I will help you.

Great Theme! The portfolio section doesn’t show well on iPhone. how soon will it be fixed?

Today will upload an update

Hi, does this theme support vimeo videos on the portfolio? Do they open in the same way as the images in de DEMO? thanks!

No, but it’s a good idea. I will do in the next update.

I really like this theme, but without video support it is useless for my portfolio. Im a motion graphic designer.

Thanks anyway for your quick reply!

I will try to do as quickly as possible.

Can you please tell me how I am supposed to download this onto Wordpress? Their forum says they no longer allow 3rd party themes. The install button, that was displayed on your tutorial video, is no longer there.


Wordpress is hosting my domain and I cannot transfer it to another site until I have had that domain with them for 60 days. Plus I shouldn’t have to spend more money to get this theme to work. Can I please just have my money back?

I have no way to return the money to you, it is not provided in the profile. You need to write the administration ThemeForest explain the situation.

Is it possible, we can use the ‘Header’ for all the pages? So all pages have the ticker, and the navigation simply loads the corresponding ticker to hat section?

Can we just over write files or what?

Sorry, I did not understand you. You want on the menu to add regular pages?

Hi Serzh, I sent along an email your profile page with a series of questions, but I’m not sure it made it to you. Here’s a quick outline again to see if you can help. Thanks!

1. Why are the icons on the home page of the demo site spaced farther out than the ones on mine?

2. How do you edit a Testimonial’s company name?

3. When I click on my first portfolio item (“work”), the arrow takes me back instead of forward to the next work sample. How can I fix this?

4. I can’t seem to get rid of the contact us form with out an error showing up – “missing form,” even when I’ve turned the visibility of the form off. What am I missing?

5. The business contact information seems to be showing up in the footer rather than on the contact us photo. Perhaps this is due to the same error I’m having with removing the contact us form?

6. The Facebook social media icon seems to be coded as the flickr icon in the footer.

Thank you! Natalie

Thanks for your reply!

1. This is not a big deal, just curious. You can see the site here alchemyinterests.com

2. thanks!

3. check out the first portfolio on the site

4. thanks!

5. got it.

6. When I type in my facebook account on -> Admin/Appearance/Theme Options/Footer/Display Social Icons/Facebook <- it shows up as a flikr icon in the footer.

3. You are talking about this arrow? http://prntscr.com/1r7fq0 Or this one? http://prntscr.com/1r7gdk

Or this one? In the second case, all of the Lightbox slide one by one. In the first case there should be galery several works, you need to add them to show them.

6. Yes, my fault, will correct! Thank you.

3. It’s the first screen shot in the upper righthand corner. It’s pointing backwards…. it does this on every portfolio page. the left-facing arrow takes you to the next portfolio page and the right-facing arrow takes you to the previous portfolio page. It’s just backwards. :-)

Hi Serzh! First of all, thank you for the marvelous theme. We’ve found some issues while setupping a new installation:

1. are there lang settings or .po/.mo files? we haven’t find them, anyway; it’s really important, for taxonomy slugs, SEO and correct home page section display (e.g. “Map” – do we need to hardcode home-index.php?).
2. there’s a problem with lightbox on portfolio image pop-up, lines 232 and 234 of home-index.php; we’ve removed those lines, because they load image as attachment page lightboxing them on a blog-style page.
3. by disabling the blog entry in the main menu, it remains still visibile in the header menu, just under the biggest logo (line 115 of header.php).
4. by disabling section intro, default (or last saved) H1 is still visible in the home page (services tab, in the option pane, for example).
5. forms generated by contact forms 7 are not displaying full-width like in your demo, but half-width.
6. would be useful a “read more” shortcut on the service box, in the homepage, to open the full article content in a lightboxed pop-up.

Thank you!

No response, especially for point 5?

All your wishes are ready in the new update. Today, it comes out.

Thanks :)

Great Serzh! Thank you so much. :)


Why is it I get a small elliptical picture of team members on my website, instead of the circular ones I see on the demo page?

Nevermind. I figured it out.

Need to use square images. :)


I installed the theme via ftp on wordpress and as soon as I activated through wordpress it gave me this error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/elemprev/public_html/biomass/wp-content/themes/swagmoment_v1.2/includes/tinymce/shortcodes.php on line 1

Any reason for this?


I have sent you the details. Thanks.

All done

Awesome. Thanks

how do i get rid of the bog meny option?

Upgrade version is already implemented.

Hi Have just purchased and installed via FTP but am getting this error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home3/orepcoma/public_html/wp-content/themes/swagmoment_v1.2/includes/widgets/facebook-like-box-widget.php on line 1

Can you help?

I uploaded a new version via FTP, but to install it I need the details of the admin panel. Or you can install yourself – to make error anymore.

Brilliant thank you – I had a quick look and it all looks OK so we will get it up and running.

Thank you for your quick responses.

Excellent, thank you!

Hi, I downloaded your theme, and it looks amazing! Now I’m just having a bit of trouble with the portfolio section. I can’t seem to find how to place the icons of my work. Theres one circle icon, and it just says image but has no image on it. From the preview I see that there are four circle icons with images on them, that opens into some type of gallery. Could you please direct me on how to incorporated my work into that format. Do I have to make a page for that section? Thanks in advance.

I don’t quite understand your question.

To add a work, you have to do it in the portfolio http://prntscr.com/1szeku Ideally, use a square image, then they will be proportionate and look beautiful.

I was a bit thrown building the portfolio gallery. I am getting thumbnails that are larger than the bounding boxes, and some are not the right ratio as in your demo page.

Then closer looking at your demo page and most to all are perfectly square images of about 500-800px. This is very misleading, since I do not own perfectly square images, I own a bunch of randomly shaped rectangular images, which do not look anything like the nicely organized demo page on themeforest.

So I have two options, request a fix to call in the wordpress thumbnails, or hire a coder here to edit your style sheets to fill the div’s on the thumbnails myself.

Either way, not too happy with a misleading demo page.

Portfolio compresses the image to the width and the height of floating. The work involves the use of a portfolio of approximately the same size images, such as 300×600 or 500×200, etc. Pictures do not necessarily have be square.

In your response to bitmatter’s comment, you mentioned a new update coming out. Any idea when that can be expected? I have similar issues to bitmatter. Also, when I scroll down the page, the highlighted icon in the sticky menu (top right menu) works fine, but when I click on a page via sticky menu, it scrolls to the correct section but the highlight remains on the section I clicked FROM.

P.S. I spent hours searching on themeforest for a new theme for my site and can say wholeheartedly that Swag<oment is the NICEST one on here!

Please see http://wholesalemarbleandgranite.com/ for sticky menu hover color issue. For example, click contact and contact icon turns yellow, but then click portfolio and services menu turns yellow. Also, how do you make the contact form landscape like in your preview?

Correction: services icon turns yellow.

All these colors regulated by Theme Options. You can not find how to change the color?


Cobtact form. Just upload your background http://prntscr.com/1ukkc8

it support the WPML plugin? thank you

you are talking about the live preview? i don’t see the bilingual button in preview. is under costruction? sorry, i didn’t undestand very well what you wrote.

other question: may i change easily icons, fonts, and fonts dimentions and colors?

WPML ready version is available now! Added 3 languages??.

You can easily change the icons, colors, almost all of which you can see, any pictures, all from the admin panel.

http://prntscr.com/1u5r2h http://prntscr.com/1u5r4f http://prntscr.com/1u5r6l http://prntscr.com/1u5r86

Hi We don’t want to have a logo on the home page for the parallax layout. If I remove the logos we still get a rectangle box with a line showing up. I presume this is where the logo would display. Is there any way to remove this – I can not locate the code in any of the css files. If you can let me know that would be great.

I would prefer to alter in CSS in case we want to display a logo in the future.


In “styles.php” you need to comment the class “main-logo”

Hi, theme looks great!

Just wondering if you are able to embed SoundCloud players as a portfolio item? And are you able to use actual photos for the circle homepage icons as opposed to preset icons?


No, in the circles can be inserted only icons. :)

SoundCloud, you can insert a shortcodes on the page, and then display this page in any section.

On your demo site you have a section with 4 snippets 01, 02, 03 and 04 with the headings in pink and gray text – how did you achieve this?

This is for the Parallax home page http://swag.oceanplazatheme.com/?cat=1


I created them on a separate page, and put in a section through the “Excerpt” http://prntscr.com/1w6mgy


I have found that WPML extension is supperted. I could not find out the way it works. Could you please advice.

Kind regards, Eugene

Hey, I bought the theme bearing in mind that I will be able to run it in multiple languages…request refund

Theme is multilingual. Translation of dynamic elements performed by the customer. For refund please contact the administrator.


Maybe you did not understood me right..I’m with translating everything myself, it’s ok, I was asking HOW to do that…

On the Demo http://swag.oceanplazatheme.com/ the portfoilo section is just Images – When I try and add new items it makes them as Pages but I just want images how?

I got you. Certainly will do in next update.

Ahh,nice. There´s no “quick fix” i can do to make it work that way?