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I love the theme, I had my developer I’m working with purchase for our Kidz group.

Question: We are using the square skin,...but can my developer place a CLEAR transparent overlay instead of the darker transparent overlay? So we can just see CLEAR photos in parallax as an option? We have a 6 hour time zone working together. Thanks . . . Yvette


I enjoyed looking up the authors who’s photos you used in the parallax I spend at least 2 hours reading about their work and gained a lot of info. we can use and insight. Great choice of use of photos. :) ~ Yvette

Thanks :)


Me again, I went in and figured it out for myself. I thought it would be something hard. I do not know anything about files,codes etc… I’m glad I learned something today at 57yrs :).

Keep up the “GREAT WORK” ~ Yvette

Wow, thank you. :)

Hi there, loving this theme. So creative and trendy. Just a few question before I buy…

The styling is very ‘bold’ are all the fonts and styling easy to change and is it easy to make it a lighter theme? I will need to have drop down options on the main page, will this work with the standard menu options in Wordpress? Final question the service I am going to implement this theme to is a clothing brand. Will I be able to introduce an ecart into this theme at a later stage?

Thanks in advance


The standard menu is currently not available. In a future update of this will be done.

WooCommerce will be too, but not now.

Hi Serzh, is there a way to show more than 12 elements in Portfolio section? Actually we’ve uploaded 23 elements into Portfolio post type, but there’s no way to show up them, neither in home page nor in lightbox.

Thank you.


In “Theme Options > Portfolio”

Ok, looking to purchase the Swagmoment Parrallax theme, but I was wondering if the portfolio thumbnails in either square or circular form woudl link to images that wouldn’t necessarily be in a square format. I mean to say, can the images in my portfolio remain normal aspect (wider than height) but still retain the square thumbnail, or will the thumbnail change as well?

Yes, your works will stand like masonry.

Hi, i want to purchase but i see that you did not added the video support as you promised two months ago to a user. Please tell me when will you make the video update so i know if i can rely on your theme.

Hi, there is no excuse for the long answer. Update is not ready. If you really need this update, I can do it for you. (video support). Provide FTP and admin panel details via contact form and I’ll give you a video support. You need Videos in portfolio?

Builder that I created is not currently compatible with this theme, That is why new update delayed

Yes, i only have videos in my portfollio. I contacted you via contact form. Thank you!

Did you get my message? I’m still waiting for an answer. If you don’t have the time tell me.

Hi Serzh!

I’m looking to have some slight customization’s made to this theme and have a few questions. I just sent you a message..

I answered you.


Hi Serzh, I am experiencing same issue as metagarage and contacted you via contact form. I look forward to hearing back so I can get this resolved. Thanks!

I answered you.


Hi Serzh, I replied to your email, but not sure if that goes back to you. For security reasons, I prefer to accept files from you and upload to my FTP myself. Please let me know what information you need to do that. Thanks!

Hey Serzh, i realy dig the theme, nice job! The testimonials sheet is ok, but is there any options to create a “partners” or a “companies ive worked for” sheet with logos from the firms in question? it would be really nice, thanks

Sorry but this theme doesn’t support such feature.

Hi, I like your theme but I need to fix a thing and I dont know if there’s any chanche to do it.. I would like to use previews in portfolio section as links to other pages or other URLs. any suggestion? thanks

You can do this in the next steps:

1. Create new page and add Testimonial Shortcode (you can find shortcode button in TinyMCE editor). Add image instead testimonial content.

2. In Theme Options select section you need, find dropdown select with “page exerpt” title and choose page you created.

hi thanks 4 the reply, but I would like the images/links to behave like the portfolio ones (grid, hover effect, etc), any suggestion? hacking the code can be a way (even if I’m non a php developer)? Thanks PS: right now it works like this:


Perfect theme, juste one little question, is there a way to change theme directory name ?

Many thanks :)

If I change the name of the folder (inactive) and reactivate it, all links are broken…

How can I fix the size of the white “mouse-over” frame on the portfolio items? I need a landscape format, not square format. Please see my page here:

I found a solution for this by myself now! But unfortunately I have another problem: I have more than 48 portfolio items. Is there a way to extend the number to more than 48?

I don’t recommend purchasing this theme.

I tried contacting the developer with assistance regarding issues in the theme and I never heard back. I am unable to set colors, strokes, and sliders in the theme and I tried every trick in the book I know to troubleshoot. It’s simply a bug within the theme that needs to be addressed.

I have already requested a refund for this theme due to the lack of contact from the developer, so I hope to prevail. It’s a great looking theme and it had potential, but unfortunately it is unusable for me in it’s current state.

I say ‘purchase with caution’.

I don’t recommend purchasing this theme.

It looks good but customising the theme is hell. The developer does not offer the support. I wasted my time and money. I will ask for a refund. I know that the developer worked a lot to build the theme but for me it is UNFINISHED WORK. I’m sorry.

Thanks for your comment, I will improve myself. If you have any specific questions about a theme – please ask.


i have an issue with the installation of this theme. This error appears : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /homez.527/agencerep/www/wp-content/themes/swagmoment_v1.3 2/includes/widgets/facebook-like-box-widget.php on line 1

I really need help, so if anyone has a solution, please contact me at

Thank you very much

If you receive an error after installation: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in”

If this message displays, it means you have another server encoding to not show this error you need to upload the theme again, but in FTP client, select “binary” mode. For example FileZilla:

Don’t purchase this theme ! It looks great but it just doesn’t work ! And if you need support, you’lle be in trouble because the author never answers and just ignores you when you need help and support. He’s really unprofessional.

Please provide more information about your problem, I will help you.


Too late. My first mail (among five mails with all the informations and no reply from you) has been sent to you more than 3 weeks ago and i have bought another theme (and it works). I have no time to lose with it anymore and i asked for a refund to envato support.

it doesn’t work

Hello, I’ve got a question about the portfolio. After creating one with multiples images, the lightbox show the thumbnail pic in the circle but the rest of the slider isn’t here… How can i solve that please ?

Actually I cannot contact you on the support forum because of an error 403 on the website, so I write here my question. Thank you in advance.

Hello- is it possible to expand some information when you click on the team photos- with either text or an embedded video. Also, is there an option for a blog feed on the home page?